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  1. Yes I think so! Where does all that time go so fast? Im so glad to see MUT is still going good as ever and love the new lay out. Well it may not be new... but its new to me.
  2. With pillows its really to each their own. Ive had my feather pillow for 2 years and I bet its kind of gross but it doesnt bother me. I dont have allergies and I always keep it in a pillow case. Unless your buying cheap pillows or you have a lot of extra cash, throwing pillows out often is not a reasonable option for every one. Id say on average you should get a new pillow every year, give or take a few months. We wash our bedsheets usually every week, but sometimes it becomes every 2 weeks as the laundromat costs a chunk of change that really adds up over a month. But even if I dont get around to it until 2 weeks I have a few different sheet sets so I can at least change the sheets. If I had my own washer and dryer I wouldnt mind washing them every day or two. Having clean crisp sheets is nice.
  3. My BF has offered to wax my legs for me... it was a sweet offer but I dont think he knows how to do that and Id probably end up missing some skin. If we are somewhere other than home (where I have mirrors all over) and Im trying to style my hair, he has helped me style the "back" of my hair, meaning the part I cant see. Sweet guy
  4. Thanks again everyone! Its great to see so many of the ladies I remember still here. I know what you mean breathless... I had a sample size Sephora lipgloss that I used nearly every day and it still took a couple months to finish that one tiny tube.
  5. Thanks ladies. Having a sale on stuff I can part with sounds like a great idea too. Thanks for the welcome backs and remember you too internetchick You told me about Curl Keeper and I still use it every time I do my hair! Amazing product. I think Im going to hold on to the few shadows and pencils I love and I probably should start over with the rest. Its a great reason to start buying new makeup too And Ive learned another lesson too... I guess I was a bit of a makeup hoarder. This time around Ill try not to buy too much... I would hate to be in the same situation again in a couple years. Its really kind of heart breaking.
  6. Smile when you put it on. You should be able to see exactly where to put it. Dab onto apples of cheeks and sweep and blend up and back towards your hair. A soft pink really is universal and will give you a glow. I always like using a berry shade to add warmth to my face and its more like a real blush. Whether you pick a lighter or darker shade make sure you blend it in and blend away all rough edges. And remember the pores on cheeks are usually the biggest so anything with glitter or a lot of shine will accent that.
  7. Hi everyone I have been missing from this website for at least 2 years now! The problem I have now is this. I used to wear a full face of makeup everyday. Ive accumulated tons of products... my extra large train case is completly full. Over the past couple years wearing that much makeup was no longer as important to me. Many days I go without any makeup at all. I still love makeup and I still love putting on makeup. Ive just had a rough couple of years where it just didnt matter as much. I still got all dolled up for special occasions... about 1 to 3 times a month. So now I have so many products that have just been sitting and they are barely used. I know all lipsticks and lip glosses are garbage now. I dont hold on to mascara either. But its breaking my heart thinking of parting with some of my favorite shadows and liners. Not to mention how much all that stuff cost! How long do you think is safe to hold on to eyeshadow, pencil eyeliner, lipliners, liquid liners, blush, and foundation powders? These are the products I would like to save most but everything is at least a year old. Some have not been touched for a couple years or more. I have recently cleaned all my brushes and want to start wearing my makeup again. If these items are still good and safe to keep is there any way I could freshen them up to make them like new again? I was thinking along the lines of sharpening all the pencils and going over the powder products with alcohol to sanitize them. I dont know if those are good ideas but they are all I can think of... In the end I will probably end up throwing away a lot of things... and its ok because theres always new items that are better or just as nice. But I do have a few beloved items I want to save... Chanel quads, UD palettes, MAC shadows, Too Faced blush, Guerlain foundation powder... Let me know what you ladies think I should do! Is my makeup still safe to use and will the quality still be there... or should I just start over. Thanks for reading all this!
  8. I'm sorry I missed out on this but it looks like it turned out very well for you. Congratulations on going to become a nurse... that is an in demand job in a lot of places and nurses make good money (here in Canada)... I applaude you for continuing your education and being strong to go through with it even when your husband was being difficult. I kind of feel like you do. I want to continue my education as well and my BF is having a hard time getting his head around it as well... for the same reason lol... insecurities. It's good that you two talked it out. I think maybe in the end if you have some one that loves you a lot, it depends on their personality, but they may just be afraid that they'll lose you. I've noticed that deep down a lot of men are more sensitive than women some times. I even had a similiar issue when I started working. Prior to that my BF and I would spend day after day just lounging and being together... but when I started working it was like he was having seperation anxiety. He got used to it though... and in the end it was the best for both of us. I motivated him to get a job as well So again congratulations to you... I wish you the best He will realize that this is the best for you and him and your family and he will come around I'm sure.
  9. I love how he likes to just cuddle me and hold me close for no reason... just acts all sweet and sappy... melts my heart lol. I love how he will get me a card for any and every holiday and he will fill up all the inside of it writing about us... I just love romantic stuff like that I love how he is like my human calculator. I am horrible with numbers & math but he can figure that stuff out by the time I blink. Really comes in handy when we go shopping. And on that... I love how he loves to shop just as much as I do. I also think he has the most gorgeous blue eyes I totally wish I had his eye color lol...
  10. I think you pull off the blonde really well, you look beautiful But I also like the brunette look on you as well so I guess I'm no help. I guess if you decided to do it, try a lighter brown color first in case you change your mind and want to be blonde again? In any case, come back and share pictures of your new look with us
  11. I agree... it depends on the powder and what you use to apply it. I use a Guerlain pressed powder foundation with a soft kabuki brush for light coverage and I always thought that is what powder was best for... a lighter finish. But then again powder can be the most natural way to go for heavier coverage as well... as long as you buff/blend it in very well so it doesn't look caked on. In my own experience I use liquid for complete coverage and set it with powder... and if I don't need heavy coverage I've always used powder just to even out my skin tone and make me look polished.
  12. I just discovered Benefit Bad Gal Lash mascara this month and I'm in love with both the black and blue colors. In fact I like the blue better. Really brightens up and defines my eyes on its own... or layers beautifully over a black mascara for an indigo kind of effect. I'm also loving my new Too Faced "The Bronzed and the Beautiful" Palette. The bronzers/blushers inside are just perfect... and the super soft flat mini kabuki brush turned out to be perfect for my pressed powders.
  13. As you may know, I'm planning on entering a makeup contest for Annabelle Cosmetics. I was having a horrible time trying to pick between a few pictures... now thanks to your help I have really narrowed it down. So here are my final two. You ladies have been so helpful so far I wanted to ask you what you think one last time before I enter. The deadline is coming up so I have to make up my mind within a few days. Mods feel free to close up my previous thread about the pictures if you want to. Thank you so much for all the help!! The first one was the favorite in my previous thread, and does show my makeup very well. The second one does not show as much eye makeup, so may not be the best entry idea, but I think I look good in it and you can tell that I am wearing well applied makeup (in my opinion lol)... Thanks again!!
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