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  1. I have very dry lips and desperately need lip moisture but hate the feel of gloss or chapstick. So one day i decided to dip a q-tip in of those little sample bottles of Clinique yellow moistururizer that comes with the GWPs and and brush it in my lips. I've been doing that everyday for a few months now and the moisture lasts the whole day. The moisture really sinks into my lips. IO cannot use DDM on my face (as it's meant to be used) because it's too heavy/rich for my acne prone skin but it's my holy grail lip moisturizer now!
  2. Sephora: Tarte 4 Day Stay Lash Stain: Mascara 4 Day Stay Lash Stain What it is: A stain that keeps lashes looking naturally full for four days without reapplying. What it does: Tarte 4 Day Stay Lash Stain is a revolutionary product that envelops lashes in long-lasting pigment while keeping them soft and flexible. It's formulated with PolyFlexâ„¢ technology: Cross-polymers are blended with mineral pigments and then treated with ProVitamin B5 to create a binding tint. So whether you're hitting the pool or hitting the shower this gentle lash stain will keep lashes looking fresh, and won't fade or flake. What else you need to know: Lash Stain contains a special blend of Tarte's skinvigoratingâ„¢ ingredients: -Water: Pure water delivers and retains moisture. -ProVitamin B5: A vitamin B derivative that treats and thickens hair. -Mineral pigments: Color derived from natural minerals have been know to protect against harmful UVA/ UVB rays while soothing and softening the skin. -PolyFlexâ„¢ technology: For easy application. It's synthetic dye-, mineral oil-, petro-chemical-, phthalate-, sulfate-, and fragrance-free.
  3. i think about 7. A couple of them are just sample sizes though. A couple of them are pretty useless too because i can't quite "work them" with my skintone. I usually just reach for the same one or two anyway
  4. Originally Posted by Jennifer they have it at my location at 67th and 3rd. it's on the shelf all the way at the top. if it's not there for whatever reason, just ask. it should be in the drawer. it's very pretty! cool thanks. I am going to a job fair near there on Thursday and will stop by.
  5. Sephora: DKNY Delicious Night Lip/Cheek Stain: Lip Stain I've been very curious about this but i can't find it at stores, just on the website. It sounds unique and very pretty. I love the fragrance, lol, so i'm intrigued for sure. I'm posting this in hopes that anyone that has tried it will post about it.
  6. this happens with my Full N Soft because of the big brush. I once read somebody put a tab of scotch tape of her lids when applying and then removed. I just use a q-tip to wipe as best as i can.
  7. Revlon Colorstay. I will never change!
  8. i think it's best to try a Mineral makeup with a high zinc content. Zinc has properties that are good for acne prone skin. It's calms my skin down whenever i'm breaking out.
  9. Originally Posted by CoverGirl ^ Really? I wonder if that could be the answer to my problem! I've never tried one b/c I thought they would just weigh my lashes down & damage them even more. Can anyone recommend a good lash primer for me? Thanks in advance! I would recommend Missha's base mascara. It's a Korean brand and they have some stores in New York. It's 4.99 and awesome. Clinique has a new one out that i've heard is quite good but i haven't tried it yet
  10. in CArgo's defense, I have a friend that has the set and she looks like a star because of it and i'm glad it's just 60 bucks because she's working on min wage, LOL
  11. i would definitely suggest getting a conditioning/strengthening primer. I have the same problem when i don't use one.
  12. am i the only one that doesn't understand how they "work"? I mean i walk heel first when i walk. I've been confused ever since i saw these in allure mag.

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