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  1. Originally Posted by Karren Welcome back, Sonya!! God things that happened while your were away were amazing!! Lol. i knew it! i always miss out on the coolest stuff!
  2. thats great to know. i have a travel size of it that i got from their site and i havent used it yet. im still on the look out for the perfect winter body wash (being prone to eczema really sucks).
  3. i feel yea sister. ive had this same problem for a few years (i started in my early 20s, im 24 now). and i am also prone to eczema. the only thing that has worked for me and now i use it every night and duirng the day if the air is really dry is Welda Rose Intensive Eye Cream. its really really moisturizing, but it almost feels like water when your putting it on and its not greasy at all. its not too bad priced as eye creams go (under $25) and it lasts a long time as you need very little. you can get it at target in the organic section.
  4. this is my dream come true! and the colors sound awesome and so do the other stuff!
  5. im in oly, and i dont know. i grew up in the midwest, so the "cold" weather here right now is pretty normal to me. but i'd much rather be here in 30-some degree weather than starting this saturday for the next 2 weeks to be in a state (sd) where the high the past few days has been -5 below zero.
  6. i totally miss everyone on here! the past 3 months ive hadnt had much of a life. lots of big projects, lots of school, lots of not fun personal stuff. but i have finally returned (even though i missed my 3 year anniversary on here) and am ready to go! sonya. ps. i do not even want to know how much stuff ive missed out on.
  7. its like they tried really hard to make them look like stripper shoes just without the affordable price.
  8. yes and that is why i have been missing in action for so long on here.
  9. the last one is the one i really love out of all of them.
  10. i like their stuff if it wasnt so much money and alot of it didnt look like it was from the 80s. i have a couple items of theirs and i love how comfy they are and are one of the few places where i can find tube socks!
  11. i like the whole outfit (even though ive never liked skirts that have that kind of bottom).
  12. i mean all i can really think of is 'why would you want to do that and wouldnt it be itchy?'
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