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  1. I use the studio stick, and it covers my circles pretty well. I just use a concealer brush. Hope you find something you like.
  2. Actually, wearing wigs has helped me grow out my natural, AA hair. I wear my real hair in french braids underneath the wigs. The wigs that I own are breathable, and they are attached to my hair via comb clips and hair pins. I usually only wear them to work and rock my real hair after work and on the weekends. I've been wearing wigs for about two years, and my hair has thrived. A good brand that has worked for me is the Freetress line. I like wigs because they allow me to experiment with different styles while keeping my own hair protected and healthy. HTH!
  3. I'm thinking of ordering from EDM, but for foundations, I'm really kind of in between Medium Tan Warm and Deep Tan Warm. And, the closest color to that shade is really EDM's Everyday Bronzer, so I was wondering if any EDM-wearers think the bronzer would provide enough coverage to be used in place of the foundation. TIA.
  4. Originally Posted by Mezzi /img/forum/go_quote.gif Hello Ladies! I'm new to the board and also a very curious female to different kinds of makeup! I use Maybelline Ever Fresh Foundation, which I love! But I think it has been discontinued(I can't find it anymore!) - The "Cocoa" color fits my skin complexion naturally and to a T, you would never know I wear makeup, I have makeup artists in awe, it's just that natural. It took me a very long time to find that perfect color though, so i'm some what bummed. But at the same time, I have acne prone/VERY OILY NOSE - I hate it, the makeup never did much for my nose, the oil floated right over the make up, my nose shined so loud you could see your reflection!! But now, I need advice on a new makeup brand where I could get that natural looking coverage and could also some how reduce the oil in my nose??? Any advice from females of my ethnicity could be much help (Since its so hard to find a foudnation that matches me) But any advice would work pretty much, so anyone respond!! Thank you! And by the way, I bought SheerCover, and it was awful on me, it made me look pale ... I was bummed because I was expecting alot You tried Sheer Cover, but you may want to look at some other mmu (mineral make-up) lines like Aromaleigh, Everyday Minerals, Bare Esceuntals, etc. Mineral makeup is really good for your skin, and they have formulations that provide a natural finish, and some of the mmu lines offer free samples w/shipping.
  5. Originally Posted by Aquilah /img/forum/go_quote.gif Pardon my stupidity, but what is MLBB? MLBB= My lips but better Originally Posted by Leza1121 /img/forum/go_quote.gif Hi, Are you looking for a color that would be similar to your own lipcolor, but would be deemed as natural or nude? A lipcolor similar to my own that would be deemed natural.
  6. Hello ladies, I am looking for a MLBB (my lips but better) lipcolor. If this helps to narrow down the color options, I'm a NW40 in MAC. Any suggestions would be most appreciated. TIA
  7. I saw this in Seventeen magazine. Has anyone seen or used this?
  8. As for powders, you may want to try MAC Blot Powder or BE's Mineral Veil or a similar finishing powder from one of the many mineral makeup lines. Both of these products have seemed to help me somewhat stay matte in hot, humid weather.
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