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  1. I am planning to wear this dress for my office holiday party. It's a very simple lace dress. Since it's so simple, I need to accessorize it well. I was planning to wear it with the same heels thats in the photo, probably with sheer lacy stockings. Any suggesstions on what I can wear in terms of jewellery, etc? Does anyone think this dress is too simple for a holiday party?
  2. I like all types of earrings. But for daily use I tend to pick studs. I also like small, elegant pieces of dangly ones. I somehow can't ever wear hoops! I've always admired girls who pull it off so well, but somehow it looks really wierd on me!
  3. I appreciate all your responses. I feel like you all understand what I'm going through. I haven't talked to him at all for the last 4 days. It's obvious to him that I'm giving him the silent treatment because of the comments he made. He kept asking if everything is ok, why I'm being so quiet. I just give him quick one word answers and get back to staring at my computer screen or quickly put the earphones in my ear to pretend like i'm listening to music...or worst case, i just get up and start walking to another team member's desk, pretending to ask them a question. He has been observing me doing this for the last few days, but hasn't confronted me about it. I feel like telling him in his face that he has been inappropriate and that is what is causing me to behave like this, but I don't dare to....I know, I'm so vulnerable I can't even defend myself. But these last few days have been really bad for me at work. I didn't feel comfortable sitting there, I wasn't able to focus on my work, it affected my productivity. I was even afraid to turn my head around since I didn't even want to see the sight of him. I thought I'll take this long weekend break and see if I feel better. If I still continue to feel uncomfortable sitting next to him on Tuesday, I will talk to my manager about moving desks.
  4. um....i'm probably missing something here...what's wrong with having lipgloss and eyeshadow in the same palette? sorry for my ignorance.
  5. A new guy joined my company about 3 months ago. And we sit next to each other. We both work on computers all day. I hardly know him, but we chat for like 5-10mins each day, just talking about random stuff like weekend plans and the weather and stuff. One monday, he told me "I've been happily married for 15 years, I love my wife, but I couldn't stop thinking about you this whole weekend". I didn't know how to react because I was totally shocked! It's been years since anyone has flirted with me like this since I got married. But he knew he was wrong. He knew that he was being inappropriate at the workplace. But he didn't stop. He kept telling stuff like this for the next 2 weeks. He would write little notes and pass to me that said "I missed you very much yesterday"...more than anything, i was shocked that this guy was behaving like he was in high school! And it is not in my nature to tell someone to shut up. I just tried putting up with it, although my actions were showing him that what he was doing was wrong. One say I couldn't take anymore and just stopped talking to him. He could sense that it was because of this issue. It's been a few days since I stopped talking to him. Now he doesn't bother me with such nonsense anymore. But I feel VERY uncomfortable sitting there all day next to him. I don't know if I should just put up with it for a while and hopefully things will get normal between us, or should I talk to my manager to at least get my desk changed so that I don't have to sit silently next to this guy? I would still have to maintain a professional attitude with this guy since the nature of my job involves working with him sometimes. I work with a lot of men. A lot of men flirt, but in a more humorous kind of way, nothing that is serious. But this guy is just too creepy, and I hardly even know him! How should I handle this?
  6. I would love to know about any recommendations to tinted moisturizers too. I've never used any, but I thought summer would be a good time to give a break to liquid foundation and use something light on my skin. I tried Benefit's Rebel at Sephora...I thought it was a bit oily looking. I've heard raves about Laura Mercier, but it's quite pricey...especially if I end up not liking it! When you use tinted moisturizer, does it mean that you don't need any other moisturizer? What about SPF? And do you need to apply anything on top of the moisturizer like a loose/pressed powder to set it?
  7. I have heard this many times from friends and family over the years, but how true is it? Is it true that if we keep using the same skincare products over the years, it will stop working/ become less effective because the skin gets used to the products? So it is advisable to keep changing the products every few years. It seems to be a little true in my case. I had perfect skin till I was about 24, at which point my face broke out like there was no end to it. I was told it was adult acne, Retin A Micro cleared up my skin. And I had a complete change in my entire skincare products used (from Biore to Neutrogena and Cetaphil). I changed everything and it went great for the next 4 years. And now after 4 years, it seems like my skincare products are not working for me anymore. I'm back on Retin A Micro for my new set of adult acne. I am looking to see if I need another complete change in my skincare products. When I say a product is not working anymore, I mean that my moisturiser is not moisturizing my skin as well as it used to, my acne gel is not doing anything at all to my acne, etc. I feel that this could be due to the changes in my skin due to aging...
  8. I get a few pimples on my cheeks around "that time of the month", which usually go off by themselves in a couple of days. But this time round, they are huge red pimples covering my entire right cheek and they've been there for a week already! Is there anything I can use to prevent/treat these? Do usual acne treatments with salicylic work for these?
  9. I have medium length hair and I suck at styling it. I usually just wear it down, and try to straighten it every other day or so. I have to go to my company's holiday party tonight and my hair looks bad! I want to do something nice to it,but I don't know what to do! Should I go to a hair salon to do it? What do I ask them? I'd like either waves like this aishwarya rai hairstyle picture or an updo like this Aishwarya Rai with Elegant Updo Hairstyle there is no way i can do any of this myself. where should i go? what should i do? any suggestions??

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