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  1. i chose the wild winter also, it took them about 6 weeks to get mine to me. so you should get yours soon.
  2. www.vistaprint.com I am not sure if it is international because it doesnt say but you can try.
  3. i just got my sample today, whole free pack and mints and coupons. love it.
  4. when i tried it, it says it is sold out, i guess i will have to try some other time. thanks anyway, Eva
  5. www.vitalradiance.com I know that this is geared mainly towards older women but you can use it on younger skin as well especially people who have sensative skin. I am only 20 yrs old but i figured i would give it a try to see how it works. let me know how it works for you all. thanks Eva
  6. its ok, it was a long time coming. stuff happens and we all have to deal, but i am doing alot better. thanks cosmo
  7. awww, thanks. you guys.
  8. hey everybody, its me cosmo and i missed you all so much. i am sorry that i have not been on in a while, alot has gone on with me. i left my bf of almost 2 yrs. it was very difficult but i had to do it cuz it was not working out. i am staying with my brother for now. i am getting my life back on track and i have a new job, i make decent money and i am just happy that everything is coming back together for me. i am sorry that i stayed away for so long, part of it was due to not having access to a computer in a while. it feels good to come back and i really look forward to hearing posts from everybody. thanks and hope to hear from you all soon. cosmo
  9. thats rediculous, i dont have a kid but when i was 15 yrs old, i had to go to the store to get some diapers for my baby niece. the cash register guy very rudely said to me "arent you too young to buy diapers?" i said to him, "why am i supposed to have an ID to buy them?" very sarcastically, he said "no". then i said "first of all its non of your business but just to clear things up i am buying them for my niece and even if i did have a baby, i shouldnt get crap for it." i really gave it to him, people shouldnt scorn other people who are young parents. if they are a good parent i dont have a problem with them. who cares what people think anyways, its your business, your parogative and you cant please everybody, do the best your can for yourself and your family and thats all that matters.
  10. Yeah I feel your pain, i was watching montel williams this morning and they cut half way into the show and the prez did that speach. i dont know why they have to show it live, couldnt they just put it on a set schedule later that day? i love montel and i watch him every morning. i hated it when they interupted it and it wasnt delayed either, they just started the next show that was supposed to be on after montel and it was the view. grrrr.
  11. thanks girls, yeah i will be ok. emotionally i am over him. i currently live in michigan and after the holidays are over i am going to move to south carolina where my brother lives and i am going to stay with him until i get a job there and get my own place. he is 23 and he has good credit, so if all i need is a co-signer than i have no worrys. thanks gals.
  12. I was wondering something and i hope some of you have the answer to this. me and my bf are breaking up and i want to get into an apartment of my own to rent. i am 20 yrs old, i dont have credit yet. i have never really been on my own before. am i able to rent a place w/o having credit? hope to hear from you all soon. Eva
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