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  1. I agree ladies. Pretty much all I can do is laugh and ignore it. Thanks for the advice.
  2. This is not a rant,I am not upset or mad. A user who knows me has been posting flame videos,this is his third time. Everytime he post a flame video I flag it,and I report him. This child is a known chat room troll,he has nothing else better to do than put others down. I wish I knew if their was a way to have his e-mail banned so he would stop making videos,but I just have a feeling he will just get an new e-mail. You all are welcome to report the video,if you wish. Thank you. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=okvPnb8nN1E
  3. The single pot eyeshadows from Ulta,are wonderful. I have one called,"Molten." I apologize that I can't furnish any pictures. Go to the makeup alley website,they will have what you are looking for;membership is free! http://www.makeupalley.com/
  4. Originally Posted by xjackie83 Does anyone have any makeup pet peeves? Makeup mishaps that make you cringe when you see them? A makeup faux pas that makes you want to run over and play an impromptu makeup stylist? My makeup pet peeve has to do with eyebrows! 1) People who completely shave, wax, and in any other way remove their eyebrows and then draw them back on. This usually means they draw one very thin line. No! No! No! Now, I know some people have no eyebrows due to extreme measures. I had a co-worker who lost her eyebrows in a car fire and they never grew back. She would draw on (and eventually got a tattoo makeup) a very strong, natural brow. She looked gorg! 2) When people put on a major full-face of makeup and neglect their brows. Then they are left with a chalky limp brow. I think using a brow pencil or brow powder can take you from glam to POW! I agree. There is all kinds of people who wear their makeup diffenently,I give them props. Rock the differences!!
  5. http://community.livejournal.com/badmakeup This isn't really a rant,it's more like an observation.Is it really necessary to judge and make fun of someone's makeup skills? I am guessing online slander or libel is funny to these people.
  6. Originally Posted by SqueeKee Rosie, thank you so much for making this thread. People keep telling me to read Twilight and I'm like . . . ugh, why? There's this saying floating around the web, it goes: Tell Edward to give back Armand's looks, Louis' morals and Lestat's bratty witticism. So okay, fine, I'm a die-hard Anne Rice fan even now that she's lost her mind and started writing Jesus books . . . But the thing is, when you're a fan of Vampire books, going from Anne Rice to Meyer is like going from home made real Italian pasta to Kraft Dinner. No matter what she's writing about, Anne Rice does such crazy research that when you read her books it's like you're actually in Athens or Babylon or Egypt or wherever era she happens to write about. I don't have a history degree but I love books set in historical eras and I hate it when they mess up the facts. Imo, it just ruins the author's credibility! I especially hate it when they have the clothing all wrong! So: Yes! I have seen the movie trailers for both movies,and I know about the book series. Twilight is overhyped,you can escape the merchandise,it's every where!! I am a fan of Anne Rice's novels,{Go Team Lestat!!}and I do not hate Twilight,I am just not a fan of "sparkly" vampires. *real vampire conniseur here!!
  7. The Color Workshop is a cosmetic line from Markwins,the company that manufacters Wet and Wild cosmetics. I have seen these kits in the mall,and at drugstores. The eyeshadows are good for people who don't want to spend a whole of money on makeup. They do have pretty colors,I just wish the shadows stayed on better. The lipliners and eyeliners are good,I just wish they would make more colors and would make the pencil liners,a automatic lipliner.Instead of having to sharpen the product,and waste it. I do recommened getting the face bronzer kit. Very nice!! I still have some of the products from many years ago.
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