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  1. Does anyone know if this Manikin head can be used for testing hair color? I want to test out some hair color on it, so I will be using 40 volume developer and hair color on it. I don't want to have to pre lighten with bleach since I want it to be as accurate to my hair color as possible... Thanks!
  2. Holy cow Tony that looks fantastic! I love it! Did you guys have a good Easter?
  3. I used and still use MAC's skincare. Studio Moisture Cream is amazing, and all I can tell you is that it didn't break ME out. I am a believer that everyone's skin is a little different and can be sensitive to different formulas even if 90% of people don't break out on it. Just a stinky matter of trial and error I think, but from past experience with MAC's skincare, I think you should be safe!
  4. I would rather recommend Soft Ochre for a base for wedding makeup. Sometimes with makeup that is photographed a lot, and has a lot of light/high flash, things can get a little TOO sparkly with a shimmery base color and shimmery eyeshadow on top of it. Most weddings I will use Painterly or Soft Ochre Paint Pots on the eye as a shadow base, then apply my shadows. The matte base definitely grabs the color, and your shimmers will still be shiny, just not overly so that she looks like a glitterball in the pictures.
  5. For cleaning my brushes I wash mine after every use personally. Definitely NOT a required thing to do, I just prefer to keep them as clean and moisturized as possible. I wash them with a shampoo for color treated hair, right now I am using Suave (the one they compare to Nexxus). If my big powder brushes feel as though they need it, I will put a little bit of a color treated conditioner on them after the shampoo but only maybe once a week, or only if I really notice any dryness. There are a couple of specific brushes that seem to dry out fast, so not every brush will get the conditioner treatment. When I am using 2 things with the same brush, I just wipe the brush off on a washcloth that I lay on my lap as I do my own makeup or on a tissue I have in my hand when I do makeup on others. If you are using the same textures it doesn't matter, and a quick wipe is enough (creme foundation then creme blush with the same brush, or powder shadows with the same brush). But if you are mixing the textures it can be trickier; it is ok to do a powder product then a creme, but creme then powder is a bit more of a hassle. I would tell you to just save up for a second brush.
  6. I would keep up with the shampoo 2x a week at least, but whenever you run out of baby shampoo, I would recommend not using that. Get a shampoo for color treated hair instead, it keeps the bristles more moist and allows less dryness and breakage to happen. After you wash, get a paper towel, put a little brush cleaner on it, and work the brush through it. Then lay it flat and let it dry. For now, since you are still using the baby shampoo on your brushes, put a little conditioner on after you shampoo them, let it sit for a few minutes, then rinse really well. Let me know if that makes a difference. The little bristles might be coming from bacteria, but they also might be coming from the baby shampoo.
  7. I have a few random ones...I had a lot more, but my hard drive in my old laptop crashed so we are trying to save up so we can get it recovered. 120 gigs of info gone in a flash... Here are some things though...some on myself and some on others. The first pic is of my husband Rob, we made him a new vampire for Halloween, I molded some bite marks for his neck out of scar wax and then painted them.
  8. Honestly, the best one I have found still is the MAC 187 or 188 brushes... See this thread about shedding though. Some shedding is normal, it is all about how often you wash that brush!
  9. Everyone's skin prep will be different due to their skin and its needs... Mine is this: - Wash face - Toner (ONLY if your cleanser is NOT pH balanced to the skin's pH between 4 and 6. NOT 7...neutral is not a happy place for your skin so you do need a toner. If your skincare is pH balanced to the skin then no toner is necessary unless you feel like doing an extra step.) - Moisturize (what type depends on your skin) - Apply Prep+Prime Face Protect SPF 50 (I do this whether I wear makeup or not) For me, foundation primer makes a huge difference in how my foundation wears through the day and looks as well, but everyone is different. I also exfoliate my face 2x a week and that is it...be careful if you are doing it more often than that, sometimes you can do more harm than good to your skin by over exfoliating. Originally Posted by Glamunition I just tried some Clinique Dramatically Different lotion today and my skin is WAY too oily for it. It's currently like a greasepit x_x Thanks for the suggestion! I will look around. I tried this years ago when my mom gave it to me...my skin did the same thing. I have never had luck with anything from Clinique honestly, I gave up on them a long time ago.
  10. How often do you wash the brush Edda? Btw Hi!! Most often when it is a lot of short or tiny hairs, it can be bacteria actually snacking on the hairs of your brush. I would recommend shampooing the brush more often and then using a brush cleaner afterward that has a bit of alcohol to disinfect the brush bristles. If it is a lot of long hairs, then it sounds like water has gotten into the base of the brush and has loosened the brush bristles from the glue that helps hold them in. Always make sure when you wash your brushes to keep the bristles facing downwards and let the brush air dry on its side, never with the bristles facing upwards. If it is only a couple of long hairs and only every now and then, honestly that is normal...most high end brushes are handmade, and all of MAC's are excepting the brush sets. It will happen that some hairs will be lost, but the better care you take of your brushes, the better condition they will be in and will lose fewer hairs.
  11. Aww both of her kids are gorgeous!! You are a good Auntie to spoil them, that is your job!! Congrats to her and have fun with your new nephew...
  12. MEMEMEME!!! I love Picasa so much...everything is so organized and it is fun to play with all the features!
  13. Ooh this line has been a recent fave for me too! I have been using their White Tea Cleanser, Wild Rose Face Creme, and Evening Primrose Eye Creme. I LOVE them so far, and no breakouts for me either...
  14. I always used to put the bottle upside down, so that all the foundation is at the neck of the bottle. But if this is too messy, just leave it uncapped, and upside down in a small jar so that all the foundation ends up in the neck of the bottle, then slowly pick up the SFF bottle so that the foundation drains into the small jar.

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