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  1. hey everyone! i just got the new Mac sweetie cakes quad (i'm so excited, lol i've never had a quad only e/s pots) and i was wondering if someone can do a tut. or explain how to use sugar blue. i cannot work blues for my life, but i love this color and don't want it to go to waste, along with the purple...any ideas? thanks everyone!
  2. lol and the main point that the lady on TV was saying was how you don't get those marks and patches. i want to try it but i am afraid to use it on my face, i havent found a self tanner that is oil-free and works well on the face ...i am very fair skinned so to get a tan, takes a lot of sun for me
  3. Toni Brattin Tan Secret Tanner I saw in on HSN the other day, and of course the demonstration had me sold! The reviews on the site are mixed , just wondering if anyone has tried it and how it worked
  4. Last night, i was going to order some things and there was a link to the 'for a cause' items and i wanted to get some of the 'How Could Anyone?' bracelets but the link is MIA and i can't find them anywhere on the site, even though they had a whole category of cause items last night. Anyone have any ideas? or know how to find those items? grr, i wish they had live online support! thanks!
  5. which brand did you use? please link me, thanks a bunch for the info :clap
  6. i would go to a derm but my insurance swtiched and i can't right now. the proactiv sort of stopped working for me,
  7. I was thinking of buying some of this because i have been breaking out like crazy all over and proactiv doesn't seem to work anymore. Has anyone tried it for acne? If so, did it work? I am tempted because i don't want to spend a lot on something i have never used but the warnings are sort of scary, thanks
  8. does it keep the lipstick on for a long time/? thanks!
  9. I have heard about the Sally Hansen stuff and i think Benefit makes some kind of sealer but does anyone have a good recomendation? I have some Mac & Benefit lipsticks that i would like to stay on longer. i put my l/s on before work and by the time i get there- it's off and i forget to reapply and just want to know if there is a product out there that can seal the lipstick or make it last longer (But i don't like the drugstores lipsticks that stay on forever because the color gets all crusty and won't come off for a day or two on me, LOL) Thanks :icon_chee
  10. i had no idea some of those were not 'eye safe'. esp, a color like dark soul. lol, i am not sure where else i would use it. But thanks so much for the list! I haven't had any problems yet, but i am going to be cautious
  11. i have a few pigments that i told were not 'eye safe'. I use them on my eyes still, could it really be harmful? Does anyone have a list of these....Thanks!
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