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  1. sitting in bed on the laptop thinking i should probably go to sleep soon but instead im wondering which film to stick on
  2. Your trip sounds fantastic, i love the US. We are off to New York in June for 4 nights which I'm really looking forward too, as its one of the places in the US i've wanted to go for a long time but still haven't been to. Then we are off to Cyprus for a week in september, i haven't been there since 2002 so looking forward to going back for some sunshine
  3. Hope you all had a wonderful christmas
  4. Welcome back I've just come back on here too after being away for ages, some how my makeup obsession died down and i relised i needed to stop buying so much and start trying to use what i already had, but i've missed MUT so just had to come back
  5. Heya Mari so nice to see you on here again I have just come on today properly for the first time in agesss myself, and nice to see you have posted on here again. Sounds like things are good with you, which is nice to hear.
  6. I used to buy so many magazines and then i started relising how much money I wasting on them and stopped but the last year or so i have srtarted to get into the habit of regularly buying one or two mainly a weekly magazine we have in the UK called Look, though I have recently started to relise again how much money imw asting as sometimes i buy them and flick through it but never actually read it properly so it's a waste really.
  7. I don't really know whats going on in the news about healthcare at the moment so excuse my ignorance but I haven't really been watching the news properly in the last few days, i'm guessing Obama is trying to set up some sort of NHS service for Americams? Which if that's the case I have to say it's a great idea, i've always thought it's terrible how you don't have something like that over in the US and everyone has to rely on health insurance. Now I admit i do not know everything about how the systme works over there but I gather if you are diagnosed with a serious illness like Cancer or a born with medical problems unless you have the money/health insurance to cover the cost you don't get treated? please correct with if i'm wrong but i remeber watching a documentary once about the US healthcare and comparing it to ours here in the UK & canada and was shocked by some of the things mentioned. Now i'm not saying our NHS service is perfect and there are improvements that could be made as with most things nothing is perfect. But I think its a brilliant system we have in place, as somebody with a number of medical conditions who needs alot of medication I am very thankful for it, I wonder how somebody in my circumstances gets on with treatment & medication needed in the USA, from what I've heard I think they need to pay for all medication even though it is needed to keep the person alive, this to me is just rediculous and like Lucy mentioned surely some kind of violation of human rights, so if you do not have the money to pay it's tough you die?. We pay (if you are working and the medication in most cases is not needed for a long term life threating condition) £7.20 for a prescription otherwise you will recieve prescriptions for free. I'd love nothing more than to move to the US but because of my health and the way the healthcare sytem out there works it will never be an option for me unless I wom millions on the lottery and had enough to cover health costs, its hard enough even trying to get travel insurance to visit for a holiday due to how much the medical bills can be. As I said im not completely clued up to how things work with your health insurance or what exactly is going on with this subject coming up quite a bit on the internet lately so if anyone wants to feel me in please do so
  8. I completely understand what you mean, i hate living here too. If i had my way i'd move to another country, probably the US cause i love it there but it's never going to happen so i'm stuck here
  9. Pretty dress Andi, hope you get the alterations done without any problems. As you have brought your dress, does this mean your wedding is coming up soon?
  10. I really like it, a bit pricey for what it is i guess well how plain it is but nice
  11. Happy birthday Lucy, hope you've had a good day
  12. Originally Posted by dixiewolf My passport looks like a corpse, no joke. People actually laughed at it. I think it is expired, I havent been out of the country in years. Hopefully the next one will be halfway decent I liked my old driver's licence, then I moved and they took another. My fiance got his first, and I laughed, it really is bad and looks like a mugshot. Well then I had mine taken, same thing, looks like a mugshot. It looks nothing like me. My family all said that too, they said it looked like someone else. Never had a problem though, but I really only use it when I write a check, and I have had to show delivery people. i look dead in my passport picture, im so white and washed out in it and i dont even think i have make up on it was taken about 10 years ago when i was 15, it runs out next may which means i need to renew it around november and i cannot wait.
  13. She looks so much like her mum, and certainly doesn't look 21
  14. we were seeing each other about a week before we made it 'official'
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