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    I am a WAHM (work at home mama) and I spend my time playing with makeup, sewing (and selling my creations online) and taking care of my kids (Chayden + Colton) and husband. My dream is to be a makeup artist and i am trying whatever i can do pursue my dreams.
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    makeup, sewing, music & most importantly ... my husband & kids!
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    WAHM - Etsy Shop
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    [url=http://www.youtube.com/user/MakeupMama17]my MakeupMama17 YouTube[/url]
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    2007 mazda 3
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    romantic, comedy
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    r&b, hip-hop, rap
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    parenting, romance novels
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    mac, lancome, milani, and more
  1. I am getting a job interview later on to work at the EL counter!! I am soooo excited! But, I have never tried any of their products before! What do you use from Estee Lauder and you can highly rave about? I want to get to know all the kickin' stuff they sell =]
  2. awesome tips and experiences ladies! thank you so much! And yes, I flat iron my hair 2 x's a week. The morning after I wash my hair ... =]
  3. oh wow ... maybe I DO need to switch back to blonde. LOL. I want red to be unique but I don't think I can keep up with the "upkeep". I will keep on trying though and see if I can manage to change my routine around =] Thanks so much! I have seen some of these tips and applied it so far but maybe the Loreal really does NOT work because even with those tips (cold water, shampoo 2 x's a week, etc), still faded to an almost strawberry blonde.
  4. i have blue eyes but I wear whatever I feel like that day =] I don't ever play the part of what will enhance my eye color. Although, when I wear golds or pinks, that really enhances the blue.
  5. i typically go all out (if I have time) or wear nothing.
  6. I just recently decided to dye my hair red. I loved the results. I used Loreal Feria #41. However, by the end of the first week, pretty much, my hair looked dingy and very faded. Yes, red is hard to keep up with. I am hoping to get some Manic Panic in Vampire Red (i think?) and dye that over Loreal Feria the following day. Would that work? I always see vids and tuts on bleaching first then using manic panic. But last time I did that, the Cotton candy bangs I had were gone by wash #2. I do plan on taking some of the vampire red and tossing that in with my conditioner to have a little red pick me up every other day. Also, I see some red protein liquid that I put in with any red hair dye. Is that nessesary to mix that with the manic panic or ... the loreal feria? Blonde was so much easier to keep up with. LOL.
  7. I cut my own bangs =] Right now, I just need a new hair cut over all, so my bangs are annoying me. But yes, I love bangs =]
  8. I haven't done much with my hair. I had it my natural light brown up until I was 23 years old. Then, the past 3 years, I have bleached it or made it blonde. Just 2 months ago, I decided to dye it red but Red is so hard to keep up with. By day 3, the ends are terribly faded so I might go back to the bleach blonde. Current: What my hair was the past 3 years: Pretty much Virgin hair. Just got highlights, for the first time, to frame my face?? I suppose. This was 5 years ago. Maybe 4 years ago.
  9. maybe a dark gold shimmery smoky eye with dark green somewhere and red lips. i have no idea.
  10. exactly. i LOVE my highly pigmented blush. i can easily use a light hand with a soft brush. just lightly tap the brush into the blush and i get what i want. the blush will last forever!
  11. i got my elf 100 palette in the mail yesterday. i immediatly took it out and swatched like crazy! actually, the colors were very very pigmented! the ones with glitter were very glittery. and the shimmer ones were soo smooth! the matte ones were very pigmented as well. i almost dont want to touch it again. lol. i actually want to get several more and give it out as gifts for christmas.

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