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  1. Originally Posted by brendakaos I was hoping someone could offer any suggestion's on removing carpet stain's. I'm not sure what some of them are, some were here before we moved in. I have tried several name brand's and even vinegar (my mom swear's by this stuff) but nothing work's, the stain's reappear. Any ideas? I too was told that Spot Shot takes up all stains. I tried it and did not have the same success. You could try it. The sad truth is that the stains may be there for such a long time, plus you don't know what type of stains they are, so may-be no matter what you do, they will reappear. Here is something you could try...I read this somewhere....pour baking soda on the stain, cover the baking soda with vinegar, leave it alone (cover it with a paper towel). The next day, or several hours later, see if the stain comes up, either by blotting or may-be you will have to use a brush. Worth a try. I think I would first try the Spot Shot though. My friend said she dropped mascara on her carpet and nothing else worked, but Spot Shot did the trick. Good Luck. Petite Syrah
  2. Originally Posted by jaylow hi all, Im new here . please welcome me here. Oh, I love it here.. these jokes are really funny. Want to add one more here too.. here it goes .. A woman gets out of the bath and puts on a towel. Her husband comes into the bathroom to go to the toilet. The doorbell rings. The woman goes to answer it wearing only the towel. She opens the door to find her next door neighbor Bob standing on the doorstep. Bob wolf whistles and says 'I'll give you £200 if you drop the towel'. The woman doesn't want to miss out on £200, so she drops the towel. Bob takes a good look at the naked woman then says his goodbyes and leaves. As the woman closes the door her husband comes down stairs. 'Who was that?' He asks. 'It was Bob' She says. 'Oh right, did he give you that £200 that he owes me?' Hi Jaylow: Welcome to our site. Happy to have you here. Loved your joke..very cute.Looking forward to more of your posts. Petite Syrah (My name is Gail)
  3. Originally Posted by eyesdancing Sounds great! Yes I am a wine lover:icon_love...plus it is good for you so we can indulge guilt-free! (ok is th whole bottle still good for you......) Great idea! However, I think we have a small problem here.. ..you are in Texas and I am in NYC....darn! I'll tell you what....today when I have my before dinner glass of wine, I will toast you. Promise! Petite Syrah (Gail)
  4. Originally Posted by MACGoddess Hi there Gail!! I am studying Criminology, the Law course I took was part of my degree requirement for a Bachelor's Degree in Criminology... I am planning to go into the Crime Scene type of stuff... Very exciting for me!! What a wonderful and exciting field. Very fasinating. I too would be drawn to this type of work. Good luck, again. Petite Syrah (Gail)
  5. Originally Posted by phoenix461 BrittanyJade - to heck with those "not so nice gals" on the other site. I know what u mean as I have seen what goes on there. Welcome to the MUT family. Everyone here is superb bar none! You will only find mature ladies here of all ages and colors and you are guaranteed to learn more and have fun. Of course, we look forward to your posts. BTW, I'm Rosie from NYC. Rosie stated this perfectly! All are welcome here. Petite Syrah (Gail)
  6. Originally Posted by Amethyst Thanks for all your advice. As a matter of fact, I did keep track of all her calls. But things have gone from bad to worse and to make a long story short, I'm looking for another job. This time, hopefully in a larger company that has a designated human resources/personnel department. No more small "mom & pop& firms for me. Until then, I'm really trying to cope. thanks again. I am sorry things are not working out. I do hope you find something that is more suitable and you will be happy. It is terrible to have to go to a job that you hate. It is unfortunite that people have to spoil things and I hope this woman gets hers one of these days. Don't be surprised if they catch on to her crap one day. In the meantime, you have to think of yourself and what will make you happy. May-be this is actually a blessing in disguise and you will land a terrific position with more money. Good luck. Let us know. Petite Syrah (Gail)
  7. Originally Posted by MACGoddess And dangit I spelled online wrong in the subject line!! DARNIT!! Congratulations! This is wonderful. You mention law. Exactly what are you studying? I worked for Lawyers co-operative Publishing Company for many years (now West Publ. Co). I dealt with all law schools/ univs. nationwide. Good luck in your other classes. Quite an achievement...good for you!. Petite Syrah (Gail)
  8. Hello. Welcome to this great site that I think you will enjoy. Petite Syrah
  9. Originally Posted by Little_Lisa Hahahaha!! That's funny. Hey Lisa: I wonder if you know the same pychiatrist I know? After many years of practice, someone asked him "Don't you tired listening to people and their problems all day, every day?" He replied "Who listens!" Gail
  10. [qu ote=Cirean]:icon_love Apple Crisp is my favorite dessert:icon_love Hi: I like apple crisp too, expecially this time of year. I think you might like this one because it has crumbs on the top AND the bottom. Actually, I added one or two more apples for good measure. My hubby ate the whole pan of it l ast nite and I made another one today. I may have to hid it from him! Let me know if you try it. Petite Syrah (Gail)
  11. Here is a very good version of apple crisp. Very good served warm with vanilla ice cream...but good plain also. Recipe says to bake it in 9 X 13 pan, however, I make it in an 8 X 8 pan because I like it thicker. 8 servings (but not in this house). 1 cup all purpose flour 4 cups peeled, cored, sliced apples 1/2 cup white sugar 3/4 cup rolled oats 1 tablespoon cornstarch 1 cup brown sugar 1/2 cup water 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract 1/2 cup butter, melted 1/ preheat oven to 350 (175 degrees C) 2/ in a medium bowl, combine flour, oats, brown sugar, cinnamon and melted butter. Stir until crumbly. Press half the oat mixture into a 9 x 13 inch baking dish. Cover with sliced apples. 3/ In a medium saucepan, combine white sugar, cornstarch, water and vanilla. Cook, stirring, until thick and clear, about 10 minutes. Pour over apples. Cover apples with remaining crumble mixture. 4/ Bake in preheated oven 45 minutes, until bubbly and golden.
  12. Some great sounding recipes you are posting here. Cooks Illustrated is very good. Are you a member of the web site? There is a charge, but you do have access to thousands of recipes and tips. I especially like their testings of various products and tell us which is better. I also like their magazine, which is terrific because they do not accept ads. I can't stand it when you pay good money for a mag and half of it is pages of ads. I used to subscribe to Bon Appetit and Gourmet, but gave them both up for that reason...too many ads. I hate Cooking Light Mag for the same reason. The honey nut chicken recipe you posted is very good. I made it awhile back, got recipe from Rachel Ray. Petite Syrah
  13. Let me say I would like to change my sheets every week, but truth is, I don't always do it. We have a dog and a cat and sometimes the dog jumps on the bed. Believe it or not, I actually vacuum the sheets before I wash them because of the dog hair. This is a pain in the neck to do. I agree that high thread count is worth the extra money. Has anyone boughten sheets from QVC or HSN? I bought sheets from HSN that were actually either 600 or 800 thread count. I have also gotten sheets from QVC that I believe are either 300 or 350 thread count. They were reasonably priced too. Petite Syrah
  14. Originally Posted by Amethyst You got the picture right on target. This lady will get on the phone and argue with her girlfriends and the entire office will hear her and not say a word! The minute her boss is out of sight, she's on the phone talking personal crap or goes out shopping for an extended lunch hour. Then when her boss is around, all you hear her do is sigh and moan about how busy she is, how much work he gives her, how he can't wipe his butt without her and on and on and on. Meanwhile - not to sound like I'm bragging - but I've worked for a demanding CEO before...and I still got the work done all before 5 and by the deadline. You gotta pick the right time to slack and the time to get busy. So right now, I'm the one slacking...cuz I'm so pissed !! Start keeping a record of her goofing off. In other words, when she is on the phone, pay attention and write down the time she got on and got off. Keep a record of how often she complains and how often her work is delagated because of it. Be specific in your record keeping and don't tell anyone in the office you are doing this...AND I MEAN NO ONE. Hide your notes or take them home with you. After you capture specific times and dates of her screwing around, then consider discussing the situation with other workers and if they agree,go all together to the superiors and now bring your notes. The other thing you can do is wait til you get your next review and bring this up to your boss. The third thing you can do is schedule a meeting with your boss and ask for a raise. You will confidently tell him that you are an asset since you do your own work and her's as well. Bring your notes into the meeting to show how often you get stuck with her work and you have always come through. You can also suggest to her that since her workload seems to be so overwhelming, perhaps she should speak to her boss about hiring another staff member. Good luck Petite Syrah
  15. One time my uncle, who was in his 60's visited us from out of town. He always had a good sense of humor. We were expecting company for dinner while uncle was visiting so I had the bright idea of "dolling him up...plenty of makeup plus long flowing wig. " He agreed. It was too funny. When our dinner guests rang the door bell we hid uncle in another room until everyone said their hello's and sat down. Then I said, "By the way, my uncle is here staying with us from out of town...I'd love for you to meet him". I call out for uncle (with a straight face of course) and he enters the room. I proceed to make introductions, still keeping a straight face and he really played it up. Then after awhile he and I and the rest of my family started to crack up and our guests did as well. We talked about that for years. Petite Syrah
  16. Originally Posted by YourOneAndOnly I personally think that you need to improve your low confidence first BEFORE you lose weight. Learn to LOVE yourself, then people will love you. It begins with confidence. Start to believe in yourself and stop comparing yourself to other people, that only makes you feel even lower. Good luck on losing your weight, as i said..you need to gain more confidence first. Drink plenty of water. Eat 3 meals a day, do NOT snack inbetween. Cut down on sugary foods, and try and walk about 3 times a week for 10 minutes or so each time, then increase your walking time til you feel comfortable. You know you can do iT! I agree with YourOneAndOnly in that you need to boost your self confidence and self respect first and I think you will feel much better. You are certainly not obese and you may just be too obsessed about your weight and you always will think you are fat when in reality you are not fat. You say you want to look like the girls on tv. Have you ever read any stories about how some of these girls and models keep so skinny? They do drastic things such as take laxatives, make themselves throw up, use illegal drugs. Many of them clearly are destructive in their attempts to be skinny. Not healthy and dangerous too. Please don't be so hard on yourself, stand tall, smile, try alittle walking a few times a week for a few minutes. Good luck, honey. Petite Syrah
  17. Originally Posted by Laura I dont think i could talk to my friends sister at all.. She'd honestly tell me to f*** off and it was none of my business. I've been thinking about this all week and i really dont know what to do. I'm afraid to tell my friend because i know she'll fly off the handle at her sister and could make things worse.. How would she fly off the handle? At you or at her sister? What happens if the younger sister gets in serious trouble? Do you think you would feel guilty for not at least trying to prevent it? How secure is the relationship between you and your friend...do you completely trust one another? Petite Syrah
  18. Originally Posted by Pauline Hi Laura, you know what chineese whisper's are like, by the time you hear the real story, it has been exagerated, twisted and had added bits to it. If i were you i would go Direct to the girl. Try and gently talk to her about the story's rumours etc.I would DO that first before telling anyone else. If this is true the girl is obviously in crisis and it will need to be dealt with by adults and killing her won't help either. After talking to her, make sure she is SAFE (even if it means giving her condoms). You could be saving her life by being approchable and you might be the only one she trusts. Laura: This is certainly difficult. I agree with Pauline about the part of going to the girl directly and gently but firmly try to discuss this. The girl may also be using illegal drugs. Try to tell her that her conduct would break her family's hearts if they knew. However, I would emphasize that you feel guilty by not informing them. Stress how you care and don't want her health and reputation ruined. I think you would feel better if you tried this approach. She will probably deny everything, but let her know that you mean business because you don't want her to throw her life away, and that you will go to her sister if necessary. Good luck. Petite Syrah
  19. Excuse me for being blunt, but I would like to ask a question? Did your husband come from a family where his mother catered to him? What kind of an upbringing did he have? He takes you for granted and obviously he is not showing you that your needs are important to him. He is selfish. Marraige is a partnership and he is supposed to be your companion. While I feel it is good for each person to have their own activities, this guy is ignoring your pleas and I am sure you do not feel very loved when this happens. I don't feel you should have to find things to do with the kids everytime he is unavailable for you. What kind of a marraige is that? Also, all of your crying and begging is not going to change the situation...but if it continues you will lose your sense of self worth and/or you will resent him to the point where you will not care about him anymore. I strongly suggest you have a heart to heart talk with him and ask him point blank if there is a reason he would rather play video games instead of spending time with his family. Look him straight in the eye as he speaks. Recommend to him that you would like the both of you to seek marraige counseling. May-be a counselor could make him understand that his wife and children are supposed to be his #1 priority. If he won't go, think about going yourself. You can be helped regarding dealing with this situation. You may even discover through counseling, that you no longer wish to deal with this lonely situation. You are a young woman and you have your whole life ahead of you. You deserve a mate who satisfies your needs and those of your children. By the way, don't threaten him unless you are willing to follow through. Keep your wits about you and ask yourself this question....ARE YOU BETTER OFF WITH HIM OR WOULD YOU BE BETTER OFF WITHOUT HIM IN YOUR LIFE. HOW DOES HE ENRICH YOUR LIFE. IF YOU HAD A SERIOUS PROBLEM, GOD FORBID, DO YOU FEEL SECURE THAT THIS PERSON WOULD BE THERE FOR YOU AND WOULD HE TAKE CARE OF YOU AND MAKE YOU THE PRIORITY OR WOULD HE JUST PACIFY YOU. I hope I am not being too blunt, but nothing is worse than a lonely marriage and I certainly have had enough friends over the years who have experienced what you are going through. One friend in particular was complaining about a selfish husband when she was in her twenties. In fact her family urged her to leave him, but she didn't. She is now in her fifties and nothing has changed and she regrets wasting so many years with him. Please let me know how you are doing and what is going on. I care. Petite Syrah
  20. Hi Emmy: I can certainly understand how you feel, even though I have never had a baby. I would be the same way. Remember that hormones are whacky during pregnancy too. I am sorry too for your back pain, but remember this will all be over and you will have a beautiful baby. We are here for you anytime you need to vent. You will be fine. Close your eyes, breathe, and let your mind wonder to beautiful thoughts. Petite Syrah
  21. I szy listen to Tony. You can never trust someone who you know has lied to you. You deserve better than that, and if he thinks he can get away with that, he will play you like a fiddle. See what happens if you break up with him. If you decide to stay with him, please be very cautious...a liar can be very convincing. Take care of yourself and be grateful that you found out now what he is capable of. Follow your instinct. Petite Syrah
  22. Breakups are always so tough and it seems like the end of the world...But it is not...remember that. You will be fine and some day you will look back on this and your pain will be all gone. Just keep busy and try not to dwell on it too much. I know, easier said than done, but, you will be fine and you will be stronger from this experience. We are here for you if you need to talk. We care. Petite Syrah
  23. Originally Posted by Laura Groovy chick! I'm loving the 49 years YOUNG part *giggles* I honestly think of you as the same age as me when we talk Laura: Isen't it cool how when there is a common interest among people/friends, there is no age barrier. I have had many friends much younger than myself and also much older than myself. Do you find the same thing? Gail (Petite Syrah)
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