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  1. Originally Posted by Jennifer i got my nano! it's sooooooo nice. it's the same length as a lipglass just about! it's so thin, too. looooooove it! I got one too!! But then I returned it when I realized I couldn't afford it LOL It was nice while I had it though...
  2. Everyone put your name down in list format and if you're name's already on there, put a star next to it. copy and paste it into your post. I can already think of at least 5 jennifers on this site LOL jennifer** Janelle Lea Kim Karen Gwendolyn Eva Andrea Emmylou Stephanie Eleinys Lily Now the next person writes their name under mine and so on. <!-- / message --><!-- sig --><!-- / message --><!-- sig -->
  3. LOL!9. Once applied, lipstick will never rub off. Even while scuba diving. And they go to sleep with their makeup on!
  4. 1. Food Network.. I love watching "Unwrapped" 2. HGTV.. I love the house decorating shows 3. Style Network.. for Fashion Police
  5. Wow that is so cool.. I need someone to do that with my photos!
  6. Very pretty green look Andrea!:icon_love Awesome job!!
  7. Wow this is crazy! There are seven different taxes for telephone ALONE! It sucks that the government likes to suck the money out of us in every way possible...
  8. Nice haul Marisol! I got Poetic License too the last time I was at MAC and I LOVE THE COLOR!! Maybe I should've got another one...
  9. Nice haul! I just ordered some pigment samples on eBay too.. I'm waiting for Melon, Provence, Coco, and Deckchair to arrive! Hopefully they're good colors LOL
  10. OHHH I like the coat! It's really REALLY cute.. although I doubt I'll wear it since I live in CA.
  11. Crying and yelling also work for me.. and they don't cost me any $! Another thing I do is to make something, like jewelry and what not. Looking at a finished product makes me feel better. And I love to pamper myself when I'm stressed out, like getting a haircut/color, manicure/pedicure. I usually avoid shopping b/c when I'm stressed out, I go all out and get even more depressed later on for spending so much money! I hope you feel better!
  12. BUMP!! Four years! How time flies.. thanks for posting this Regina. Seems like the front page was mostly about the hurricane Katrina, but let's remember 9/11..
  13. Gosh, it's sad to see how these kids are raised. When I come I across this show, I get disgusted and cannot believe how shallow they are.. send them to a boot camp!

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