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    I collect makeup :D If you wanna know more about me, send me a pm :)


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    Makeup, go to the movies, playing vide games, drawing, painting, cooking (when I have time! eheh) and soooooo many other things.
  • My Occupation
    pick up cans, scratch my back, sleep all day and night, look at the mirrow lol
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    I don't have one :(
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    Scooter counts?
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    So many, I don't even remember the names.
    I just love movies, as long as they are not bloody and full of violence.
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    [spoiler]I'm a cyclop! ahahahaha! [/spoiler]
  1. bluebird26

    MAC Office Hours collection... (Pics)

    Nice advertising but I think I'll pass too
  2. I agree! From what I understand it'd even illegal to search someone after he/she has left the store. Even worse if they profiled you...grrrrrrrrr You should really get a lawyer consultation and see if you have a case (I'm sure you do!!) a consultation is not very expensive. Please stand up for your rights!
  3. bluebird26

    What do you think about permanent makeup?

    No way! It looks very unnatural
  4. bluebird26

    FOTD: August 23, 2012

    Amazing!! omg what blemishes??? !!
  5. bluebird26

    Acne Free for 4 weeks now!

    yay!! congratulations!! I get a few pimples here and there and the Clinique line worked for me.
  6. bluebird26

    August No-Buy/Low-Buy Support Group!

    LOL I don't think this site really helps me with a no buy lol
  7. bluebird26

    Need color advice - PIC!

    I agree with your boyfriend. Enjoy the color for a little while before you make any changes. I love the color btw!
  8. bluebird26

    NARS Fall 2012

    swatches of this new collection? anyone?
  9. bluebird26

    Clarisonic ~ Worth It?

    I love my Clarisonic too. I can really tell it cleans and gets rid of my makeup. My skin looks healthier too. I'm sorry I haven't used other brushes. Don't expect miracles but you won't be dissapointed by it either (sorry it's expensive :-( ) After complaining that my sensitive brush wasn't enough (I got numb lol) I got the one for acne. I rather use the sensitive brush everyday and switch to the acne brush once a week. I never thought I had sensitive skin but I think I do!
  10. bluebird26

    Revenge is sweet !

  11. bluebird26

    Do you use Derma Rollers?

    I saw that today at Groupon too but then I checked Amazon and it's the same price as advertised on Groupon lol so I'm not impressed now unless I keep reading more reviews.
  12. bluebird26

    FOTD: March 4, 2012

    Flaaaaaaawless!! You have amazing skin and very pretty!
  13. bluebird26

    Anyone in or near Alberta, Canada?

    MMMMMMuah!!!! XoXo Thank you so much for all your help. I know it's a little late but I had a blast and the weather wasn't so bad. Now I'm going there again at the end of March...ahhhhhhhh much weather too!! <3 :-)
  14. bluebird26

    Anyone in or near Alberta, Canada?

    Thank you. I feel a little overwhelmed. A friend there told me to wear two pairs of pants???
  15. bluebird26

    Anyone in or near Alberta, Canada?

    hmm another thing to my list..poutine!!! hehehe can't wait!
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