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    I'm 35 years old, Dh is 31 & my ds is 3 years old. I'm an Aries, dh a Libra and ds a Leo. I have a long hair Chihuahua named Scooter.
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    Ford Escape Midnight Edition
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    The Notebook & Titanic are the two that comes to mind right off.
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    Prescriptives, Bobbi Brown & Nars.
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    I was picked to be in a Bud (beer) Commercial.
  1. luvmylittleboy

    Disney World ?

    Wow...thanks a bunch - how much does stroller rental cost? I haven't even thought of that - he will not ride in a stroller at home anymore - says he is to big - lol. But, I bet he will want one there. Lol - Manda
  2. luvmylittleboy

    Disney World ?

    We are going to plan a trip to Walt Disney World for 7 days and 6 nights, for November & stay at the Fort Wilderness Cabins, can anyone tell me anything about the weather in Nov. or the Cabins? We will also be flying down. We are looking at the "Magic your way package w/dining added", Disney pick/drop off up at Airport & The Hopper Pass. Any tips, suggestions or ideas would be great - esp. traveling w/a 4 year. Thanks a bunch.....
  3. luvmylittleboy

    Happy Birthday Shonda (luvmylittleboy)!!!

    Thanks again!!! ;-)
  4. luvmylittleboy

    Happy Birthday Shonda (luvmylittleboy)!!!

    awwwww....thanks everyone {{{hugs}}}
  5. luvmylittleboy

    Maybelline Age Rewind Foundation

    This one is a pump bottle.
  6. luvmylittleboy

    Happy April 7th Birthdays!!!

    I'm not on the list, but, its my birthday today also :-)
  7. luvmylittleboy

    Maybelline Age Rewind Foundation

    yep...the bottle look like a liquid, but, says cream.
  8. luvmylittleboy

    Laura Mercier Mineral - anyone tried this....

    Well...I have to post that my skin did not like this, and to be fair, doesn't like any MMU. I'm going back to regular foundation. Its been an adventure thats for sure - lol.
  9. luvmylittleboy

    Maybelline Age Rewind Foundation

    Okay...after many tries w/MMU I have come to the conclusion, or shall I say, my face has come to the conclusion that it hates them all. I'm finally getting my skin back to normal after a really bad flare up. My skin is just way to sensitive/reactive/dry to go this route. Anyway...I'm now looking for a cream foundation - I have read great reviews on this one and was wondering if anyone could share their thoughts. Thanks.....
  10. luvmylittleboy

    Laura Mercier Mineral - anyone tried this....

    I went ahead and picked it up to try. Its getting great reviews - I will post & let you all know the results - lol. ;-)
  11. luvmylittleboy

    Laura Mercier Mineral - anyone tried this....

    Yep...just came out - here is the link: Sephora: Laura Mercier Mineral Powder SPF 15: Powder Foundation
  12. Thinking about getting it today, just wondering if there are any rants/raves on it - thanks!!! ;-)
  13. luvmylittleboy

    Solia Flat Iron ?

    Well...I contacted cs at Folica and they said there is a problem w/the pink one. They are going to resend the blue one to me. Just a FYI to anyone who orders...get the blue one.
  14. luvmylittleboy

    Solia Flat Iron ?

    I just bought this (the pink one) and noticed that the plates don't line up flat - is this normal for this flat iron - I also have the CHI and the plates on it lay flat together. I wanted a flat iron w/adj. temp. control and one that doesn't give super stick straight hair (I still like volume), so the Solia sounded perfect, but, I don't want one that is messed up. Any insight would be great....Thanks
  15. luvmylittleboy

    I Am in Love With Bare Escentuals

    I also have really dry, sensitive skin and this one has been the best (and I have tried allot of them - lol).
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