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  1. i think she needs time in the clink too. they offer AA there. she will only get help when she wants it, but by continuing to drive under the influence she is going to end up committing a serious crime like manslaughter. true jail/prison may not cure her of her addictions but it will keep other people safe. a family member of mine was a crazy alcoholic. she got in an accident, plowing into another car with a family inside. thankfully know one was seriously hurt. this was a long time ago. she ended up not going to jail, the officer wrote the wrong date on the report. but she did go to treatment. treatment didn't help but everything combined did keep her from driving drunk. years later, when she had had enough, she got help and has been clean for probably 25 yrs. if your cousin cannot keep herself from driving she should sit it behind bars. i hope she eventually gets the help she needs.
  2. neato! love rose!!! such a beauty! i would think your friend would understand. heck she is getting a free trip to LA. the sephora/mac idea is good. have a great time andi!
  3. could have been oh so wonderful! how unfortunate....
  4. yuck wow she looks really haggard in that picture.
  5. they both look beautiful. i want the shoes and ditas bag!
  6. if they weren't platform and have that gold heel i'd dig 'em
  7. i think her lipstick looks good. it looks like she had her lips fixed too after that botch up. yikes!! the dress is awful
  8. without the 'extra' it would be borrring, but with it it looks awful. just bad all around but she looks great
  9. i like the dress but i see it on dita not hil...
  10. i don't know. doesn't hurt to try it. but the primers have something in them that grab and hold the shadows to keep them true and bright and creaseless. maybe if you used a cream shadow in a light color and applied a powder shadow over it it might work, but i don't really see wetting a powder working as a primer/base. wetting will make a color more vibrant but won't turn it into a primer. but you should try it and see what happens.
  11. i have passed on magazines if the cover looks overly photoshopped. i hate it! they don't even look real. fitness magazines where they look like they have plastic skin. creepy.
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