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  1. I agree 100%. Can't stand ANY of them! I saw Nicki minaj sing live on some show, and she was TERRIBLE! Some drunk doing karoake sounds better than her....
  2. I think that it was very nice of you!!!!! You are a caring person :-)
  3. I'm glad you liked everything!!!I was worried. I couldn't find the Snowmen np's at any of my Rite Aids, and I couldn't find the Ilamsqua...I was bummed.
  4. I can't wait to try it! I love the color...
  5. I got my package yesterday! Sorry I didn't post last night, but I didn't get a chance to photograph it all.I was so busy last night... OMG-Thank you so much Shelly!!!! I love everything! I am so spoiled.... I am so excited to finally have a UDPP in my mitts and Mac's Shy Girl too! Oh and something from Gosh too! I wish Gosh was available here...... THANKS!!!
  6. I feel the same way!!!!! It breaks my heart. He is a cutie..i am glad he has a good home now....
  7. That is awesome! Funny you should post this, I just had a dream last night that I got a HUGE tattoo on my back, and another on my side.....
  8. Uh yeah... me too! I definitlely need foundation at the least. Acne scars=no thank you.
  9. You are not ugly at all! But I know what you mean...I DO THE SAME THING ABOUT MYSELF! All my friends are gorgeous, and I look at pictures, and just hate everything about my face! Especially my nose! I scrutinize everything. I discover something to hate about myself all the time! I do not think that you have a long face, or big nose at all! Seriously, you have great skin, huge eyes, and nice lips! Are you shy? That might be why you aren't getting any attention when you are out.
  10. I'm halfway done! This is definitely the earliest I have ever been done! I just finished my SS shopping yesterday too.... You guys probably already saw this, but Sephora has that "sampler" perfume kit where you get all these samples, and then return a card to the store to get a full size perfume. That way you don't have to guess which perfume/cologne someone would want. They have it for both men and women. I got one for my boyfriend.
  11. I need a good lip primer. Where do you buy MK??
  12. Welcome! I have a MUA account, but I have NEVER used it. I have heard horror stories so I have never actually been on. I just use it for reviews! You will love it here though! It's totally not like that here.....
  13. I didn't see the movie, but I read the book. It was horrific, and really upset me. I read a lot of books, including horror, but this one did not sit well with me. I got rid of it.I did see that they made a movie as well, but the book got me so upset that there was no way I would watch the movie!!!!! I don't know if the movie's ending differs from the book, but the books ending was not a happy one....so I totally know what you are talking about! So disturbing!!!!!
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