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  1. Wanted to get some advice or tips on hosting an exchange student. The gal we "may" be hosting is from Germany. She is a semester student - so she would be here mid-August through approx 1st week in January 2009. We find out if we are approved in about a week, but so far it looks very promising. Did the app, background check and the interview - and all good so far. We know all the rules and regs, and understand it will not be all peaches and cream. None the less, we are very excited to experience this and welcome her to our home and country. Anyone host an exchange student with any advice or tips?
  2. Oh my bad. Either way, I can relate, I am a big softy when it comes to things like that. I can watch or see stories like that and bamm, I'm crying. And yes, the similarities are ... wow!
  3. How cute was that? Heck I would never last very far in a spelling bee, let alone hear a word like that, and the reaction - I probably would have peed my pants laughing.
  4. First of all, it was great that you got to be a part of his life and that he affected you the way he did. You probably affected him as well. Breathe, and know that it's ok to cry. Keep the memories, and celebrate his life - that's probably what he would want. It's amazing how children can teach us adults a thing or two about life!! Hang in there!
  5. just reading about it, i can't even bring myself to watch it, there is a deep feeling inside my being that can't handle seeing such abuse. with that being said and my not being able to bring myself to watch it.....wow!!!! what would bring a person to feel they have any right to even touch ANYONE in such a way? obvioulsy, their has to be some sort of sickness within that abuser....just wow!!!!
  6. yep, sure can relate....thank you so much for that....it was wayyyyyy too cute!!!!
  7. Thank you to all of your concerns and my MIA status. Thank you bad cat for your caring concern of me. You have a genuine caring about you. I truely appreciate it!!!! And Aquilah...it was nice to connect again - love your sweetness - true self!!!! I will let you all know, I'm fine. I have been so busy. I have contracted out my secretarial services to a lady near by. I work from home - giving my services to organize and do secretarial duties. Heck I can even take over her computer and mouse and run her computer from my home computer, to help her organize her computer.....pretty cool stuff. This is something along with my netmarketing....that is taking off. Let me also say, I've been sponsoring/recruiting 2+ per week (total of 8 now in 3 weeks). So I have been a busy girl and have quite a downline to show for it. Not to meantion school, children's activities, household, mom stuff, car pooling, training and so on. Really got me busy....BUTTTTT I LOVE IT!!!! It's taken on some massive multi-tasking - as to not upset my family....but so far it's working. I found my niche and am so grateful of what has literally fallin into my lap. Although I've put alot of work and training into it - feel I deserve it, but the opp. of my contracting out my secretarial services - was WOW!!!! Now having the correct skills to build my downline....wow....so big, that now I am a Leader and have to do Leader type actions. Hope this helps explain my MIA. I appreciate all your concerns. Got lots of PM's to sift through and hopefully have responded accordingly. I feel blessed to be so missed and all your concerns - truely is appreciated! Heck maybe some of you didn't even notice....but by any means....that is my story and I'm stickin to it. He he he. I'll do my best to get back on - when I can and become more involved again.
  8. Thank you! And thank you to all that have followed along and given such great advice and support!
  9. All I know is she's got some hold on him. He follows her everywhere and in everything she does. The saint thing is kinda weird, that all the sudden he's into all this save the world or save the children (no offense....yes help the children)....but really. He never used to be like that....or like someone else said, he's a camelian. Originally Posted by VenusGoddess /img/forum/go_quote.gif It's not legal for gay/lesbian to marry in the States... So, he's saying that as soon as gay/lesbian marriages are legal, then he will marry Angelina (or rather Angelina will marry him). I think she meant it more as, "When hell freezes over" comment and he took it literally. LOL I agree! Cuz honestly....what does gay/lesbeian marriages have to do with anything....if you are in love and want to get married. So because there is a law stopping others, you won't get married. What is that? Do they really think that their stand is gonna change the world? They are NOT that powerful!!!!! May be famous, but they do not rule the world!
  10. I for one am a bit grossed out by that. But also note, I have a phobia of bugs. I'm sure there are many things that we don't know. Heck....there are alot of things I won't eat because of it. Tuna for one....man they just have to make sure to stay under a certain number of insect parts.....ewwweee.....and imagine all the other stuff we eat.....same applies in other food items too.
  11. Well...so far so good. We now are having her assessed in school, to see if she can get some assistance. IE highlighted text books, or taken out of class during homework time (for a more quiet environment). They will assess her to see how she learns best and try to work around that. Thank goodness....finally some help from the school!
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