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  1. Yeah, my skin loves grapeseed oil, both as a cleanser and as a moisturizer. I throw it into everything I can think of. But how interesting that coconut oil works for your face! I can get away with it on my body, but my face has no tolerance for it. That's the nice thing about oil, there's one for everybody.
  2. The beauty of OCM is that it's infinitely variable to suit different skin types. I would say, start out simple with castor oil and a carrier oil that suits your skin type. The first couple of weeks, your job is to figure out what ratio of castor to carrier oil is best for your skin. After that, add other oils that you think might be beneficial in other ways than just cleansing. I started out with a mix of castor, almond, and tea tree oil and found that the castor oil was too thick no matter how much (or little) I used, so I got rid of it altogether. I'm also quite a minimalist when it comes to skin care, so keeping up with complicated mixtures got old quickly. Now I just use grapeseed oil by itself and it's perfect (I used to have combination/dry acne-prone skin that congested easily, that has since normalized). I do wear sunscreen, foundation and powder every day, so I know it works. Experimentation is key, nothing is set in stone. As for how many times you should cleanse with OCM, once at night should be enough. Be thorough when you steam and wipe off with whatever cloth you choose. I prefer small terry washcloths - I have enough to use a fresh one every night, and they all get washed on laundry day with baking soda. I personally don't steam anymore. When I used castor oil, steaming was necessary because it's quite thick and doesn't wipe off easily. With grapeseed oil I just need to wipe with a warm washcloth and be done. The amount of oil you use will be up to you and how much you are happy with. I'm quite generous with grapeseed oil (a little more than a teaspoon), but only because I like how it feels, not necessarily because it's more effective. Again, experimentation is key. I would also warn against making large batches, since oils can go rancid and different oils have different lifespans. I wouldn't make more than 2-3 oz at a time and make sure to store the mixture as well as the individual ingredients in a cool, dark place. Making small batches also allows you to experiment with each batch until you get it right. I know I love OCM and it's changed my skin in all the ways I hoped conventional skincare would, but it took some experimentation and practical decision making to get to where I was most happy with it. Hope it works out for you!
  3. I've found that keeping it simple has really saved my bacon this winter. A.M.: Simple splash of cold(ish) water to wake me up Acne.org moisturizer Oil of Olay sunscreen for sensitive skin makeup P.M.: OCM (grapeseed oil, that's it) wiped off with a hot, damp towel (no extra steaming unless I feel like it) Mario Badescu glycolic acid toner to bring my pH level back down Acne.org moisturizer Roc night cream on my orbital bone and nasolabial folds (looking for an alternative retinol though) Body: Shea Moisture Olive & Green Tea body wash DIY grapeseed oil and brown sugar scrub (once a week) DIY whipped coconut oil and shea butter (best after a shower)
  4. I love using brown sugar with almond or grapeseed oil in the shower as a body scrub. So good. I only use it occasionally on my face because it feels a bit harsh, but dissolving it slightly with a little bit of water before mixing it with oil is lovely.
  5. Hadn't thought of that...and I'm usually such a stickler for sunscreen. Have you tried those mineral powder sunscreens by Colorscience or Peter Thomas Roth? Two products, when the point of a TM is to consolidate into one, but short of flawless skin, I'm running out of ideas for myself. I've been thinking about adding a matte-finish mineral powder foundation to my sunscreen, but ugh, you know? Haha.
  6. I'm looking for one as well, and I have the same kind of combination skin - normal cheeks, super oily t-zone. I just bought Studio Gear's TM which has kaolin in it, obviously meant to absorb oil...Going to give it a test-drive for a week, see how it holds up against my nose and forehead. So far, the coverage is nice for a TM, evens my skin out, and it feels very light and fluid going on. And even with the kaolin, it manages to not look matte, but gives a nice natural finish.
  7. I like the idea of having a signature scent, but I'm too fickle to have one. I always come across new fabulous perfumes I want, so whenever I think I've found THE ONE, I'm foiled a few months later. There are a few I keep going back to: Indian Gardenia by The Body Shop, Tobacco Caramel by Fresh (used to be Tobacco Flower, and it's a men's cologne...), and L'Eau d'Issey by Issey Miyake.
  8. Orlando's hair looks photoshopped, and Beyonce's hair is a wig for her role as Etta James... I find Britney's hair the most heinous.
  9. I can't make myself drink the prescribed 6-8 glasses of water a day either. Not plain water anyway. So I mix it up. A glass of water with my multi-vitamin and supplements in the morning. Big cups of tea (LOVE Republic of Tea, my favorites are 'Get Gorgeous' and 'Get Happy' from their 'Be Well Red Tea' series) throughout the day, and I carry a 1 L (33oz) Sigg bottle of water along with packets of Emergen-C to liven it up. I think Emergen-C is a great alternative to those Crystal Light flavor packets. They only contain 5g of sugar, about 20 calories, a ton of vitamins. So really, kind of superior to Crystal Light that's got aspartame and not much else going for it. Lol, I'm really passionate about Emergen-C!
  10. Ok, so I've been using the B3 with water for the past week and a half, and am seeing some results. I tend to over-scrutinize and see results when they aren't there, specially when I'm excited about a product. But my mom, brother, and aunt all independently commented on how my face looks brighter, and that my awful hyperpigmented scars (seriously, my forehead is RIDDLED with them...) aren't as dark. I've been using it every day, in the evening after I've washed my face and let it sit for a half hour. My only iffy with it is that it's kind of uncomfortable. It's not like an aspirin mask where it just dries to a powder on your face and starts to flake off (if it's just mixed with water). The niacinamide dries lightning fast and becomes tight. Not to where it hurts, but kind of as if your face is parched. But when I wash it off, my skin doesn't feel dry at all. I have pictures sitting in my camera, but I can't find my USB cable or the card reader. Blah. As soon as I find either of them, I'll put some before and afters up.
  11. I dunno. She usually gets her makeup right, so I don't know what this is about. It's really making me not like the new hair. Plus, the contrast is making her forehead look much larger than it is.
  12. Lol, she writes about a bottle of foundation as if it's personally offended her in some way. I'm more of a naturalista these days, so I'm doing the mineral makeup thing right now. But I used to love Revlon ColorStay, and it was the only foundation that had my shade down pat. No mixing of two different colors required. I'm thinking about buying another bottle, because it's getting warmer and mineral makeup just doesn't hold up in sweltering heat. Just make sure to get a nice deep cleanser as well.
  13. I think you're talking about that Susan Lucci microdermabrasion cream that you use with a tool that has a sponge, right? I bought that garbage off of an infomercial a long time ago. The microdermabrasion cream is heavily scented, and the "crystals" they keep talking about are very gritty and rough. The sponge doesn't do anything except vibrate, but they made it sound like it actually rotated or something. I also had to use a cleanser to wash off the cream because it left a gross film behind. DON'T BUY IT!
  14. I've been using Camellia Rose's V 2.0 Skin Smoothing Primer for the past month. They make it when you place the order, so you always get a fresh batch. It has camellia oil, and a couple of other good-for-you ingredients, so it's lightly moisturizing. Something I need living in the desert. You can get it here: Skin Smoothing Primer.
  15. I can't pull off blunt bangs like Katie or anything that has a lot of volume on the sides like Kylie, because of my round face. But I'm totally chopping my hair off soon. I'm in love with short hair! The only reason it ever gets long is out of sheer laziness. o.O This is what I'm going for, but with longer layers instead of the sideswept bangs: Ideally, I'd LOVE to be able to pull off something like the below, a sort of rocked out English schoolboy style, lol. But I just don't have the sort of features that would be done justice with this style. I'd look like a boy, and not in a sexy androgynous way.
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