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    [color=green]I am Malinda, a 25 year-old wife and mother of my 20 month old darling and angel of ason, Elisha. I am a devoted Christian who loves Jesus above everything else. Some of my other interests are makeup (of course!), fitness (I work out 6 days a week!), fashion (I am in the process of making my own clothes.), music (I sing and used to be in a band - a pop group, yes, a pop group called "Verses Infiniti" or "VI".), health and nutrition (I'm not a health nut, but I love discovering new health finds.), cooking (When my husband and I first got together, I COULD NOT cook. He used to joke that it would take me an hour to make minute rice! HAHA!! But when I decided to get serious about health and fitness since the birth of my son, I learned the basics of cooking, and now I'm a seasoned pro! Well, I can at least cook several dishes that are always a hit at parties. Even my husband now praises my kitchen skills!), boxing (I love to watch a good boxing match), and Jesus (Did I mention Him?? :) My husband and I work with a bunch of awesome teenagers here in Cleveland, Georgia. They love God and are unashamed.).
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    [color=green]Kelanie Gloeckler, Jason Upton, Demon Hunter, Flyleaf[/color]
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    [color=green]The Bible, Final Quest and The Call by Rick Joyner, The Reality of the Supernatural by Todd Bentley[/color]
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    [color=green]Jesus, Jesus, Jesus[/color]
  1. Originally Posted by makeup-lover YOU'RE 28? you look 20 - seriously Haha! NO ONE believes I'm 28. I get carded EVERYWHERE. My husband and I just took a cruise where a few of the areas were 18+, and I got carded everytime. When they found out my age, they kept apologizing, and I was like, heck, if you think I look under 18, then that's a pretty awesome compliment! So thanks!!!
  2. Wow, you guys are sooo sweet! I'll try to not let it get to my head...haha!! Originally Posted by plugin_babyx Stunning, I really wish I could carry off a look like that. How many applications of eyeliner is that, though? I can't get so bold a line with just the one. It's only one application of eye liner! It's Mac Fluidlines, so one is all you need...unless you're just using a really crappy brush in which case....go buy another one! (Hint...I buy all of brushes at art stores. REAL cheap and good quality!!)
  3. I may do this if I have the time....and if I can keep my kids from running around screaming in the background! Ha! Actually...maybe a mommy video might be a good idea!
  4. Originally Posted by makeup-lover Your eyes are so seductive and beautiful...lol i'm sorry if that sounds creepy... HAHA! No, that's a compliment! Heck, I'm 28 with two kids...TRUST ME, "seductive" is a compliment! LOL!
  5. Originally Posted by magneticheart I love the liner! You look really pretty! Thanks! The liner is what I always use and will never stray...Mac Fluidline in Blacktrack. It doesn't budge, even through a strenuous workout! Ha! Originally Posted by McRubel Very pretty! I really like that lipcolor on you! The lippie is a cheapie! It's NYC brand in Cafe. I LOVE their lipsticks. They stay put, look great, and they're only 99 cents! Originally Posted by Adrienne Very pretty. You're so gorgeous Wow, what a compliment! Thanks so much!!
  6. Is there really no thread yet for today?! Well, then we need one! Here's me today...decided to throw in a little color. I'm convinced though...I DO NOT like pink on my eyes. It's all my usual stuff except for my eyes, the eyeshadow is Milani with a Cover Girl brown thrown in. If you really, really want specifics, just ask, and I'll look. Ha! (Sorry, I'm lazy and my kids keep my busy!)
  7. Thanks everyone!! I forgot that most people on here remember me with long hair! I like the short 'do, especially with two kids!!
  8. Hey MuT!!! It's been forever since I've taken any pics (much less posted any), so I thought I'd get the day kickin'! I'm wearing all my usual stuff... Revlon Colorstay Foundation in Nude L'Oreal Hydra Perfecte Loose Powder in Translucent Milani Light Bronzer Milani Cherries on Top Blush MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack Maybelline Collossal Mascara NYC lippie in Cafe (cheap, but AWESOME!!)
  9. Originally Posted by Angels_Decay That seems really weird to me....Kids dont mind having that weird mesh thing in there mouth? My daughter loves it. I think it feels good on her gums, and it eliminates the risk of choking since the food is ground so small. It's great when you need a snack quick and don't have the time to make your own baby food (especially when you have a demanding 4 year old). Originally Posted by brewgrl that was the most messy thing we ever owned... hahaha It IS messy, but that's why she wears a bib and sits in her high chair with it. If you take precautions, it's not that bad. Just have a wet rag ready when he/she's done!
  10. Has anyone used this? My daughter absolutely loves it! It's a whole food feeder that you can put whole foods in, and as the baby chews on it, the food is ground through the mesh part so the baby won'e choke. It's great. I put apples, grapes and whole pieces of banana in it. You can also boil a sweet potato and put that in it (cooled of course). The package even says you can put chicken in it, but I'm not sure how well that would come through. Anyway, I recommend it!!
  11. Originally Posted by Lia These milestones are a guide for doctors - it's like - if your kid isn't rolling after 6 months, there might be a delay on the development. It doesn't mean that your kid has to START rolling when he/she is 6 months - she can start a bit earlier or a bit later. The severe delay is what is worrysome, not the early beginning - because growth and neural development follows a basic pattern. Like that, if a kid is 9 months old and doesn't roll and doesn't babble , it might be something wrong, because he/she isn't able to do things that supposedly babies with 6 and 4 months already do. I've had friends who's nine month-olds never rolled at all, and the only issue there was that they were simply more subdued. You're right in that these guidelines help doctors detect a problem early, but even then, they have to take a "wait and see" approach to tell if there's really an issue.
  12. Do you do word exercises with her? My son started talking when we started taking the initiative and got him to repeat words we were saying. Between the 3rd and 4th year, you'll be AMAZED at how their vocabulary progresses. I remember wondering if something was wrong with my son when he had just turned 3, and children just 6 months older were putting together sentences quite well. But it really does happen very fast. The difference in a year is amazing. So try not to worry, and just let time work it all out. All children develop at different rates (which is why I posted on another thread about how I HATE developmental charts because the main purpose it serves is to cause worry in parents), and some children that develop faster physically, have delayed mental capacities only because their effort is on the physical. If she's been tested, then I'm sure everything is fine. 2 1/2 is still pretty young, and I bet you'll be amazed at her progression six months from now.
  13. My son was 3 1/2 before he potty trained. While he was probably ready a little earlier, I had to wait a little bit until we moved out of my parent's house and into our own before we could handle mistakes. Once we moved in, I made him quit diapers cold turkey, and he's been potty trained ever since. Graduating to the big potty and standing to pee happened over time, but now he's a pro (he turns 4 this April). I imagine my daughter will probably train sooner, as "they" say girls are easier to train than boys, and the fact that she's got an older sibling that's mastered the art will sure help as well.
  14. It really, really will come naturally. God has just given mothers a natural ability to care for their infants, even when we have NO CLUE what we're doing. I had never changed a diaper until I changed my son's (in the NICU, mind you, with about a million wires wrapped around his legs and nurses watching). My husband was off work for a couple weeks after the birth, and when it was time for him to go back, I was terrified. He even helped my son with latching on and breastfeeding, so I didn't even know how in the world he was going to eat without DH's help! But when I was forced into some serious alone time with my son, it all just came. I understand the worry and nervousness, but you'll know what to do, and if not, then call and ask for advice. I used to call my mom all the time! (And the internet is a GREAT tool for parenting. I didn't have it with my son, but these days, all you have to do is log on to find an answer!) Pretty soon, you'll be cherishing the quality time alone with your little one!
  15. Before I got pregnant with my son, I NEVER liked sweets. Then I got pregnant, and BAM! I had a sweet tooth like mad, and that's why I gained 80 pounds! Even to this day, the sweet tooth has stuck like glue. With my daughter, I ate pretty well most of the time, although I did indulge in my cravings when they came. (And I only gained 24 with her.)

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