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    Hi everyone! I've got an extremely varied background - from chemical engineer turned herbalist turned aesthetician and not to mention professional salsa dancer:p! It all keeps me very busy but I do love my life:)!

    I was a late bloomer to makeup - didn't really get into until esthetics school introduced me to how fun it was and I discovered minerals. Since then I've fallen in love with all the possibilities!

    Dancing has had a huge influence too - all the costuming that goes into it which includes putting on an amazing "face".

    My latest news is that I started my own mineral makeup line, Etniq Minerals, with a focus towards making sure women of color have minerals that look good on them too:). I'm a vibrant color girl too so as my line grows so will the colors:P.

    I've been working mostly on print work, fashion styling, and photoshoots for models to arts organizations lately. In the fall, I hope to incorporate aesthetics back into my work. Wish me luck!

    I really love MUT - I learn a lot no matter what and everyone is extremely helpful and mostly very supportive. It's great!
  • My Interests
    dancing, aesthetics, esoteric subjects, music, reading, writing, making things
  • My Occupation
    Aesthetician/MUA/Prof Dancer
  • My Beauty Product Wish List
    my first MAC haul!
    New Brushes!
    Raw Materials for my fall or winter mineral line
    Palladio lipstick
    Milani lipstick
    Chanel Rosee finishing powder
  • Custom Links
    [url=http://www.etniqminerals.blogspot.com]Etniq's Beauty Blog[/url].
    [url=http//wellness.bellaonline.com]Bellaonline Wellness Channel[/url].
    [url=http://www.naturesbasicsco.com]My family's natural cleaning biz[/url]
  • Country
  • Car I Drive
    Hopefully a Silver Jeep Liberty
  • My Favorite Movies
    House of Flying Daggers
    Long Kiss Goodnite
  • Favorite Music
    Old School Salsa and Mambo!
    Old School 90's HipHop
    Big Band Jazz
  • Favorite Books
    Write it down, Make it happen...
    Zero to Zillionaire by Chellie Campbell
    The Village Herbalist
    Soul Without Shame
  • My Favorite Makeup Brands
    Etniq!, milani, monave, physician's formula, palladio, urban decay
  • One Interesting Fact About Me
    I've danced professionally all over the world!
  1. thanks so much for posting this! This issue is extremely important to me as well!
  2. congrats! What part of NC are you in? I'm in NC too!
  3. That's Fabulous Jen! I love to hear stories like this! You are so right, you are meant to be there and you yourself set it in motion! You go girl!
  4. Hey Hoozey! Yes I was talking about minerals. So concealer is pretty much foundation - ok that's what I was thinking:). Has anyone had experience doing this for darker skin tones? Would you still want to add more titanium dioxide/zinc oxide or maybe something with a more color base to it. Or are you adding the TD and ZO for another purpose? Thanks for the advice! I want to make some because my eyes are so deepset that when i put on eyeshadow, i really could use some concealer, lol. Oh and everyone has me really excited about trying to make shadows in a little baggie - I had no idea it was that easy. I've always only known about the little blender! I'm going to try that company TKB. sat-chit-ananda, thanks for this advice! Maybe if i mix this with my regular foundation, it'll give a good concealer that would match my skin but be what I need for undereye..I'll try it and see! Oh yah and Hoozey I forgot to say that I love your blog!
  5. Hey everyone! My aunt asked me to make her over tomorrow with minerals. I'm excited and want to make sure she looks amazing:P. Any tips or things I should be sure to do/not to do? She has a deep brown skin tone with some dark areas. She's around 74 years old but looks about in her 60s (to me at least:P). What kinds of colors do you suggest for eyeshadow too? Thanks a ton! ~Leah
  6. the color is great but i don't really like the design of the dress and yes her hair looks a little plain jane for it too...they kinda caught her in a bad pose though:P
  7. yes ditto! that was amazing!
  8. Thanks Robyn! I love to see how we pull different makeup together for such unique looks - have you ever tried to use the same makeup for a completely different look? I haven't but the thougth just came to me:P. Her lashes look gorgeous too! Forgot to say that last post. They are a strip lash? I haven't worked much with strips, just individual clusters but the more I see them on, the more I'm thinking hmmm, it might be worth it. For most things they seem pretty perfect.. My biggest issue personally with wearing them at night for going out is having them stay in place. I'm going to have to work on this:P.
  9. Thanks for that information! I kind of figured that they would be like that. Ulta's lipsticks are the same way - great colors but no staying power. I wonder about Palladio...they don't have samples at Sally's lol, so I might just have to take the risk and try it..
  10. amazing and inspiring Robyn! What makeup did you use? It looks great!
  11. Hey everyone, Wondering if anyone has tried Palladio's lipsticks or Sephora's Lipsticks. I'm in the mood for some new colors and have been wanting to try these two for a while. Are they long wearing? Thanks!! Leah
  12. Has anyone used this? I'm wondering if people with oily skin have seen more breakouts with it or not. I used it and I'm not sure if my breakouts were do to it or do to something else new I was using:P. Thanks! Leah
  13. Thanks so much for the great suggestions! I've got a lot to choose from now. I actually just moved from where the event is going to be so I'm not local anymore. The gift certificate is a great idea - hadn't even thought of that - and since a good portion of my clients buy from out of town - it wont be a big deal to ship to new potential clients - specially if I create the offer in the right way...hmmm, tons to think about! Oh and I love the suggestions for products - a blush, powder, or veil/finishing powder..I will definitely let you all know what I choose. Right now I'm thinking a blush would be nice because I've found that people really like to choose their eyeshadows. These will be all pretty high fashion forward women but still - I don't want to go too dull or too wow with an eyeshadow choice for them...decisions decisions:P. And they might not be excited to try the veil soon since it's immediate benefit might not be known unless they are familiar with minerals. any thoughts? Thanks!!! ~Leah
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