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  1. sounds like something my boyfriend would do! I hate shopping with him, he always embarrasses me!
  2. Just curious how I could deep clean the dishwasher. I have never owned one before, and it worked well for about a year now even with jet dry, it leaves milky spots on all my glasses. I have resorted to doing them by hand again. Help!
  3. just wondering if they work or not. long story short, I used to have white/blonde hair (from a bottle) I now have reddish/brownish hair and I want to go to a medium blonde. however, I have colored it 3 times with no success. it stays red no matter what I do. this color does not suit me at all, but I do not want to bleach it. I have been thinking of trying to remove what I have and start out fresh. what should I do?
  4. I used to have a cat named Shadow that also ate plastic. We had to keep it away from him. But he started doing that as a kitten. So your dog is obviously a little pissed. Animals are alot like children, if they don't get what they want, they have tantrum's!
  5. I was just wondering if anyone has ever had a reaction to this stuff? It seems that no matter what brand of cleanser or cream I use, I break out even worse! And as soon as I stop using it, my skin get's better. It seem's like just about every product out there contain's salicylic acid!!! I have a tendancy to spend alot of money on different brand's with the same result:icon_conf
  6. Originally Posted by Little_Lisa Aww, your birds are beautiful! Makes me miss my bird, Harley. He LOVED millet. We'd hang it in the cage like you have yours and he'd get after it. Always made a big mess, though. What's your birds names? I havn't named them yet because they are still young and I don't know their sex. I was thinking of Benny and Joon if they turn out to be male and female.
  7. I was hoping that maybe someone could help me with this- I have a small skin tag about the size of the end of a needle under my right eye. It has been there for month's, I didn't really pay much attention to it but I notice that it is getting a bit longer. Can I remove this myself without going to the doctor? I had one removed from my eyelid a few year's ago, but I just don't want to spend the money if I don't have to and I don't like doctors very much!! Thanx guy's!!
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