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  1. I am in my 40's with acne prone skin and have used vasoline on my eye area and any really dry patches since I was a teen. Though my skin is not perfect I still don't have wrinkles around my eyes and I to swear by it. I have recieved other eye creams in various make-up and skin care kits and all them seemed to irritate my skin, but never my vasoline. : )
  2. I have also had a few of these bumps. My dermatologist said they were calcium deposits and removed them with and ultra fine lancet as Patsluv mentioned above. Now I do it myself but you do have to be very careful and I would probably let a professional do it if they were around my eyes.
  3. I have purchased Thermaclear as menopause has made me feel like I am a teen again (as far as breakouts) not to mention the kind of acne that is referred to as cystic has suddenly decided to make an appearance on my face. When the device showed up at my door I could not have needed it more, I had a very large spot on my chin that was under my skin and very painful. With two treatments a day it was gone in 2 days! I was amazed and overjoyed. It does sting a tiny bit but nothing compared to the pain of that sort of acne. It will save me so much money on products I was buying monthly that it will make up for the cost in a few months. And unlike Zeno which took 2 minutes on each zit this one takes two seconds. Also Zeno got you with the replacement heads at 35$ a month whereas the with Thermaclear you only replace the head once a YEAR at a the low price of $19.99. Since I am over 40 it also saves my poor skin from all the drying lotions and potions that took forever to heal the problem and often left my skin flakey and hastens the aging process. Well worth the money and you have a 30 day money back guarantee so to me, you can't go wrong to try it. I LOVE MY THERMACLEAR !!!!!
  4. I feel naked without my makeup yet I too have been told I look good w/o makeup by others. My husband is a professional photographer and uses me as a model sometimes and I must admit that one of his photos that gets the most attention is one of me w/o a stitch of m/u and my hair is undone and falls naturally. I was mortified by the photo as I to have low self-esteem but that photo made me wonder if sometimes I hide behind my m/u? But I am a total m/u freak forever. My advice is to do what makes you feel good and not to let the opinions of others hurt you no matter who they come from!
  5. My first son I felt around 9 weeks, I knew the day I got pregnant with him and and talked to him early on. He was born very prematurely but even still gave me some big kicks first. My younger son was a big 8.5 lbs for my small builld and I he was just as super hyper as he is now, you could watch him roll over and it made my belly look like alien or something. It is wonderful enjoy it, well unless they are under your ribs then bless you.
  6. Originally Posted by Mares Chavs are trashy (meaning the way the speak and act) no Burberry is not cheap but Chavs dont dress cheap, far from it. Johnny on the Spot how funny is that, very interesting, never heard of half those words I am thinking maybe a Chav is a pimp from the description. Maybe?
  7. I have tried several mmu. BE- leaves a shine and gets in pores. (also has bismuth which irritates many people) Jane Iredale- love her minerals but they are all pressed and I prefer loose. Serious Skin Care/Bella Rose- no real complaints, wears nicely. BUT my all time favorite is Primer- Smashbox~ is there another MMU Foundation- Wei East/Flawless by Nature (light) covers great, matches skin perfectly and wears wonderfully. The longer the better. Blush- Mally/Shimmer, Shape and Glow (Life is lighter) ES- I do like BE eyeshadows, glimmers etc. and MAC piggies to many colors to name. Lips- Lip Venom, Lip Injection for the plump and 100 others (I love lip glosses) for colors and effects.
  8. Cover Girl Lash Exact in Black
  9. Wei East Bright Lights Rice Milk Essence
  10. Bare Escentuals Bare Minerals
  11. wei east Flawless by Nature
  12. I love PINK so much so that the girl at the MAC counter sees me coming and says here comes my Pink lady, lol. As for clothes though pink and black. Most of my clothes are black with pink accents or accessories. Some people would laugh because I also have a pink fur bed set & my bedroom is done in all pink and burgandy, hubby knows the master bedroom is MINE, I just share it with him !
  13. Dermablend is an amazing product for covering anything you might need to cover. With it you don't need a seperate concealer. It is 2 steps the foundation and a setting powder. The setting powder is white don't let that scare you it is universal and can be worn on anyone from the palest to the woman of color. If you have shine problems it also keep you nice and matte. The foundation covers so well because it has 5 times the opacity of most foundations but it does not promote further break outs. Good stuff you might want to try.
  14. I am with the Rimmel with a comb mascara, the stuff smears all over the place. Bare Minerals foundations are all to dark for me. Urban Decay concealer way to dark and orangey. CG cosmetics in general I think it is the smell they have. Dr Brandts Lineless line, I like the Poreless and the microdermabrasion in a jar but with the lineless I saw no noticeable result. Murad skincare products, exspensive and are suppose to be for clearing your skin, broke me out like mad. L'oreal Renoviste is a peel that is suppose to have dramatic results, no results just a waste of time going through the process. I am sure there are more but those came to mind.
  15. MAC Sheertone Shimmer in Dollymix
  16. DuWop Venom Flash
  17. I use Cliniques Naturally Gentle mu remover, I wear contacts and I like that the cream form does not seep into my eyes as easily as any of the liquid types I have tried. Then I follow with whatever cleanser is my favorite at the time.
  18. Fun Review Challenge Contestants: Laura Charmaine Leony Jennifer Lilla (will try her best :clap ) Kim Sophia Becky Karrie Joy I think this is great, I have been buying like crazy lately (I might need an INtervention soon) and have already done quite a few reviews. It will be my pleasure to do some more.

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