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    Sephora VIB

    They told me effective 10-17 money spent at a JCP Sephora will be included towards VIB. It just seems a bit like they only clasify 'very important' people and purchases as the ones made at a free-standing store. I found all of my receipts and I'm contemplating returning the items they don't feel to be very important. I might just buy them directly from the brands company and write-off Sephora completely.
  2. KristinB

    Sephora VIB

    Did you know if you shop inside the JCPenney Sephoras that your purchases do not count towards the VIB program. I couldn't understand why I had not earned VIB yet and it was because I shop at the JCP store instead of the free-standing Sephora. I called customer service concerning this and they told me that it was 'all listed online'. I guess I don't understand why I was not informed of this inside the stores when I was shelling out $100+ for my items. The csr told me 'I was only $88 away from getting VIB.' I've already spent more than that on products. It is extremely misleading and she was very unhelpful. What is the point of having VIB if only select purchases count towards earning it. I'm tempted to return everything I've bought at the JCP Sephora to the freestanding store. I bought these items from Sephora thinking I'd be earning towards VIB instead of buying them at Ulta. I'm extremely disappointed that my money is only good enough for VIB points when I'm at a freestanding store. Just an fyi for all of you that thought they were going to earn VIB.
  3. I ordered yesterday and it is already saying shipped. So hopefully all goes well.
  4. I love Silk Naturals Perfection Powder. It isn't heavy, doesn't change the color, helps combat greasies, and diffuses the look of my pores. I've tried 5 others and love this stuff. I'm on my 2nd full size jar.
  5. Andi, you don't look washed out at all. You look hot...like usual.
  6. CO Bigelow in the red color
  7. I am a complete shopaholic. I love shopping, especially for makeup. Since I am fat finding clothing that fits and looks good is difficult but I know that I can walk into a store and leave with a bag-full of makeup and it will flatter me.
  8. I agree your fiance is cuter and you two make a very hot couple.
  9. This collection is very pretty. The quad is gorgeous but I don't have any use for it. I bought 2 glosses, Cabana Crush and Juicy Apple. I tried on Cabana Crush and it is a gorgeous pink. It does not go on too bright. The MA also said Sunset is awesome but they were sold out.
  10. I can't believe they closed up shop to revamp their webpage and then increase processing time to 55 days. Wouldn't it have made more sense to leave the page as is, close up shop for 2 weeks and get caught up? I want to buy from them but there is no way I am waiting 4 months to get my stuff. I also don't buy into their comment about packaging it as it is ordered it so it doesn't get dusty sitting on a shelf. If there stuff is so popular it would make way more sense to package it as the batch is made so that it can go out the door faster.
  11. My mom is fixing ham steaks and turkey roast on the grill. Mashes potatoes, rolls, and baked beans. I am still deciding on whether or not to make the 1 hour drive since I don't really care for what she is fixing. I was hoping for spiral cut ham and cheesy potatoes. If I stay at home I am having a pork loin or whatever restaurant is open.
  12. I like her coat and her hair but that is it.

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