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  1. That's just weird! I definately won't be doing that! You all have some good points though!
  2. I'm going to need to try these for sure! I can never get my tub clean!
  3. I missed all of you guys so much! My life has been so crazy for the last few months so I haven't been on much! I've started working to help us out financially and that takes a lot of my time and we've also had some health problems in the family that have taken a lot of my time too! I'm going to try to get on as much as possible because I miss my online friends so much and I know there are a ton of new people that I don't even know yet! I'm excited to get to know all of you and find out what's been going on with everyone for the last little while!!
  4. Andi, you look amazing both ways, but I love the brown! I've been getting up the courage to go brunette, so you may have just given me the boost I needed!
  5. I got my package!! My ss was LolaB! I love everything she got me and I'll post pics a little later! Thank you so much Lola!! Oh, and the package I sent was returned to me as undeliverable!!! I'll remail it, but could the mods let my ss know that her package is on its way!
  6. I love them too! I read a tip from one of the Stila girls of the week to mix it with liquid highlighter and it gives a gorgeous dewy cheek! I have a brand new one in Gerbera and Lillium if you're interested!
  7. What a coincedence that you were eachother's ss!! Hmmm! LOL
  8. Oh man, sorry I'm so late posting my wishlist!! They were probably waiting on me! LOL Wishlist questionnaire: List five product or brands that you would like to receive. Remember, it does not have to be make-up related. We have a set US$25 price limit, however, if you wish, you can go over this. All Items must be brand new and in good condition. 1. UDPP 2. MAC Dazzleglass in Sugarrimmed or Baby sparks or lipglass in Prrr 3. MAC Passionately red Viva Glam palette in Warm 4. Nordstrom Giftcard 5. Anything NARS, Smashbox, Stila or Benefit! Are you willing to ship internationally?
  9. I can't wait! I haven't posted my wishlist yet though, where do I post it? LOL
  10. Originally Posted by Nick007 What's the code, i wanna shop and I can't see the pic here at work. They block it, all i see is a red x. waa! LOL! It's FF2008
  11. Ooh, nice! I want all three of those too! It's funny that the descriptions say black handles with red lettering! LOL
  12. I think they're cute! I'd wear some of them! I really like the last ones and the pink ones!
  13. Wow, his eyes are way blue! He doesn't look anything like Kingston, but he's still cute! I wonder if they'll stay blue! Gwen and Gavin both have brown and so does Kingston so that'd be cool to have a bright blue eyed boy!
  14. So the idea is to use these with your sneakers while your walking and then take them off when you change into your heels, right?? I guess that could be useful! If you hem them then you can't just let them back down when you change pants! I could probably come up with something like this on my own!
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