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  1. Charish I'm like this as well! I get very moody and snappy with people, bloated etc etc. Lasts about 1 to 2 weeks and then I'm back to my lovely happy self hehe. You should be able to get the herb from a health food shop. Pretty Pink 13 thanks for the rec. Can I ask do you use it every single day or just when you feel you need it?
  2. I wear glasses most of the time and I like to wear contacts at special occasions so I know what you mean! I would love to wear contacts all the time but they start to irritate my eyes after 6-8 hours. If you do decide to give them a go it would be worth it to go to the optician a while before the wedding. It can take a while to get used to wearing them and then you should be used to them before the wedding Have a great wedding day
  3. My favourite book is The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon. Its such a great read!! I was going to include a link to its Amazon page but it practically tells the whole story. Loved 'PS I Love You' if you feel like some chick-lit. Its being made into a film and set in New York which will be really weird considering the book is set in Ireland.
  4. Sass

    Beauty Secrets

    thanks for the link. I like the stuff she does on This Morning. Hate those awful Oil of Olay ads though!
  5. Originally Posted by NYAngel98 Good... she can start on her feet ... after walking around barefoot in gas station bathrooms all day. Because they're so 'clean' of course.. lol good point. that was so weird and disgusting! nobody else would do that. doesn't she have enough money for shoes or somethin?
  6. Originally Posted by xkatiex I never tan just burn lol so I'm pale :| x Me too! Us Brits eh? Must the winters hehe. When I visited Ibiza and Canada I was so excited to get a tan and it didn't happen. Just got freckles I just burn then I'm pure white again after a couple of days. Arualav I agree about the blusher! One of the greatest inventions! I use a light fake tan every now and again if I can be bothered with the upkeep/smell etc.
  7. Its funny my mum said to me on saturday that she is convinced I've grown a little taller and I'm 19 5'4". I was at a wedding recently and I was talking to my aunt about how I wish I was taller and she said "I always think of you as a tall person" then kicked off her shoes to compare her 5'1" with me lol. So just get a good pair of heels! I also heard you stop growing when you get to 21 so maybe theres hope for us yet!
  8. I'm from Scotland. I think you should go for it! On the money side of things the cost of living in the UK is pretty expensive and I'm sure you would notice the difference. On the other hand there are loads of upsides like it will be a great experience and you would get to meet loads of new people and have the time of your life! If you have any questions about Scotland/UK PM me and I'd be happy to answer them

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