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  1. I ordered this stuff on line along with the Camellia oil as well. I tried it last night for the first time, but the scrub made my face red a little and the oil almost made my pores look bigger...is this normal for my face to get used to it? Or maybe this product doesn't work for me. Anyone else have this reaction? I know its not going to happen overnight, I just thought my face would feel better right away...
  2. Not too much online, I can't commit to one size and I like to try stuff on. If I do, I really like shopbop, zappos, and ebay. Fave stores are Express Cohoes (sort of like Filenes Basement but nicer stuff) H and M Gap Macy's TJ Maxx and Marshalls are good standbys Lately too I find cute stuff at Target, now that they carry designer duds, and they are cheap!
  3. Thank you... I know the tanning is horrible. She just doesn't get it though. She has that "im young and invincible" attitude towards it. I can't say much, I used to do it too when I was younger (only for proms and weddings though) now you wouldn't find me near a tanning booth. The kicker is she is beautiful. Such a pretty girl, doesn't need the tan at all. I'll suggest she try Neutrogena or maybe Olay.
  4. My sister is 21 years old and has very very very dry skin. She was lucky as teen b/c she never got zits (definately not like me!), but now as she gets older you can really see the lines starting. She has crows feet and goes tanning, no matter how much my mother and I ask her not too. Sometimes she looks older than me in that respect and Im pushing 30. Im trying to find a good skin care regimen for her (along with drinking water and STOPPING tanning) and was wondering if anyone has any suggestions about cleansers, face creams, and/or night treatments. She is in college, so the less expensive the better!
  5. lee123

    Designer Jeans

    thanks...thats good to know. I think i'll try a few brands and see what fits best. Maybe citizens or Joe's?
  6. This weekend Im splurging on a good pair of designer jeans. I want comfort and a great fit. I am about 5' 3" and wear a size 4 (ish). I always need "short or ankle length". I dont mind getting them altered but If I dont have to that'd be even better. Im also pretty curvy. What are some good brands to try out? Citizens, seven by mankind???
  7. My salon just started carrying Bed Head products and my stylists (hair dresser) is trying to get me to buy some. Anyone use this? Good stories? I know its been around for a while, just curious what people think.
  8. try olay 7 signs of aging complex..it goes on light but keeps the moisture all day.
  9. sunscreen and a bottle of shampoo plus conditioner (can use the sunscreen on my lips along with the aloe that I find there )
  10. Nutrition for women Vanilla oatmeal 2 pieces of Honey dew melon (small strips of it) Medium sized banana Special K Blueberry cereal bar Im a big believer of eating a lot of small meals throughout the day. This was from 8 AM to Noon. Now I will spend my lunch hour walking 2 miles on the treadmill upstairs in my office. Im trying to lose about 5-10 lbs though.
  11. Hmmm... Physicians Formula Bronzer Pallet -- Does't cause breakouts and gives the illusion of a "tan" in the middle of winter. Maybeline Great Lash Mascara - Supposedly favorite of celeb make up artists. Clinique eye shadow combination - Very gentle around the eyes and color stays Clinique eye liner duo with eye shadow smudger -- The smudger is awesome.
  12. Hey, I can be a really jealous person too. My boyfriend and I have been together almsot 2 years, live together, and talk marriage all the time. I still have my times though. Sometimes I feel like I just can't help it. He's very social and outgoing and knows so many people when we go out, I get jeolous sometimes when girls talk to him b/c I dont know their history. . I moved to a different city to be with him (not too far but far enough I didn't have my own friends there). It drove him crazy and I had to get over it. The longer we are together, the easier it gets. Sometimes my little brain goes crazy and I have to talk myself out of thinking bad thoughts or conjuring up situations. Usually re-focusing works for me. Go with him to the club, look your hottest and be thankful that he's with you. Try to take it as a compliment
  13. I swear by Curel and actually just posted that in another thread. Its a great moisterizer, non greasy, doesn't clog pores , and has a very light fragrance. Safe enough for your face. In the winter time, when my skin gets super dry, I live in Boston and we get some cold winters, I use Soy Body Butter from the Body Shop. They discontinued the line, but I ordered a few tubs of it on ebay and will probobly order a few more. There is a woman in Canada who sells them. I just put it where im the dryest, mainly my legs and arms while still a little wet from the shower. I dont use it on my back b/c I dont want to break out. Good Luck!
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