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    Check me out on the web: [url]http://www.shopwithavengeance.com[/url]

    Heyyy there everyone! My name is Nicole and I am a college student in NJ... I love makeup, more often I find myself collecting new makeup as opposed to wearing it, due to the fact that I roll out of bed and go to class.

    I have decided to update this with some pictures so you guys can see more of me. I didn't want to put this on a "notepad" so hopefully it is all okay being here.
    This is a picture of my Halloween costume (2006):

    And here is me and a group of friends at a birthday party:

    This one is of me and my boyfriend:

    And another from when we went to see the tree at Rockefeller Center in NYC

    I like art a lot, so sometimes (not at all as much as I would like to)
    I paint and draw, etc... here is a bag I designed for my "self portrait" in 2005.
  • My Interests
    Art, music, love, food, sleep... and of course supporting my makeup addiction!
  • My Occupation
    Maternity Store Sales Associate
  • My Beauty Product Wish List
    [list]More NYX Ultra Pearl Pigments![/list]
    [list]More MAC![/list]
    [list]An endless supply of pinky-peach lip gloss, muahahaha![/list]
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  • Car I Drive
  • My Favorite Movies
    Garden State, American History X, Shawshank Redemption, Bubble Boy, The Notebook, A Walk to Remember
  • Favorite Music
    Classic Rock, Alternative, Indie, Hip Hop, anything pretty much.
  • Favorite Books
    Cosmo, The Alchemist
  • My Favorite Makeup Brands
    NYX, Milani, MAC, Sonia Kashuk, Almay, Stila, Ulta, Kiehl's, Neutrogena, L'Oreal
  1. You know what's interesting too... the makeup on the girls... the lips are either bright red or super nude!
  2. I really like the mineral shadows! They are very pigmented and good quality. I like the fact that you can actually see them in the store and try them out, unlike ordering mineral shadows online. They've got a few colors, but not an excessive amount... definitely worth trying!
  3. Hey girls! Just thought you might like to see my Ulta eyeshadow collection! I provided swatches for you too, in case anyone is looking into them. I have them up on my blog, which is why there is the wording on there. Thanks for looking!
  4. Source: Shop With a Vengeance! (Betsey Johnson, Badgley Mischka, Philip Lim, DKNY) Mercedes Benz Fashion Week has just concluded in NYC (Feb. 1-8). Among many, there have been two noticeable trends in the designer collections presented for Fall 2008. From searching the Fashion Week photo database, we took note of the use of large handbags and various styles of black gloves in many designer collections. These two fashion staples can be expected to be very hot this fall!
  5. Originally Posted by Marisol "There has been lots of trying — lots of trying!" Anyone else cringe at the idea of this? It's good though that she is getting what she wants!
  6. Hey there! I've been MIA around the forums a little bit because I've been busy working on my new website, Shop With a Vengeance! It's basically a blog about style, fashion, makeup, you name it. I've been going around trying to get on some blogrolls and expose my page a bit, I also made a myspace to try to publicize it a little more too. Feel free to take a look, check up on it because I'll be updating a lot, and if you wanna "friend" my blog on myspace you can do that too! Only if you want to, though! So far, something exciting has happened with it. Frankly, I'm a little surprised at how, but a woman contacted me from a company and offered to send me free stuff in exchange for one review of her product. I don't wanna mention too much because it is going to be unbiased, but I am so excited! The stuff she gifted me cost almost $300! She said she followed links to my site from another one (I'm on Temptalia's "other links" page, that's probably the one). Anyway, I can't wait for my freebie to arrive!! So crazy! Well, I hope you take a look and let me know what you think! The action on my blog is a little lacking lol, so if you want to comment on there feel free! Thanks so much! (P.S. I don't know if this is too much promotion for myself here so if it is I understand if this post is deleted!)
  7. Hehe, whoops! By the title I thought you were going to say it was a bug in your shirt!!!
  8. I really like that closet too! Love the color of the walls and that little sofa area
  9. Hey girls (and guys!)... my birthday was this past Thursday so over the past few days I've been buying some stuff to celebrate lol. I ordered a whole bunch of NYX from CherryCulture.com (well it seems like a lot but it only totaled $40.22), two Crazy Rumors Tea Balms (Spiced Chai, Orange Bergamot) and then bought a few things from other places as well. So far, I am loving NYX's Doll Eye Mascara (Long Lash Extreme Black) and the Crazy Rumors Tea Balms. The NYX Ultra Pearl Manias were a lot smaller than I thought they would be but the quality is definitely there (I got Turquoise, Black, Yellow Gold, Ocean Blue, and Walnut). The L'Oreal HIP lip gloss I bought ("Enticing") was 75% off at CVS... making it $2.25!!! I also bought one of those new Milani Runway Eyes Singles ("Beach Sand") which is a pretty sparkling champagne color. I needed a new Milani Mineral Compact (I ran out), and my Sonia Kashuk Kabuki broke so my mom bought me a new Ulta Professional one that I love a lot more. Not pictured: I also bought two pairs of Vanilla Jeans (Brazilian Moleton), one is Blue and the other is skinny Grey. I bought two pairs of stretchy bootcut pants, Black and Navy, and I bought two pairs of gold stud earrings. Hurray!
  10. Foundation - Milani Mineral Compact in Nude Buff Powder - MAC Blot Mascara - NYX Doll Eye or L'Oreal Hip Liner - MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack
  11. Hmm... tens of thousands of dollars... if I had a "superficial" budget like that, it would go into clothes and shoes because you can only use so much makeup and like everyone else said, it will go bad.
  12. Scary stuff, check out the article. I don't know how much more "playing God" people can do but I feel like this could lead to the fall of mankind in some way, shape, or form. The real question is... what's next? It goes along with the whole morals of cloning, etc, and it's kind of frightening. Men No Longer Needed to Create Sperm January 31, 2008 It looks like males will soon be irrelevant to the survival of the human race. Scientists at the University of Newcastle have managed to create human sperm cells using a female embryonic stem cell. The researchers, led by Prof Karim Nayernia, had previously created primitive sperm cells from male bone marrow. They’re currently working on making the cells from female bone marrow, which would be much easier and more practical than creating them from embryos. The creation means that lesbian couples could soon have children that shared the DNA of both women, rather than having one male biological father. A sperm cell created from one partner could fertilize her partner’s egg. There is some question about whether a sperm cell created from a female could produce viable, healthy offspring. The human female sperm cells could not in their current state produce offspring as they do not have the correct amount of genetic material. The team must next have the cells undergo meiosis to make sure the cells have the correct amount of genetic material. That will likely only be a minor roadblock. Prof Nayernia has already overcome this problem with sperm cells created from male cells. In 2006, he used sperm created from embryonic stem cells to impregnate mice. The mice produced 7 pups, although one died and the other six had health problems. Ok, so it may be overstating it a bit to say that males will be irrelevant. Just because we’re not technically needed to breed doesn’t mean women will no longer find men attractive, right? After all, we’re good for a lot more than just baby making. We’ve got tons to offer! For instance, just the other day I assembled a chair from Ikea, and it only wobbles a tiny bit when you sit on it. Also, I’m frequently asked to kill insects. I think we men have a bright future. SOURCE: Men No Longer Needed to Create Sperm : Environmental News Blog | Environmental Graffiti

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