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  1. Beautiful! The shade of red has got to my favorite.
  2. I did the Black Friday thing this year and I'm still a little traumatized. haha My first time, I don't think I'll be participating next year... I mean, it would have been much more of an experience if I had found something worth bragging about but I didn't. Although I did make up with a very nice Sony Cybershot 12 MP camera which I ended up finding a few days after Cyber Monday which is the good news. I should have known Black Friday wasn't going to be my thing, considering I'm a really indecisive shopper. Online shopping is the way to go! (Much safer to avoid the crowds too.)
  3. Like everyone else mentioned, why not befriend her? You'll find that God always pairs us up with the ones that would least likely to be your friend to begin with. Plus if you ask me people seem to be a lot less intimidating once you get to know them. Life is much more enjoyable without the big green monster on your shoulder.
  4. Definitely more of an introvert by nature here. I always find myself lost in thought, sometimes to the point where I don't even realize it until someone goes, "What's wrong, why are you so quiet today?" Work definitely brings out my extroverted side, but there are definitely those days when I just want to be away from it all... Anyone can say the same, I think it's a natural human tendency to long isolation every now and then.
  5. Back in high school I wore a lot of black, not necessarily because I was going through that "teenage angst", rebellious stage but because I was the type of person that always was drawn to black because of its versatility (goes with everything), doesn't get easily soiled, and universally slimming effect. But nowadays I've been drawn to a lot of yellows, greens, and purple!
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