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  1. Originally Posted by Ozee http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/img-set/BQcDAAAAAwoDanBnAAAABC5vdXQKFndMTnU3b2JtM1JHb3BoNE ljQ1Z6Y1EAAAACaWQKAWUAAAAEc2l6ZQ.jpg katrosier, im sorry i just posted mine and saw we have the same bag, i'll go find another one for my set lol..sorry! ooohh pretty! Don't worry about the bag, I'm not entering this look .
  2. If this isn't allowed please let me know and I'll delete it Cygne noir I love the yellow heels. Fingrs that necklace is adorable!
  3. Can I post my second look here? I'm not entering it , just want to share it.
  4. Anything from what fingers suggested AND socks. If his socks are anything like my hubby's then he'll def need new ones. p.s: ca va depuis le temps?? tu m'as manquer!
  5. Here's my very first ever try! Good luck ladies! Gorgeous entries so far. I went for a fun everyday kinda look.
  6. I have a few that I first noticed last year ( I turn 25 soon). I just dye them. I knew I was gonna gray prematurely because its quite common on both sides of my family.
  7. Originally Posted by bella1342 I received my SS gift today! My SS was katrosier.. (not sure of your real name... is it kat?) I got a huge PARISAX palette with like 15 e/s (that are so pretty and very well pigmented) 4 blushes, and 3 powders. I also got a lipgloss, and a pretty card. Thanks sweetie, I love it... I am excited to have a brand I don't have access to. Yaay! I'm glad you like it
  8. I just found out the pressie I sent last year never got there When I send stuff to the states or within europe it always gets there . My family is in the middle east and they get like every 3rd package sent. I hate the french post. I got my present today. My SS was Aquilah. She was super generous with me ( as per usual ). I really LOVE what she sent. - Milani Wild Violets quad ( I love purples!) - Milani Sedona Sunset quad ( one of my favorites) - Milani loose eyeshadow Powder Pink - Milani loose eyeshadow Mint Sugar - TaylorMade pigment in Sunflower ( I would never have bought this color myself but it looks GREAT on) - TaylorMade pigment in Earth ( very soft shimmer so pretty) - ELF Palette - Victoria's secret Pear Glacé lotion ( smells delicious) - Miso pretty luxury beauty bar in Juicy Persimmon and Wild Orchid ( looks so pretty I can't make myself open it lol) - Eyelash curler ( super comfy grip) - Jelly belly jelly beans ( ummm I have no idea where they went *looks angelic*) - Christmas card with a cute teddy bear ( I miss those cards! The new glittery 3D ones are cute and all but those remind me of my childhood ) And it all came in a pretty silver pouch from sephora. Thank you Aquilah *huggles* I hope you have a great christmas and new year .I'll catch up with you on msn soon .
  9. They look very nice. I hope the cuts are too painful.
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