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  1. Ryan O'Byrne of the Montreal Canadians scores in his own net on Monday, giving the Isles the win. I kind of feel bad for the guy, the fans hate him now =/ On another note, the Flyers are on a 5 game winning streak, Marty Biron just played a 40-save shutout against Buffalo the other day, and Jeff Carter is now tied for 1st in the league for goals so far this season
  2. This happened 2 minutes from here . . . I live on 42nd St My supervisor at work lives in that building I think . . . at the very least at the same intersection, Dixie & Orchard.
  3. Originally Posted by Aprill This was definitely a where were you moment...and I was im-ing 6 people at one time, talking to my husband and mother on the phone, and it just came out of the blue, Nury (or Tris) typed 333 146 and i was like wtf is that, lol, looked up at the TV, Jesse Jackson was crying, and I just got cold. I got the chills and i was freaking out crying. It was a great moment. I IMed you the 333 146 too I was talking to Aprill on MSN and it's a day I will never ever forget. I cried and I'm not even American. Some ignorant fool on my facebook was like, why are all you non-Americans so hyped up about something that's not even Canadian . . . as if yesterday's election didn't effect the entire free world . . . bah. I work in a hospital and I see hundreds of people a day (serving them coffee ) . . . I think I saw hundreds of Canadian Obama supporters today and I felt glad that I wasn't the only one so goofily happy.
  4. Gas here the day before yesterday was 89 cents a liter.
  5. It is a great idea . . . if only Tony would have told me THAT when I asked about a sports forum instead of suggesting I make a poll? lmao!
  6. Originally Posted by bella1342 I'm a huge football fan... I love sports in general. Maybe you can do a sub-forum in entertainment or something. idk... Oh I really like this idea!! We already have "In the News" and "reality TV", subforums that really don't have much traffic either . . . and Sports is technically entertainment . . . brilliant! This is definitely what would work best, Imo.
  7. Yea it's such a pain when there are a few games on the same night . . . it's just random. =/
  8. But the one thread is so confusing >.<
  9. Aw that's too bad. My original idea was actually a temporary (for the hockey season) NHL forum but it was suggested to me that a sports forum would be better and that I should make a poll for it
  10. Ok so I was thinking a Sports Forum would be useful . . . I know I personally find it kind of hard to keep track of all the NHL games in the one thread we have, especially if we have a few games on the same night. Also, I sometimes think of threads I'd like to make but then I'm not sure if I should just post it in the NHL thread? And then I don't even bother because, again, it would be so hard to keep track of Anyways, Yay or Nay to a Sports forum (Or at the very least, a Hockey Forum )
  11. Originally Posted by reesesilverstar Do online games count? Those are the best kind PC > Console
  12. Mut is a very unique for a forum, mostly because of the rules we have and how the mods uphold them. Trolling and spamming gets nipped in the bud and we just can't go around saying w/e the hell we want without having to face some consequences! I've been a member of several other forums where the rules were much different so the mods didn't have much actual work to do . . . people were just allowed to run wild unless they posted really racist remarks, and even THAT was sometimes allowed! MUT is like my little escape. I don't share it with anyone I know 'in real life' because I can be completely myself here and there are things written here, amongst my 7000+ posts, that I wouldn't want my family or friends reading But I feel like I can post anything here, because MUT is like my online family . . . and people here are much more understanding than anyone else I know!
  13. No, I haven't tried them but maybe I should check them out . . . I love the Quo brushes but I wasn't happy with the e/s I tried, but that was two years ago . . . maybe they're improved That would be awesome
  14. 2-0 Flyers . . . Dare I hope?? At least Niittymaki is in the bet tonight . . . Marty Biron is sexy as hell to look at but he's been pure suckage in the net so far this season! *** edit: Jesus **** shit damn....not 3 seconds after I make this post, SJ mke a goal making it 2-1 Flyers. ffs.
  15. Originally Posted by Karren Penns over the Leafs 4 - 1. WOOOOT! Go PENS!!!
  16. Originally Posted by Sarah Afshar I love the Flyers. They are definitely my favorite NHL team. Woot! Another Flyers fan Too bad we're sucking balls so far this season
  17. Happy Anniversary!!!! I can't believe it's only been 2 and a half years since I joined!
  18. Quote: Felt this thread needed to be 're-vamped'! I can say that I wouldn't appreciate my SO keeping pictures, cards, etc... of his exes. I just find it hurtful and why is it necessary? I have thrown out things like pictures, cards, etc... because I don't NEED them. Plus, I don't think he'd appreciate it either. Makes me wonder why people keep them around. If so, why do you? I have pics of my ex but I'm unusual I'm a firm believer in not having to destroy your past just to placate your present/future. History is kind of important to me so even tho he was a scuzz bag, he was a part of my life, so I keep the pics. I keep everything, even notes my friends and I passed in school! But sex tapes? I dunno . . . I'm not sure how I would feel about that. I think my reaction would depend on the reason it's being kept. Are they being kept as possible future blackmail material? Is it an ego thing? (my best friend and her ex made plenty of sex tapes . . . she kept them, not because she has feelings for her ex but because she looks fantastic in them lmao) Is it just because he hates to part with a part of his life's history, no matter how raunchy it is? I would really have to be in that situation to truly know how I would feel . . .
  19. Yea there's a thread about it here, I posted it as soon as I heard the news. It's very sad My heart goes out to his family and team
  20. lol no Niittymaki was there before Marty Biron! He took over starting goalie from Esche actually. But then FLyers got Biron and kind went with that . . .
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