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    I was born and raised in Warsaw, Poland. I've been US resident for almost 8 years now. I am due for my citizenship, but I am too lazy to get the process started... I live in Massachusetts, I used to think it was boring, but I grew to like it.
  • My Interests
    music, books, photography, trashy shows and magazines;)
  • My Occupation
    human services
  • My Beauty Product Wish List
    MAC, NARS...
    benefit dallas
    guerlain meteorites
  • Country
  • Car I Drive
    chevy aveo
  • My Favorite Movies
    Eraserhead, Lost Highway, La Jeteee
  • Favorite Music
    massive attack, tricky, ninja tunes, amon tobin, radiohead, nine inch nails, nick cave, joy division, arab strap, pj harvey, morphine, dead can dance, billie holliday, bjork, aphex twin, jeff buckley, mum, indian, arabic, bowie
  • Favorite Books
    The Trial, Metamorphosis, Unbearable Lightness of Being, Bell Jar, Painted Bird
  • My Favorite Makeup Brands
    Estee Lauder
    Art deco
  • One Interesting Fact About Me
    I sleep in my socks. I am obsessed with horror movies.
  1. who likes to spend their pennies, nickles and dimes... so often I dive into my wallet to give the sale associate the exact change, to the annoyance of people in line oh well, money is money, i cannot understand people who have tons of spare change at their houses and never do anything with it!
  2. I think they do look good on tall thin women, who also have an attitude to pull it off. I don't think it would look good on me cause i am not that tall and average built.
  3. Originally Posted by pinksugar I like Dakota. She seems like a very down to earth person and is an excellent actress. She won best supporting actress for I am Sam I think? Anyway. She has to be one of the first child-stars not to go crazy on drink and drugs, which is a nice change I agree. some article once compared her to Jodie Foster (that she will be this type when she grows older), i can totally see it.
  4. cool thread for me it would be: pencil skirts (I got few, but i never end up wearing them, because they really emphasize my tummy) backless tops/ dresses/ or some funky cuts on the back. I just cannot go without a bra, and they look silly with one. a lot of nice shoes - my feet are big and many shoes don't look nice in bigger sizes. shorts - I am too self conscious about my thighs. dresses with thin spaghetti straps - again, I like to wear a bra, and I am not a big fan of strapless ones...
  5. Originally Posted by pinksugar my sister uses one all the time since she claims she can't read maps (I would say 'chooses not to/doesn't want to' rather than 'can't') - anyway, it takes her some crazy routes but she gets there in the end! it is hard to imagine for someone that does not have problems with it, but i swear, there are really people who just always fail reading/ following the maps, no matter how hard they try and how intelligent they are! Many people do not believe me too...
  6. not sure why they bring up James Kim, since he did not die because of GPS error. very sad story, nevertheless. James Kim - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia I am glad the couple survived. I love GPS. It literally changed my life. Despite being quite smart i lack the ability of reading the map and I would frequently get completely lost, feeling anxious, panicking... so after a while i just stopped going places, and just used my car for very well known, easy routes. When I got GPS i felt like huge handicap was taken away from me. all of the sudden i could just go places and use my car the way it was intended! I do realize I maybe relay on GPS too much, and sometimes I wonder what I would do if it broke when I am in the middle of somewhere. I try to use common sense. Few times my GPS told me to take a wrong way, or to go against traffic... you just have to know what is going on on the road and don't do anything that doesn't feel right. Even if you take a wrong way, GPS should readjust itself.

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