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  1. Originally Posted by Marisol And back-ups! LOL!
  2. great haul Becky! hope it works well for you
  3. Aww Bec,I am so sorry, I can't even imagine what you and your family is going through. *hugs*
  4. whoaaa i rememebr that award!! yay for you andi hopw you have the greatest time!
  5. I agree with Jenuary on the co-habitating point. So true and not doing it again! I've learned to trust my instinct 100%. I hope i never ever forget that. I've learned how to be a cold biatch lmao who knows what she wants and wont settle for less. definitely a lot more thins to add,but these have been going through my mind lately
  6. Yup agreed,one shade darker,but ecven this one looks pretty for special occasions.
  7. Celly, what was the topic of the contest?Sorry i must have missed what it was about
  8. Congrats Brandi, cant wait to see the pictures!
  9. woooot great haul Mari!! Gotta feel good to haul again after such a long and successful nobuy
  10. Ahh Mari is the best! great RAOK, glad it made your day!
  11. Just a big bunch of Sonich Chic blushes-will prolly only passon 3 (2 darko nes and the brownish one,ofc i dun remember names)
  12. Ohhh noo not more italian badger,NEED HAVE ALL,didn't even know anyone else besides CS sells them. What is your experience with Crown brush and what are their prices? OMG found their site,they have so many brushes. Any recs for them?
  13. Great haul Soph and happy belated birthday! and Style *droool* has to be one of the prettiest blushes ever!
  14. ohhh Mari,congrats!!! I am so happy for you! Greaaat haul! p.s.: and here was me thinking: Hmmm,I am sure Leony sent her a bunch of japanese makeup LOL
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