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  1. Originally Posted by MorrisonsMaenad Michael use to be such a good looking guy back in the 80s, even w/that first nose job. I look at those vids and go "omg Michael was actually cute, he effed his face up so bad!" I wish that was the Michael we have now, but oh well...proves that too much plastic surgery can ruin you. Yup - on the Thriller cd videos he looks cute (the 1st nose job was more than enough) ! After that he went downhill
  2. I'd say that if Phillip Seymour Hoffman does the Penguin, it'll be AMAZING. He's totally kickass on the Impossible Mission 3 movie as the villain. I believe that with the right material he can kickass as well as Heath Ledger did with the Joker. Plus i think he's charming , LOL
  3. What i think about that: do as you like - if your kid has no problems with milk and he/she likes it, then there's no problem. I believe that milk, as any other food, can be good or bad - it shouldn't be used as the only source of fat and protein , but it's good as a complement. If your kid doesn't like it (i absolutely DESPISE milk , specially hot, the smell makes me gag - i drink milk only when mixed with coffee or chocolate), there's no such thing as an 'health issue' on not drinking it - there's plenty of other choices and sources of vitamin d (cheese, fish) and calcium.
  4. Originally Posted by Andi lol yeah it could be worse, all the subjects in this exam could be surgery-related (just teasing ya hehe, I know that´s what you wanna do). But thank god it´s internal medicine (again, for like the 100th time lol), surgery, and traumatology/ICU I like surgery, but not too much about studying that all the time (i hate hernias, LOL). I'm thinking on becoming a pediatric surgeon. On my case , the worst scenario of subjects would be: Cardiology, Nephrology and Rheumatology. These are my most hated subjects evah ETA: i had more classes about gastric cancer and colon cancer than any other subject on med school. And i still don't know the TNM of them.
  5. Hey everyone! It's been a while since the last time i posted! Anyways, i'd like some suggestions of jewelry websites, where i can see many rings and many different ones. Why? Here in Brazil, when we graduate from University it's traditional to be given a ring on the ceremony of graduation. So me and my sister will graduate on med school next year, and we need a ring. Since i'm planning to take the model of the ring to a local jeweler (i already have the stones - emeralds) , you can put the most expensive stores you might want or not, i just need a lot of options. Also, on the same subject, it's funny because every career has its traditional stone: Medicine (and Health professionals) is emerald, Law is ruby, and Engineering is sapphire. And there's many others that i don't remember right now.
  6. Originally Posted by kdmakeuparts Ya, must be something because Cougar is driving me crazy!!!! He'll be 3 in August. He refuses to sit on the potty, he will hold it for hours. And last week he asked to take a nap at 11 am, which he doesn't usually take one until around 2pm. Anyway I put a pull-up on him and layed him down. My daughter was sleeping so I thought GREAT!!! A few minutes later he opens his door, and says Mommy I'm stinky! He held it, then asked to go to bed cause he knew I'd put a diaper on him!!!!! He still tries to do it and now I have caught on and put him on the potty. Sneaky little smarty, or should I say stinky pants! Audrey is my little ray of light. I look forward to alone time with her everyday. Her birthday party went well and I can't believe she is already 1! She had really bad tummy trouble so I had to stop breastfeeding when she was like 3 months, anyway she is off formula now and on whole milk and solids. Yay for my bank account! Hope evryone's little ones are happy and healthy! I'd say to watch your son's habit of pooping because holding the poop might lead to chronic constipation on the future (i don't know about your kid, it sounds like he just doesn't want to go to the potty, or wants to be treated like a smaller kid, but it can lead to a vicious cycle - the kid holds the poop, it gets dry and when he/she poops , it hurts. Next time , when he/she wants to poop, he/she'll remind the pain, will hold, and it'll hurt even more, and again and again.)
  7. It could be worse, remember... LOL. I know it's not a lot of help, but be strong.
  8. I believe that sunglasses (and reg ones) are the kind of thing that you MUST try on in your face in order to see if it'll work or not.
  9. Let's see... Your First Name of: Lia Your full name creates the overall conditions in your life. It is a very important factor. Click here for a report on the impact your first and last names combined have on your life. You will be amazed at the accuracy of this report! * Although the name Lia creates the urge to be creative and original, we emphasize that it limits your versatility and scope, tuning you to technical details. Not sure * This name, when combined with the last name, can frustrate happiness, contentment, and success, as well as cause health weaknesses and accidents to the head, and the elimination system. Meh * Your first name of Lia has made you a hard worker with a meticulous sense of detail. Yep! Specially when it's something i like * You have a great deal of patience and independence, and you can be relied upon to complete your undertakings. Most of the time , yes. Although i'm quite forgetful * You could be inventive along scientific or practical lines. Yep! I'm not a really creative person, but when i need to solve an specific problem i think outside the box * You are stable, trustworthy, homeloving, and logical in practical matters, but rather unresponsive to suggestions from others. Totally. I can be really stubborn when i want to or when i truly believe that my way is correct.
  10. Hey! Popping around to say hi to y'all
  11. Capricorn Strength Keywords: responsible patient ambitious resourceful loyal Capricorn Weakness Keywords: dictatorial inhibited conceited distrusting unimaginative Oh yeah, it is really like me. Even the conceited part - i can be a bit conceited , when talking about the things i know WELL . Yeah, if i don't think i'm good , who will? LOL. And dictatorial only sometimes, LOL I'm not very disciplinated, though. Only when i really want something And look how cute that is: BF is a Virgo, and i'm a Capricorn. Read both descriptions: What it's like to date a Virgo Man: The Virgo man has a cool exterior with a sensitive interior. He has tremendous respect for a woman and will treat her like and equal. He likes woman who stir his emotions because he is reluctant to express his own emotions, which he tries and this often causes conflict not just inside himself, but it spills out into the relationship. This man takes patience and understanding. He will not get extremely close so do not try to enter his psyche and become closely entangled, this will make him feel threatened. He needs a classy woman who is not impulsive or unconventional. He leads a predictable life and a predictable woman will make him feel safe. He is perfect for the down to earth, conventional woman. He won't be romantic and sweep you off your feet, but he will be by your side and be very loyal. This man's sensuality comes out with time. For the woman who wants a stable, solid relationship with a visible, smooth sailing future is perfect for the Virgo man. What it's Like to Date a Capricorn Woman: Deep inside, she is romantic and loving but it takes the right man to expose this. On the outside, she may seem like she does not care much for love. The Capricorn woman is perfect for the man who likes a challenge. It will take time to get closer to her, never make her rush into a relationship. Be patient because she is. Capricorn woman is very classy, upscale woman. You have to woo her and court her like a lady. Shower her with nice gifts (but not too expensive, she is a very conservative spender and expects you to be also). She will dominate and control the relationship but in her intriguing subtle way, let her take the lead, she won't steer you wrong! She will lead the relationship in the right direction because she is smart and practical. She will offer you a long lasting, real, loyal relationship with all the right ingredients for happiness. See, we were really made for each other, LOL. I'm really boring
  12. Well, let's see: I can talk a lot if i know the person. I'm the kind of people who babbles a lot and gives lots of details when telling a story. I know a lot about useless culture. I know tons of random facts . I knit and crochet, both things that are pretty rare among people of my age, specially here. I'm short
  13. Probably you need to eat cereals with fiber. Fruit Loops and etc are just sugar + refined carbs. They make your sugar go quickly up and then down, and are digested fast, so you will feel hungry shortly after. ETA: you can eat some protein as well - eggs, milk, cheese.
  14. Originally Posted by reesesilverstar Some of us have some really pretty names. I'm still laughing (no idea why) that Lia's name could mean "weary ruler" Makes a lot of sense actually Now that i discovered what weary means, it's a fun thing.
  15. Ooh it's been a while since the last time i saw Carissa pics! She looks adorable with long hair!

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