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  1. yeah, that's my plan but id love it if it had a "shape" for now, u know? <3
  2. hmm, mine is kinda longer and less layered
  3. SO not. it's scarey how she looks like her mother AND father :|
  4. Hello everyone! i miss you guys *group hug* i really do need your help, i have a hair-cut appointment next week, and i really could use some help, any help.. i wish i could post a picture of me (face/hair) but i just couldn't hold the cam still and it was all shakey and blurry and useles however, everyone tells me that i have the same face shape and features as Natalie imbruglia that's her if you dont know her: gallery > www.imbruglia-inside.com i have shoulder-blades long hair, naturally wavey, normal to dry and i really do need some inspiration, i want a cut that would frame my face nicely and looks different, u know? not short tho : ( p.s. what do you think of her hair in the attached photo? do u think i should go for it? please do post your opinions, pics, sites, anything thanks in advance
  5. oh that's bad! i can totally understand how humidity can be a total b***, i no longer straighten my hir ( i have wavy hair) because i cant deal with how it would look. so did u talk to your hairdresser? next time she does it u might want to wrap it with a bandana for when u wanna go out or something no seriously, just deal with the bikers' look for about 3 days till everything is good hope u get a better sloution and not deal with the same issue again.
  6. thanks a lot for sharing, i have tried that a couple of times before, i used a glossing serum instead ( i have dry hair) i must add that the braids shouldn't be tightly braided, for itll make the hairwaves look weird the next day, esp if u have dry hair
  7. i use the same brush in different colored products, such as blush brush, dark or light e/s brushes, BAD, BAD i know
  8. hmm, stay away from foundation if u dont need it! just use a good primer, conceal whatever that is u need to(dark circles, scars, blemishes) then use a compact powder. u have a combo skin that tends to be dry right? use a light colored blush lightly as a base for ur powder blush, and dont go heavy on the powder blush because the layer of cream blush would make the color look pretty much "there" and won't disappear as fast as it usualy does, if u know what i mean,, and if u'r workin in a hothumid enviorment then u need to give up on ur mascara too! don't hate me, but using waterproof mascara daily is so so bad for u, it makes the hairs thinner and they will fall out like crazy,, so, a gel mascara and a good curl w ur fav eye lash curler, try it, u may like the results! i have the same problem that u do, and these r the techniques that i came up with and helped a lot, so i really hope they work for u!
  9. Flippin' sweet! he looks suprisingly good in the photo, i mean god knows how much i love that curly hair he had palying Napoleon but he really does look different in a good way! call me a loser, but i still use quotations from his movie till today NAPOLEON IS THE BEST! GOSH! Marisol, thanks for posting
  10. well, im not quite sure wheather the guys on my list would be "traditionally" sexy, but my friends are always like "r u serious?" besides, i don't really like pretty boys(e.g. Beckham and Jude Law) is that normal? :eusa_whistle: anyhoo, the guy from view from the top and Just like heaven, Mark Ruffalo(sp?) is def on top of my list, YUMMY!! Vin Diesel, i know a lot of you might find him hot as well, but none of my friends nor the people i know does =( Alex from Grey's Anatomy (dont know his real name) Lenny Kravitz, i'm usualy into big guys, and not much with the tattos and crazy hair but this one is an exception :add_twinkle: Chris Cornell Aron Lewis from Staind Ryan Reynolds John Corbett
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