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    I'm into Art and Beauty. Very down-to-earth. I like trying new things in almost everything. I like to play around with make up and try new products.
    Learning and experience are essential in life.
    I like making new friends, having new experiences, doing fun things, and going to interesting places.
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    Painting and Drawing
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    Lancome Make Up
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    Lucky Number Slevin
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    The Pocket Stylist Kendal Farr
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    Loreal Paris
    Laura Mercier
    Lise Watier
    Urban Decay
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    I have this classic, elegant, and sophistocated sense of style that can become very dramatic, glamorous, and a little gothic at times, which explains my dark eye make up and tense lipcolours. (FYI, I am not a goth!)
  1. Hey, I was reading this story of a woman from England and how she embraced a new religion (Islam). Her story really got me thinking and I loved it. She also wrote a poem soon after she embraced. I wanted to share the poem with all of you perhaps you'll find yourself liking it, just like I did! ********************** Enlightenment A life without purpose, O that stale and empty existence, I tried to block the truth, foolishly thinking myself able of ignoring the One up above. O how ungrateful was I and unworthy of Allaah's Love. I could not comprehend or appreciate the blessings bestowed on me by Al Karim – The Generous. I made myself believe that Death is all, and ends all. O how I'd mock the faithful believers when they spoke of the Akhira and "Gardens underneath which rivers flow". They stood firm and their hearts did not waver. I was inspired by their resilience and patience; they were submitting to their Rabb and had full trust in Him. I caught a glimpse of the Haqq, and craved more, but my ignorance prevented me and haltered my wondering thoughts. So I looked unto the mountains, the birds and the sea, trying to grasp this harmony and appreciate the Lord who made me. I cried out "O Allah guide me". The day came when Al Mu'min - the Giver of Faith, had mercy upon me and enriched me with His Noor. He restored my hearing and my sight and enabled me to look upon His creation in a new light. I looked on with tearful eyes, and knew that, I had never seen real beauty until this night. All Praise is to Allaah, The Creator of All that Exists. From Your sister in Islam, Umm Ammarah, England. ************************************************* Thanks Girls Miss Lovely
  2. LOL you already got smooth skin, your lucky and youve got perfect skin from what i see in the photo. But trying won't hurt, tell me what do you do to get skin that healthy?
  3. Last week I did this skin rehab where I steamed my face twice that week and exfoliated. I used the mask once a day and now I feel softer smoother skin. My acne scars faded and I had two blackheads on my cheek that i was able to extract easily without pain or hardship LOL So I guess once a day is fine...Try the recipe and tell me what you think and how it worked for you!
  4. Just a couple questions that I thought would be best answered in this forum. If anyone has info on learn how to make soap or any related info I would be very well pleased. Also I wanted to ask if anyone knows someone that sells soap as a business, I am guessing that these people would have the best info because they are actually in the hobby. My idea was actually to learn soap making because I am so into the home spa stuff. Also I want to know where I can buy affordable good ingredients and tools for soap making like glycerin and the molds. Any great websites that have recipes that make super soaps? Books? Thank you very much Miss Lovely
  5. Hi everyone! I was away for two months and never got to check back at the forums. It seems everyone loved the recipe. I wonder if I can find a recipe with less irritation to people and less stink with the same effect. Maybe lemon juice to substitute the ACV? I don't think honey will give the same effect as molasses. The girl that posted this recipe (where I got it from) said that it should be used for three consecutive days. But personally I do it every other day now for three days, and then I do the same next month. You are all welcome, and its great to hear that you got good results. Miss Lovely
  6. Hello If you know anyone that might be interested please let them know of this cream. I will be travelling this summer and don't wish to let all of the creams go rancid. Miss Lovely
  7. Hey everyone! Im selling hair creams in the for sale forum...I'd like u girls to look into them because my friend gave me this load, and i dont need most of it so before it goes rancid (in six months minimum) i'd like to sell it to anyone in need. Now, as someone that has tried it and is keeping up to weekly treatments of it; I saw a difference in the first time i tried it. My frizz was softer and it makes blow drying easier. Because I have really dry curly hair it usually breaks easily, but now I noticed that my hair doesnt break as it used to. And its not as dry! Please try it...its a really worthy cream that my friends room-mate makes from her expertise, its just that I have some that I don't use and I'm afraid will go bad before anyone had the chance to try it. If your interested you can go on ask about the product, or whatever you wish. Miss Lovely
  8. Hey I am not going to tell you that your husband will get used to it or he doesnt know what hes talking about, his taste may be different, but the truth is you look chic! Really fabulous. I am not saying this because im trying to cheer you up, im telling u because u asked and im really honest with u. U know before i saw the photo and u were sayin how ur husband hated it, i was expecting something that i might agree with your husband with, but it shocked me how beautiful the highlights are. i think there is no need to feel like crap, you look like a million bucks and can pass it on anyone with hair that looks that good. then again, maybe your husband was just shocked and started to tell you of things that he really didnt mean, ask for his honest opinion. and dont be affected if he insists that he doeasnt like it. just tell him to try to live with it! LOL Miss Lovely
  9. I seriously know what helps hair grow since my hair NEVER used to grow. First, I thought because I wanted my hair long I shouldn't cut it, that was fault #1... Trim every 1-3 months no matter what. Even if its just a centimetre. It helps the hair go a long way. #2 was my hair lacked moisture. I started to use this cream that one of my friends gave me that her room-mate makes. The stuff is really good. (I am selling several ones that my friend gave me that I don't need. You'll find that in a different forum.) After this cream, I noticed my hair was stronger and didn't fall or broken with ease as it used to. Because dry or damaged hair is really fragile so that affects its growth. And last but not least #3, genetics and medical health. If your mother had uncontrollable long hair and a head full of it, there is a chance that you'll inherit her strands, and if you find the opposite of your mothers head, then the opposite of the former can be true. Keep your health in check. There is no specific vitamin or food you can eat that will help your hair grow dramatically faster, but if you have an overall good health and stable condition, that can help your hair grow at its fastest. I hope my tips help. But I will remind whoever is trying to grow out their locks that you should never put the scissors away because you want to grow it out. Instead trim your hair. Because hair with split ends or damage will not grow. Miss Lovely
  10. I buy rosewater from the same place i buy my groceries. 4 dollars for a nice 250 ml, if not more! i also had the recipe but i lost it, cant find it, i do remember it saying never boil roses for more than one minutes the smell will be like burned leaves then and youll evaporate all of the good nutrients. and i boiled about a handful or two of dried rose leaves the other night, and i left it boiling for more than a minute, it smelt really good actually but its colour was like auburn, and its not suppose to be that colour i guess, because the ones i buy from the grocery store are clear like water. i wonder how u can make rosewater without it having even the slightest tint of colour. well hope that helps!
  11. Speaking of bar soap or any other liquid or cream soap for face, I stopped all of it and my skin was never so clear and clean. Just pure water, rosewater toner, and some moisturizer if i got on hand or for my naturally dry cheeks i use olive oil. I never used natural soap, but I am truly interested in the glycerine based soaps, because i buy pure glycerin from the drugstore and apply it directly on my face before bed. its really moisturizing, so it must be a great soap.
  12. I've never smelt such a great perfume, the one my older brother got me for celebration as a gift. So Pretty by Cartier.
  13. Sexy? I'm going to have to vote for Armani Black Code, Now thats hot stuff!

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