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    My name is Mirinda from England. I'm 22 years old and I was a bored desperate newlywed housewife. I'm originally from America (Texas) but I met a guy on the net which is now my hubby and now I'm living permanently in the UK. (Will become a British citizen soon) :-D Its abit hard getting used to things and being in a different country, but with the help of my wonderful hubby I'm more at ease now and life in UK with be easier.
    I love being on the net and going to a million MU sites and celebrity sites. Love to hear the latest celebrity gossip, whos hot, whos anorexic and who wore the worst dress to a premier. Typical girly stuff. :-)
  • My Interests
    I'm on Ebay every single day for hours at a time just buying makeup and beauty products. I love watching TV and eating junk food! Quite boring hu? :-D
  • My Occupation
    Desperate Housewive
  • My Beauty Product Wish List
    There are so many stuff I wanna buy, I'll have to come back and make a list. :-D
  • Country
  • Car I Drive
    My 2 legs! Mercedes and Lexus! :-D
  • My Favorite Movies
    Hummmm, dont know. So many:
    The Notebook
    Garden State
    Saw 2
  • Favorite Music
    James Blunt The Killers
    Coldplay Kaiser Chiefs
    U2 The Killers
    System o
  • Favorite Books
    Shopaholic Series
  • My Favorite Makeup Brands
  • One Interesting Fact About Me
    I met my husband on October 9th 2002 and we married October 9th 2004. :-D
  1. FrillyChimps47

    Macgoddess, is your inbox full?

    Full inbox???
  2. Full? Inbox? Yes? No?
  3. FrillyChimps47

    Macgoddess, is your inbox full?

    I've PMd you, but it might be full. :whistling:
  4. FrillyChimps47

    What does your MU drawer look like?

    Thats alot of stuff. lol. Alot more than mine. lol.
  5. FrillyChimps47

    What brushes would you use for this look?

    Not sure.
  6. FrillyChimps47

    Woman fined for applying make-up while driving!

    I heard of that today in the news. Me and my hubby thought it was hilarious. lol. Women!
  7. FrillyChimps47

    Brush for cream blushes!

    I've barely started using cream blush put I only use my fingers to apply.
  8. FrillyChimps47

    Allure magazine... the irony!

    Some give good advice and some dont.
  9. FrillyChimps47

    Anyone Tried the new Smashbox Photo Finish Lipsticks?

    Anyone tried ANY Smashbox lippys? Common ladys. lol.
  10. Been comtemplating getting my first MAC foundation, which one do I get and are they really good quality?
  11. FrillyChimps47

    If you gained invisibility powers, whats the 1st thing you'd do?

    No one wishes invisibility powers?
  12. I'll probably go into a department store and steal all the makeup. lol. Frillylooter. lol.
  13. I've been on the Smashbox site and they have a new line of Photo Finish Lipsticks. Has anyone tried them? Anyone tried regular Smashbox lippys? :heart:
  14. FrillyChimps47

    Ok, let's be honest... who smokes in here?

    Hi Tony, I've been PMing you for the past 3-4 hours about 3 times. Are you getting my messages? I dont know.
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