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  1. Thanks Kristin, I just bought one! It is a really good box.
  2. I give up, I got them in my cart but it won't let me check out. So much aggravation for nothing, I should just go to bed.
  3. Memebox has really spoiled other sub boxes for me. I originally tried a couple boxes just as fillers for the barren periods between other boxes I subscribed to, not really expecting to like them, but I was hooked after seeing how much value there was for such a low price. I ended up cancelling most of my other subs.
  4. I have to agree with you on both points. Since I discovered Memebox in late July I've purchased at least 60 boxes (maybe more, I don't really keep track) and only two have been complete disappointments. Based on what I pay for skincare I feel I'm still way ahead even if I only like and use one or two of the products, and most boxes have had at least three. I'm also very paranoid about facebook, but for a different reason. I was stalked by an ex for 20 years now, although the intensity has gone down dramatically in the past 5 years I'm still afraid of doing anything to reignite it.
  5. The Garden box looks interesting, but I don't really want either of the other two, and I'm only ordering express shipping for the winter months. I have to think about these awhile yet.
  6. Oh man, this forum is such a bad influence on me! Even though I'm nearly drowning in Korean cosmetics I just had (?) to order the Blithe Green Tea and Citrus. I'm sitting here with a homemade Blithe berry sheet mask on my face; I've been dying to try the others, but I wasn't willing to pay $38 for them, so seriously thanks for the heads-up on Jolse.
  7. I hope they're as awesome as they look, 'cause I bought all three.
  8. Please share the response you get from them, I'm wondering why mine haven't shipped either.
  9. I'd buy it in a heartbeat if I thought there was a possibility of skincare with those fragrances/ingredients, but I've been burned too many times with weird makeup to chance it.
  10. Ugh! I'd really like these boxes if they were all skincare items, but from the descriptions I'm Ithinking they may be makeup heavy. I don't wear much makeup, but I'm really picky about the colors and brands, I want to pick out my own. I think I'm going to skip these.
  11. Wishtrend has them, I'd post a link if I could figure out how to do it. I'm old and lacking in computer skills.
  12. I was going to cancel HH after seeing the spoilers, but then I realized my daughter-in- law would really like those items, so I kept it for her. I
  13. I think I'm suffering from Meme overload, nothing is saying "buy me" since the From Jeju box. I bought my first box in July and already received 12 of them, 5 more intransit, and 25 releasing through Oct. I've also been buying a lot of individual products to try from Beautynetkorea and Yesstyle, so I think it's going to take some really great boxes or codes to entice me.
  14. The spa box sounds interesting, but the other two not so much. Maybe I'll get the spa box later on if it gets bundled with another that I might like, but the shipping time has really turned me away from single box purchases.
  15. Whew, my bank account is safe for now! I'm not interested in either box.
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