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  1. i re-grinded the foundation i made and added more kaolin, magnesium stearate and skin flow (rice powder subs.), some brown and red oxides...abd voila! it looks and work like a normal foundation already i think i got it in my shade coz i'm wearing it today. unlieke before it kinda look ashy white on me, i guess the grinding what really changes it. so grind, grind, grind! my poor grinder has a few cracks already *sniff*
  2. icecookies: tnx, tnx! i'm re-grinding my color blends now and adding a few tsp of brown oxides. hopefully, i'll get it right! ...i'm also glad that i have found people who are into making MMu as well, there;s not much recipes over the internet and sometimes i dont have the ingredients listed and wonders what can be substituted instead. i have also made a lot of MMU, but mostly blushes and i just give (some) them away, lolz. i purchase my mica's and other ingredients locally...from the person who taught me how to make MMU. i only purchase a few grams, like 50g max. for TItanium Dioxide and 10g-20g max for mica's....so i didnt bother buying online. regarding finishing powder, you mean to say i can use just the "satin white mica" alone? (i dont have sericite mica, but i susbtitute this for mica Y2300) or do i need to mix them with other ingredients to make it wearable? i'm wondering how to make those "powder erasers" from PureLuxe, i love those!! newyorlatin: u mean to say, mica's are better if not blended? i have blended them using my grinder when i made some eyeshadows. I use: 1tbsp of colored mica with 1/4 tsp of matte eyeshadow base and grind them. I only make few amounts. Havnt tried hand blending them in a baggie.
  3. newyorlatin: tnx! i didn't know that i have to blend them that looong. i use a small grinder that comes with the blender and i normally grind it for a minute or less since it looks like well blended already to my eye. i also do this on my blushes and they are ok...i guess, i have to re-blend my foundation when making color concentrates/blends for foundation this is what i use: 5g Reg. Titanium Dioxide 2g Yellow oxide 1/8 tsp red oxide 1/8 tsp black oxide 10g Mica y2300 (since i dont have boron nitrate or sericite mica) after blendng this for a minute, i put it in a ziplock bag. and i go make my untinted foundation base for heavy coverage. this is what i use: 3g mica y2300 4g micronized T. Dioxide 1g Mica spheres 1g zinc oxide 2g skin flow 1g magnesium stearate 6g satin white mica 1ml squalene blend after blending all of this for a minute. i mix 10g of the blended foundation and 2g of the color concentrates...depends though, it can go up to 3g if im not satisfied with the color. i guess, i have to re-blend the foundation i made and see if it would act as a normal foundation coz the last time i tested it, i look like a ghost, espicially my nose looks whitish. What about blushes girls, anybody has a formula? i dont have much micas so i cant apply some of the recipes posted on the previous pages. i have made around 10 shades of blushes and i still want more shades, lol....my shades are mostly pink, mauve, wine and peach. help me create new bluhes/eyeshadow shades pls, this is what i have at the moment....(making MMu is sooo relaxing and addicting, it's like ur baking a cake) * iron oxides: red, black, yellow, orange and brown * ultramarines: blue, green * FDC red40 and D&C21 * mica: pistachio, frosted grapes, brcik red, strawberry shortcake, watermelon, peach cobbler, vanilla pouncake, blueberry frosting, bronze, buttercream frosting
  4. wow icecookies..those are impressive!! i've been having a trouble making foundations myself coz they turn out to be too white altho it's yellowish. i would love to get some recipes so i can play with them. I have existing recipes from my MMU workshop before but i want more, maybe yours is much better =) so i end up doing a lot of MMU blushes instead since i love blushes coz u can wear any shades, unlike with foundations. do you use Magnesium stearate as well or skin flow? what i use in my MMU bases are Reg Titanium dioxide, micronized TD, magnesium stearate, skin flow, mica y2300, satin white mica, zinc oxide, kaolin clay..
  5. after attending a MMU workshop i tried to make my own foundations, blush, MV, eyeshadows, concealer..lolz! it's so addicting! like i'm baking or something...they're easy to make, it was cool, i use all of them altho my foundation shade is a bit weird, the color i did was more of like a mix of yellowish brown, lol...but it was ok when i try it on...i think, foundation is the hardest to make of all coz of the different skintones.
  6. i have 2 BE (both from the starter kit) and another one from EDM mini pots
  7. i'd love to learn how to make them. but im scared to put them on my face, if ever i would make one someday, haha
  8. yeah, i think you need a primer, too. try pureluxe's eraser powder or cream...i love them! they make my pores look smaller.

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