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    I love makeup, electronics and saving money.
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    Makeup, photography, scrapbooking, saving money, internet.
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    I sell fasteners.
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    Milani, MAC, NYX, Guerlain, Shiseido.
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    2010 Kia Optima
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    50 First Dates
    Splendor In The Grass
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    I love all music.
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    Milani, MAC, NYX, Guerlain, Shiseido.
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    I can't whistle.
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  1. eightthirty

    The Stitch Fix Thread!

    That's understandable!! I'm trying to build a capsule wardrobe, so it won't last forever for me (at least not every month). I'm late to the party. I got a peek at my second box and I'm feeling eh about 2 items, but there are 2 I think I'll like and 1 definite because it's a repeat item (on request) with a size larger of a top that I loved!
  2. eightthirty

    Do you have a media kit for your blog?

    Etsy has tons of media kit templates for sale. I took the plunge, even though I'm not a beauty blogger and got one. It's been totally worth the money. I got a free vacation out of it (or at least I think I did)...
  3. eightthirty

    The Stitch Fix Thread!

    Is anyone still subscribing to Stitch Fix? I've been MIA from MUT for a LONG time, popping in periodically for specific reasons. I'm about to get my second Stitch Fix box and I'm totally obsessed. I need folks to talk about it with.
  4. eightthirty

    Anyone in Georgia?

    @@swtcndy I'm in Georgia (Metro Atlanta).
  5. eightthirty

    Website for Makeup Challenges

    I know DTB has been around at MUT for a long time, but I don't see anything active. I've been away for a long time, but I'd love for you to point me in the direction of the latest DTB.
  6. eightthirty

    $100 Sephora eGift Card for $80

    Last call! I will be trading this on a gift card exchange/redemption site at 6 p.m. EDT today, Monday, September 8th, if there are no takers! Just thought I'd offer it up to y'all because I know we've got makeup and skincare aficionados here!
  7. eightthirty

    $100 Sephora eGift Card for $80

    Thanks for the offer @@candes - I'm more in need of cash. Life is happening, if you know what I mean!
  8. eightthirty

    $100 Sephora eGift Card for $80

    @@AllyBourne The best available option is Paypal. It is still available. Upon receipt of confirmed payment, I will PM you or email you the code and pin, based on your preference.
  9. eightthirty

    $100 Sephora eGift Card for $80

    $100 Sephora eGift Card for $80.
  10. eightthirty

    HALLOWEEN: Glam Sugar Skull Makeup Tutorial

    AMAZING! Thanks for sharing! Great job on the video!
  11. eightthirty

    Zoya nail polish promo

    I went with Bebe and Meadow. They're very similar, but I haven't been using nail polish so I'm starting from scratch again. I've never tried Zoya, but I'm super stoked!
  12. Nice! I'm checking them out now!
  13. eightthirty

    Covergirl NatureLuxe Foundation

    I've used 3 tubes of it and I like it. I do agree that it provides lighter coverage. It reminds me of Almay Naturals (I think). I am a huge fan of Colorstay for the coverage, but for every day use such as at work, sporting events, etc. I use CG NatureLuxe as my backup. My only gripe is that for the CG line, it runs a bit on the pricey side. The 3rd tube was free full size sample from BzzAgent.
  14. eightthirty

    Foundation Primers: Necessary or Waste of Money??

    Shiseido Refining Makeup Primer SPF 21 is what I've used for many, many years, throughout many name changes and I love it. I definitely notice a difference when I use it, though it's expensive. I've pretty much changed my ways and I don't wear makeup as often as I used to so I don't buy it often. For daily wear, I don't use a primer, but for a night on the town or a special event, I definitely make sure my primer is in place. HTH!
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