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    Hello!!!!!.........my name is Deirdre, but everyone calls me Dee!!!

    this is me [img]http://www.makeuptalk.com/forums/gallery/files/14900-deirdreinblue.jpg[/img]
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    Shopping!!!!!! My baby....Justine!!!
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    dental assistant II but now I am an Ambulance Communications Officer
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    rock 'n' roll,pop,classic rock....
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    I hate reading!!
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    estee lauder, anabelle,lise watier,revlon, almost anything!!......
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    thanks for visiting!!! [img]http://www.makeuptalk.com/forums/gallery/files/14900-kissylips.gif[/img]
  1. I like T.I.P.S from ask cosmetics...it's an oil...I find it much better than solar oil and it greatly improves your nails too. I also like Lush lemoney flutter cuticle cream. my nails and cuticles are crap and I have tried many many things and thought nothing is fantastic...these are the two things that I have found to help the most.
  2. crest whitening colgate gives me chapped lips
  3. I am an addict!! I have them in every pocket, every drawer, every purse....everywhere.....they often end up going through the wash...them and the tissues!!! I have no fav I buy them everytime I see something new!
  4. Rimmel eye makeup remover works for me...cheap at under $5 I tried the Neutrogena stuff but went back to Rimmel
  5. it drives me nuts when there is a disaster area in the background....either clean up or put up a sheet!!
  6. how about a gaming magazine subscription.....buy one for under the tree and the rest will arrive every month.....the gift that keeps on giving!
  7. Nice!!! makes picture taking fun again!! I got a new camera too ...cannon powershot s5 si....i think....I hated my old camera!
  8. thanks for the compliments....I am very proud!!! we did alot of the work ourselves.....I used my teeny tiny bar sink and the bbq during the reno.. my fridge was in my front hall and all the food and dishes were in boxes and I had a hot plate....by the end .....I was soooo ready to be done....but worth it now!! good thing summer wasn't all that great cause mine was kinda a write off!
  9. looks like you picked the best one!!!! do you bring a measuring tape to make sure it's not too tall!!
  10. i hate hate hate my skin....not even dark circles dark eye lids hyperpigmentation.....if i could wave a magic wand...perfect skin would be on the top of my list!
  11. So it's been forever since I was here.....I was busy with my kitchen reno for 5 months....I'm back and I am going to try to be an active member...I have missed everyones DTB's and FOTD and so on!!! so it's going to take me a while to catch up!!!! before ....tiny...you can reach aross the whole room....icky cabinets.... this is a view from the other end of the same level....behind that wall is the previous picture here the walls come down!! the new travertine floor!!! now the after.....2 window seats, granite counters, soft close drawers and doors...... I did all the layout, design and decor myself........we did alot of the work alongside a few trades people seating area ok last one.......I have so many to choose from........hope I didn't bore you!!!!!!
  12. in dental offices we spray a fine mist of powder directly into the mouth.....with a damn on....but it definitely gets inhaled!

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