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  1. I wish I knew how to embed this! In this video I review Sana Extra Large Mascara and Privacy Glitter Eyelash Gloss Mascara. I always wanted to check out the cosmetics from Mitsuwa marketplace in Chicago. They ate inside of me ever...
  2. I don't remember what I used... all the eyeshadows are gray MACs but I don't have them labeled (I used 4) No7 Liquid eyeliner Blacktrack fluidline Smashbox Primer Studio Fix A really old clinique lipstick Some generic eyebrow pencil Colossal Lash by Maybelline (A wig )
  3. Mabelline Mascara in the big Yellow Tube MAC e/S VEX MAC e/S Club MAC e/S Shale MAC e/S Rondelle Studio Fix
  4. Lipstick is PLATINUM pigment by MAC mixed with lorac gloss Thanks for the compliments I was just trying something new ^^
  5. Um, eyes open.. was before I touched everything up... eyes closed after! ahaha I look like a weirddoooo
  6. Almost all of these people fit the Golden Ratio! LOL
  7. Originally Posted by pinksugar lol I would like to try it for myself. i wonder if I fit the golden ratio? thanks for posting, it'd be fun if everyone posted pictures of their faces with the mask over it! I was scared, but I did it. Here is mine; the pink haired one is older and the blonde one is a few weeks old since I put on some extra weight lol. I'm pretty surprised... I'm a nerd and never really figured it would fit at all. I can do yours for you if you would like just PM/post a picture with your face towards the camera.
  8. I've been seeing a lot about the Golden Ratio around it's connections to beauty. The Golden Ratio, or phi, is perhaps the most perfect number in all mathematics. It is equal to the squareroot of 5 plus 1, divided 2. (Sqrt(5)+1)/2 = 1.618033988749895 It's the only number that if squared, is equal to itself plus one. In other words, Phi^2 = Phi+1. And if you took it's reciprical, it's equal to Phi-1. Phi^-1 = Phi-1. Most things in nature follow the golden ratio pattern. Look at your own fingers for example. Measure the length of the longest finger bone. Then measure the shorter one next to it. Divide the longer one by the shorter one. You should get a number close to 1.168. All parts of the human body are poportional to the golden ratio. If you face is in this ratio you are said to be beautiful. Video of the Golden Ratio applied to Celebrities This is the golden ratio mask, which can be applied in photoshop over a picture of the face. Some make-up artists an plastic surgeons use it as a guide for perfection. The rendered mask reminds me a lot of Kevin Aucoins contouring chart. This ratio is found everywhere in the world, and has recently (lol thx plato! not so recent) been applied to the human body and more specifically the human face. I ran some "masks" myself and I was surprised by what I found. Out of my friends and acquaintances; the most popular girls fit closer to the golden mask! Weird... we might be on to something here. Even back in time, structures and people of beauty fit the golden ratio mask! What do you think of the Golden Ratio? Would you dare to try it on yourself?
  9. If you can find Kryolan powdered colors, you might have some success finding a decent red. BN is really hit or miss, they also have so many colors I have no idea how you couldn't find a red in that mess (don't just look in their E/S their products are multiuse.)
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