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    Living in Norway, working as a stewardess.
    Been here on MUT for several years, but not very active the last few years. Still loving makeup and feel i get the best updates here, so hope to check in more often now;)
    Peace & Love <3
  1. Aaaaaah I was screaming seing you found it!! i was on that site but couldnt find a list of products only this video came up. Thank you, although i might be stupid, i tried to find a place i could purchase it..add to basket, but couldnt find where to get it..tried clicking everywhere .lol.. maybe i should write them a mail and leave a order
  2. Sorry Girls, i haven`t been online for a while and see a lot of changes, so i would like to appologize if this thread end up in the wrong category Anyway, i wanted to see if any of you knew where to buy Purple Lab products. i found a blush called " cheek implants" that i am dying to get my hands on, but searching the web i can`t find any place to buy it. Their web site from 2010 seems to be down...please help
  3. I have olive skin and have always searched for the perfect blush for my skin. i like pimented products and got so happy when I found this one from YSL. A bit pricey but i cant live without it now!!!
  4. This exercise always helps me...I`d do 100-200 on each leg..starting with 100 and increase after a week or so....doing it a couple of times a day...results fast, and especially if you stick to a lot of proteins in your diet. You shape your body faster:) And when I feel/see results, I put on my heaviest shoes so it works even better;)
  5. Aaaaaaah Urban Decay ha soooo many great ones!!! Wish we had that brand here in Norway. I`d probably get new favourites if we had all the high end brands such as Stila, Nars, BB etc...
  6. I love makeup and try new colors, but I have 1 eye shaddow that I always need to have, and wear the most, and have been for the last years. I know many feels the same way cause it`s AWSOME, but just out of curiosity...If you had to choose only ONE eyeshaddow to wear the rest of your life, which one would it be? For me, no doubt: WOODWINKED (MAC)
  7. WOW from me aswell!!!! I love it all! Lucky girl. Have to check ebay for those BB lips & cheeks...i love creamy blushes Enjoy
  8. Thank You Karren Too bad I don`t have before-after photos...I had some from before on my old comuter, before it crashed:S
  9. I have used Lilash, Revitalash and Rapidlash.....I started with Revitalash and the results where great, then I bought Lilash and my lashes grew SOME long lashes but you have to wear it every day or the lashes will go back to normal size. With Rapidlash, my lashes didn`t grow, but I was told it could be beacause I had used those products too long, cause the lids and the lashes can get a bit dry.....well right now I use Lilash but put on some Vitamin E oil some nights so my lids want get dry. I have a pic of me where you can see some growth with Lilash
  10. I am constantly looking for a self tan for face that will give a dark natural tan. I recently looked at Sun Laboratories`s self tan and many seams to love that one. Anyone tried it? Tried Fake bake, St Tropez, Clarins, Lancome, Dior etc etc...but want a product that gives a darker more natural tan..... Any of you have recomandations?

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