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  1. Good idea leti Here's the Folica Review program for YTers/Bloggers: http://www.folica.com/features/review-program I emailed Sigma about their review program and the form they sent me expired - I'll look for it again.
  2. Okay, so I read more further details and both prosecution and defense's case... I can see why the jurors verdict was not guilty. The jurors did their job - if all is at fault, just the prosecution should've charged her differently to...neglect...the evidence they presented definitely showed Anthony as a neglectful mother. Either way this lady will endure negative stigma for the rest of her life, karma will catch up.
  3. I remember being on the jury some years ago for a guy committing some serious stuff, eventually it became a hung jury because of not enough substantial evidence even though so many things pointed out guilty (his wife was around us speaking in Spanish not knowing I understood and the things she was saying...tisk), but some folks did not feel right voting guilty without proper evidence, which in hindsight is understandable. My point is, as the audience we were probably not told certain things that the jury would have that made them lean towards their final verdict. Obviously from what I've read and watched over time my opinion would be that she did it because the whole thing is just too WEIRD, but who knows? I'm telling you, being in a room with that many different individuals all having to decide unanimously, it's definitely being looked at thoroughly and carefully, tediously going through every witness accounts, notes, evidence...especially knowing this person's life can be spent in or out of jail, not something to take lightly and go by emotional/personal feelings (that's how I hope most of them acted). That's why I'm not so outrage by this because really, maybe she didn't do it? You can only hope that whoever had done it will be brought to justice eventually.
  4. I buy whatever works good, High or Low end - but my collection overall consist mainly of higher end products because they offer better quality and range of products. I used NYX and those 88 shadow palettes before it became well known, I was so anti-MAC... until I started using it. NYX, WNW, ELF, etc. just can't compare in terms of quality and/or range than to some of the higher end stuff. I definitely feel horrible if I buy something pricey and find a cheaper match though.
  5. Well not calling way before the product comes out, it's not MAC in terms of reserving makeup for you it's a drugstore lol - I have heard of some people asking the day of for someone at walgreens to keep it on hold for a few hrs until they pick it up (not in my area). If you're lucky to get a nice SA to do so, wouldn't really advise asking management. and like I said, SOME will...but again i would just call before you go in terms of not wasting gas on just some shadows, but that's just me. It's an aimless pursuit going around and not calling ahead to find out the makeup isn't even there.
  6. lol... telling you guys, shipments aren't out til mid-july (15th) for most places, definitely look for them next week. It would be a lot easier for you guys to phone the stores and put them on hold for you so you won't drive around aimlessly, Walgreens & Riteaid are more willing to do so.
  7. I need to make a correction - these will be stocked until JUNE 2012, that's almost a full year from now. Some retailers will still be getting shipments until these fully phase out, I'd get them wherever you can. Reason: Due to the introduction of the 8-pan palettes, the sales for 6-pan has dramatically dropped so much that they can no longer sustain it. But they will introduce a new 8-pan palette full of matte shadows later this year. They're not sure if it'll be permanent but for now it is considered a limited edition item. HTH.
  8. Hey guys, they still haven't been out yet - the lady that corresponds with us Beauty Ambassador said it should be available July 15th but they can't specify at which location because all retailers differ and go where demand is high.
  9. Hey everyone - I haven't opened a thread in such a long time, I feel rusty. Everything is so jazzed up...anywho... Copied and pasted a few pics from my blog, so lazy lol. TIA. EYES UDPP Eden NYX Jumbo Pencil Black Bean Wet N Wild Brow Pencil MAC Sun Blonde (lid) MAC My Paradise Blush (outer lid) MAC Carbon (crease line) MAC Malt (crease wash) MAC Brown Script (crease blended) MAC Surf USE (lower lash) MAC Sketch (crease deepen) L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara Prestige Liquid Liner Ardell Lashes Stila Topaz Liner FACE L'Oreal True Match Foundation Maybelline Fit Me Foundation (liquid) Maybelline Fit Me Foundation (powder) Coastal Scents Concealer Palette MAC My Paradise Blush LIPS NYX Abu Dhabi matte cream l/s Revlon Crystal Lilac l/g
  10. I think all three have nice eyebrows, I much prefer them than thin ones. It frames people's faces much more nicely when it's defined. I started doing them on myself for over a year and it really made a difference on my overall appearance - years ago they were much thinner. I just follow my natural brow shape and fill them in with a shade color a little bit lighter than mines, nothing fancy - although some days I accidentally get heavy handed and it goes on much more harsh than I'd like. I don't really like when it looks harsh on folks and all you see are eyebrows lol. Here's mine from the past week, flash makes the color appear more lighter but IRL it blends better: -
  11. I've seen dupes, but WNW are just the cheapest kind of brand and it last longer than others on me lol.
  12. Has anyone been able to find this collection at their stores? It apparently came out mid-March of '11 but haven't seen it and my Rite Aid & Walgreen tends to always carry every single collection except for this one. I'm getting annoyed too. Haha. TIA.
  13. I love ELF's Studio line - I'm glad they're expanding their products but I hope they don't raise the prices. I only like a few brushes from the regular $1 line but if anyone is weary on the brand definitely try the studio line first. I bought a lot for my freelance kit and I only buy things I would use on myself to use on others. My recommendations from studio line (I have extensive reviews on my blog): Blushes - very well pigmented, the bronzer/blush duo is really nice. Brushes - I have several, hasn't shed on me and pretty soft. Black Cream Liner - MAC dupe Individual eyeshadows - nicely pigmented too, just limited selections. Eyebrow Kit - LOVE! I rec. this one often. I just placed an order on a whole bunch of face stuff. But really, if it works for you it works for you... something so cheap can't be overrated, imo. Expectations shouldn't be set so high but I don't think the brand should be overlooked either.
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