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  1. I've found two items that I can't live without from EDM: their eye kabuki brush (which made mineral concealer usable for me) and the Aussie Perk Me Up concealer. The latter I use as a light dusting on top of a more matte under eye concealer and it gives a beautiful, luminous finish. There are several other items I like from EDM; their blushes mainly. I've found a match in the foundation but unfortunately the finish wasn't what I was looking for.
  2. And I still haven't received my October order. Yes, it's been nine months now and I can't say that I'm expect it to arrive. I've been receiving really conflicting information from the company, too. The last I heard (which admittedly was many months ago), it wasn't shipped yet but should be in the mail soon. Oh well. Can't say that I recommend this company.
  3. I've recently fallen in love with Blusche's blushes! They are very, very highly pigmented (IMO more pigmented than all other MMU blushes I've tried apart from Cory's) and they have a nice selection of matte blushes which I prefer. (The blushes labelled as slightly shimmery are also pretty much matte to my delight.) My favorites are Coral and Sunset. I love them so much, I've already bought backups of them.
  4. Originally Posted by ksarit Thanks, Vanja. I'll try adding just a pinch of tha Methicone. I don't use Talc but I love makeup and almost everything in makeup (including big brands' make up) has Talc in it , so I think you're safe :-) Yes, I think I'm safe. I think the dangers of talc is grossly exaggerated (however it's a cheap ingredient and it's kind of aggrivating when expensive make up companies' eyeshadow mainly consist of talc!) and I'm not afraid to use it. I wouldn't use huge amounts of it, though. Quote: I see that your current mood is "in pain" - is everything OK ? So sweet of you to ask, yes, I'm OK, it's just my arthritis which is causing me pain.
  5. I'm sorry to hear about your negative experience with this company, Suneedaz. Originally Posted by Suneedaz I have had a very bad experience with Raesin Images CS. They refuse to replace a broken item; they told me they shipped it three weeks ago. I never received the item. I have contacted them several times over the issue. Now they have implied that a family member took the item from the mail and is hiding it from me. That is ridiculous! I think you should demand a refund.
  6. Originally Posted by ksarit Thank you very much, Vanja ! when you wrote Methicone - did you mean Methicone itself, or Methicone treated sericite ? I'm asking because I have the Methicone treated sericite, and sericite in general tends to thin the pigment of the formula, which is not so good. I meant methicone treated sericite. I agree that sericite tends to thin the pigment of the formula a little, same goes for carnauba treated serecite, IMO, but the latter is more natural than the methicone treated sericite. (I make my own MMU as well, and my e/s base consist of boron nitride, magnesium myristate and - gasp! - talc. I know that most MMU companies wouldn't dream of using talc in their products, but I only make it for myself and for friends (who know that there are talc in the formula and are OK with that). I only use a small amount of it, though, around 5%.)
  7. I second what Lysette said about silica microspheres, it's far too drying for me. As for methicone, I'd say that's a much better choice. Adds great slip and makes the eyeshadow adhere better. However, keep in mind that some people steer away from -cones which isn't considered 'natural' enough so if you add that to your product it might lessen the appeal for some.
  8. I also love the glow of BE's foundation - the reason why I don't use it isn't the bismuth though, I have no problem with that, but I can't find a color match - and my favorite foundation is Joppa Simple Radiance. It doesn't look exactly the same on as BE, IMO, but pretty close. I have ordered samples of Sun Cat foundation because of the recommendation in this thread and I can't wait to try it!
  9. To me, stippling gives a more flawless, airbrushed finish but it also takes longer (for me, at least ) so I usually buff.
  10. For me, Joppa is the very best! I swear, I will be forever loyal to that MMU company. On me, the finish is beautiful: covers very well, yet looks like skin, not caked on foundation. So Joppa is no 1 for me. EGM is also great, IMO it has a little less coverage and the finish isn't as great as Joppa's, but it's among my favorites nonetheless. Buff'd isn't bad, but it's not among my favorites. I suspect that your skin is a bit oilier than mine, so it might be worth checking it out, I've heard many raves for Buff'd foundation from oily-skinned girls. I'm sorry to say that I'm not that happy with Meow. The Purrr-fect Puss is ok for oil-control but provides very little coverage so I have to apply it wet. Not thrilled about that. The Flawless Feline offers greater coverage but the finish is so-so and the oil-control is non-existant for me. Lauress, I haven't tried so I can't say anything about it. Can't help you with color recommendations either, sorry.
  11. I wouldn't buy Lime Crime because the price is just too much for me. I also don't really understand the 'so bright, it's illegal' claim as many - if not most - of all mineral makeup companies offer a selection of really bright colors. But if others buy them and like them, more power to them. Glamour Doll Eyes, I haven't heard of that company before so I can't comment... I would love to buy from Aromaleigh - they have so many beautiful colors and finishes - all unique because she makes them herself! However, I can't because I don't have a confirmed PayPal address and I can only pay with credit card through PayPal (not funded) and I'm sooo sad about that.
  12. Originally Posted by carmonious International orders can and do go missing more often - if I am not mistaken that is why Kim at Lumiere instituted her rather extreme policy of not guaranteeing orders unless they are shipped USPS express (international or domestic) - because there were so many international packages not reaching their destinations and she could not afford to keep replacing all of them. So, now she won't replace anything unless it is sent express mail. Problem being no one knows what causes the problem - USPS, customs, if it really just did get "lost" - because as someone already said there is really no way to track some of the packages, especially international. I have also been told that delivery confirmation doesn't even mean much - if USPS can show that they "delivered" it, they've met their obligation. Not necessarily that they delivered it to the intended recipient, just that they delivered it somewhere ..... I always use it anyway when I send packages to people I don't know through swaps and etc - I haven't been burned yet (fingers crossed.) I'm aware of Kim's policy - I've been ordering from her since her company was called Must Have Minerals...I have ordered from her probably 15 times over the years and I've never had a package gone missing. All were sent First Class, never Priority or Express. First Class can't be tracked, and neither can Priority Mail. Express mail is, as far as I know, the only alternative if you want your order to be trackable. Saying that international packages go missing more often is kind of a blanket statement, don't you think? I mean, it really does depend on the country you are sending the package to. Some countries definitely have more unreliable mail than others, I agree with that. I've heard bad things about Italy's mail, for example. Personally, I have been internet shopping since 1997. Between me and my husband, we have made several hundred orders, big and small, for all kinds of stuff. We've had a handful go missing over the years, and I've never expected the company to replace my order, nor have I suspected that the company was deliberately trying to rip me off. Quote: I am sorry, and you're probably not going to like this, but I think it's a pretty strong statement to make that just because you're international customers, they are deliberately "ripping you off." Yes, I agree that it's a strong statement. But this is not the only forum I frequent. I'm also on a couple of European beauty forums and believe me when I say that we in this thread aren't the only ones waiting for orders, orders which were made many, many months ago. There are many other international customers waiting for orders, some are my friends IRL. About them receiving a huge volume of orders and therefore being very busy - absolutely! It's very understandable and I had no problem waiting for eight weeks or so as long as I got my order. Now I'm really starting to doubt that I'll ever see my order as I've been waiting for a lot longer than eight weeks. By the way, about a month ago Archetype was advertising on a beauty forum that they had gotten their TAT down to a week. Quote: [...] They don't seem terribly organized [...] Indeed. Right now I'm hoping that they are just incredibly disorganized and that they will come through in the end. I'm just disappointed and upset about it because I'm tired of giving this company the benefit of a doubt.
  13. Originally Posted by Lysette I'm from Northern Europe - I presume they mostly happen to screw their international customers... Agreed. I still haven't received anything (and I'm also in Northern Europe, BTW). It's easier to screw us as they don't have to provide proof that the package is actually sent. Isn't it funny how so many of us international customers are complaining about not receiving our orders? What a coincidence...not.
  14. Originally Posted by DasSavva Let us know if it works! We don't have baby oil, and I don't really want to buy it to try it. I have this Urban Decay set that has gorgeous colours - but you guessed it - some have too much glitter. :/ I tried removing the glitter with baby oil but sadly it didn't work for me. It was as I feared, it took away not only the glitter but also the eyeshadow. So far, removing the glitter with scotch tape after the eyeshadow is applied is what has been working best for me - the result is kind of patchy and far from perfect, though.
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