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    Hi guys, for all you that read my profile: I live in Greece, I'm 21 and I study in the University, Public Administration! I still live with my parents and my older brother, and my lovely cat, her name is Gina!!! I can't say many things about myself except that I love make up, that's why I join all the guys here!!!
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    dvd's,playing with my cat, and of course buying make up. lots and lots of make up!!
  • My Occupation
    university student
  • My Beauty Product Wish List
    Stila Lipglazes
    Tarte Tipsy Cheekstain
    Cargo Rome blush
    Mac Lipgelees
    Shu Uemura peachy blushes
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    I don't have a car!!
  • My Favorite Movies
    I'm a movie addicted person, I watch all the dvd's, so I don't have a favourite, I love them all!!!
  • Favorite Music
    I love to her all kind of music, but my favourite is R&B
  • Favorite Books
    Cathy Kelly's "She's the One"
  • My Favorite Makeup Brands
    Stila, Mac
  • One Interesting Fact About Me
    Hmmm I don't have!!!
  1. Girls who have naturally wavy and thin hair, which styling methods and produsts have you find that really works??? I'm in search of a styling product to use, to hold the waves/curls , I was thinking maybe a gel to mix it with a light serum or lotion for curls ( like Paul Mitchell Round Trip) but most of the times gel makes my thin hair scrunchy, so is there a a type of gel that won't create scrunchy curls??? Will a texturizing cream or a gel-cream with fibres will help??? I need your your advices!! Any product reccomendations or also methods and techniques will really help!! Since I live in Europe it's difficult to find the same drugstore products with you, so salon products would be better! Thanks!!
  2. Amazing haulage!!!! I can't wait to haul some of these blushes and e/s too. And Honey Bare is a HG for me!!
  3. Originally Posted by Zoey Great haul Soph and happy belated birthday! and Style *droool* has to be one of the prettiest blushes ever! It's very very pretty!! But still I don't think it can beat my Peaches LOL
  4. Here's my birthday haulage, I hauked today even tho my birthday was 2 days ago. We had -25% sales so i had to take the chance to make my birthday haul!! So I got mainly Mac: Face & Body Foundation in C2 Bot Presed Powder in Medium Dark Eye Brows pencil in Lingering Sunbasque blush Style blush Brush Cleanser A pack of 2 travel 2 oz bottles I also got one of my biggest lemmings within 2months: the LE Lancome Juicy Pop in Cyber Coral it's GORGEOUS!! I think it's a Europe/Canada maybe Asia release only. And I got Burberry The Beat! I needed a perfume for so long, and I'm very picky with perfumes, I smelled perfumes in 3 stores and I only liked The Beat LOL
  5. Anyone knows until when???? I can't haul before July 7th LOL
  6. Great haul!! I'm dying for the mini Shu curler!!!!
  7. Originally Posted by AprilRayne Sweet haul, Sophia! I'm surprised you didn't get Spaced Out Blush because it's peachy! LOL LMAO I know I know!! But I'm gonna haul some other peachy blushes later
  8. Originally Posted by Ashley That's a great haul! Honey Bare looks so pretty. It is, especially on top of Pleasureseeker! Such a great combo!
  9. Amazing amazing haulage!!! These neon piggies are so cool!!! And now I'm lemming a Losse Beauty Powder!!
  10. Theis is my yesterday's Mac haul, I wish they also had the Volcanic Ash exfoliator , but they haven't bring it yet so I'll go again to get it, if it won't sold out! LOL So I only got: Time & Space e/s Pleasureseeker l/s Bare Necessity Dazzleglass Honey Bare Tendertone Take A Hint Tendertone And also my Head2Toe order came last week: I got: Poshe Super Fast Drying Topcoat Solar Oil 15 ml Essie Escapades polish Essie Jackie Oh My polish Color Club Screamin' Fucshia polish And my first Lurebeauty haul, that i recieved 2 weeks ago, they had -20% off at May to all the Light butters, they have amazing texture, I only wish I picked better shades LOL Thanks to Leony's Lurebeauty haul a few months ago I was really curious to try them! These are what I got: Shea Butter Light Body Creams & Parfaits in Freesia 4oz Shea Butter Light Body Creams & Parfaits in Lemon Cream 4 oz Exotic Butters Body Cream, .3 oz Trial Size in Peaches n Cream Exotic Butters Body Cream, .3 oz Trial Size in Coconut Cream But they send a wrong body butter, they send me Pink Sugar, so they send me Lemon Cream after with another package. They immediatly realised that they send me the wrong one and the next day they shipped me the right one for free, plus lots and lots of samples!! Their customer servise ROCKS!
  11. For me it's Eva's and Rihanna's! I love that soft white on Eva better than the too much white that Heidi has. And Rihanna's because I'm soooo into neon shades right now! They're amazing!!
  12. First time I've been tagged before LOL. I was tagged from Leony and andrrea: 1) I only have a brother who is 6 years older than me 2) 2 of my older male cousins have exactly the same name ( first and surname) with my brother LOL, all because they were given the same name from my grandfather 3) I never, I mean never cried in public , even at funerals of close family members and friends. But I cry at times that aren't important LOL like when I'm watching a movie or listen to music 4) When I was an early teen, from 11 to 13, used to be in a theatre club, and played 3 plays ( no important roles tho LOL) 5) I have an insect-phobia. Seriously I scream whenver I see a spider, or even a bee! 6) I always lived by the sea. I live at the same town since I was born, with my parents, never left home.
  13. Originally Posted by monniej john frieda secret weapon. i use it on wet or dry hair to control frizz and enhance curl. definitely one of my hg styling products. i also love john frieda silicone gel. i use it on wet hair to control frizz, then when my hair is almost dry i use the secret weapon as a top coat. the results are wavy, crazy but controlled. i love it! Thank you sooo much for the recs!!!!
  14. Girls I need your help, I need US drugstore recs for products for enhace/style wavy/thin and frizzy hair, especially for the summer beachy look or for any curl/wave look, recs are welcome!! I want something easy to use , to apply it on wet/damp hair and when they're air dry the look will be ready :-) I want easy solutions for summer,especially for vacations that I won't have the luxury for lots of products or complicated styles TIA
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