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  1. I got mine at ulta. I got the mini kit that contained all the colors for $9. Small bottles but at least it's all of the colors in that finish. i also had coupon so it was was a little cheaper
  2. i have only subbed to BB and MyGlam, so total since I started is almost $300. Looking at the total price and then the drawer where I keep my samples I don't use - makes me cringe a little. For the samples I have used and liked, they sure weren't $300 worth. I've been thinking about cancelling them both or at least BB. Since I've started getting these boxes I realize I'm not that open to new things like i thought i was. I finally have my skin under controll so I'm kinda scared to try something new and for the hair items i like to try those out for a week or so, so the samples aren't big enough for that. Of course I've used the liners, gloss, and polish but those aren't worth $300 I think most of it was I was just excited to recieve something in the mail besides a bill or junk mail!
  3. I've been using 'it's a 10' leave in treatment and the miracle mask. both are really good. I have been using the leave in for about a year and I do not have any split ends now. The miracle mask was excellent for a while, I use once a week, for almost a year. It really helped my hair, but now I feel like I need something different. If you haven't used this brand I highly suggest it, it really helped me in getting my hair healthy. I just switched to using (don't know exact name) Dove Oil Care shamp/cond - my hair is a bit softer now and less frizzy after using this for a couple of months.I also just got the (exact name??) Dove Morrocan Oil leave in treatment - makes my hair super soft and doesn't weigh it down at all, and I have really fine thin hair.
  4. Those lips are looking really funky. Sorry but I also don't think she is all that great looking - looks a little bit fake to me. The pic of her next to the other 20 women looks fake, doesn't look porportioned correctly. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion, if you think she is the most beautiful than she is (to you).
  5. Since this is a few years old I thought I'd ask again about Netflix..... Thinking of getting rid of the movie channels and streaming Netflix thru our tv. I read some reviews on the 'pissed consumer' website and people were saying there aren't really any of the new releases available thru Netflix. I don't need to watch new movies right away but don't want to wait forever either or find out I'm not able to see them thru Netflix. Any opinions will be appreciated.
  6. I used vaseline a few years ago and stopped to try other products - and then went back to using it every night at the begining of March this year. I'm in my mid 30's with acne prone skin, dark circles, and dryness. Vaseline has helped me with all of those. I was using an Olay eye cream for about a year and it did not get rid of the crepeness (spelling??) and dark circles but the vaseline did. It has also made my eyelashes seem thicker. I put on a retinol cream from ROC and then just straight vaseline at night. Hasn't broken me out at all, my skin is acting better since it seems more moisturized. I recommend it highly.
  7. At first when this 'monthly box' deal came out it was really exciting - now I'm kinda over it. I have Birchbox and Myglam - and have been doing this for about a year. When I'm done looking thru the boxes I put them in a drawer - opened my drawer yesterday and it's just full of samples i don't use. I think out of the whole year from both companies I have probably used or will use around 10 items. Are all those little samples in that drawer worth the almost $200 i have paid so far??? NO, not worth it. It's exciting to get something in the mail - but if it's constantly something I won't use, it's a waste of money. Even if I use a couple of items out of all that, still isn't worth the money. I'm cancelling both in July, my b-day is in June - so after that. Also just expressing my OWN opinion - I don't mean anything negative towards anybody - it's seems lately all the MUT forums are about these subscription boxes - sometimes the whole page is nothing but threads on subs. I miss the normal beauty / hair / cosmetic threads that aren't about subs. I've been on here daily since 2006 but lateley it's slowed down becuase I'm so tired of seeing subscription box threads!! I want to read people's opinion on makeup / hair / everyday life - not what they got in a box. Again - my own opinion - had to get it out.
  8. I've been using it for almost 2 years now and really like it. I do have acne prone skin - when I wear the MAC studio sculpt for a few days I break out - Neutrogena doesn't do that for me. I use the liquid foundation and the powder foundation to set it. I also use the grapefruit cleanser by them and am really happy with all the acne products from them. I suggest trying it
  9. Thank you very much for your replies. I appreciate your advice and stories. Right now though we are still at a loss. Her father, uncle, grandma, aunt, step-father, real mother,school counselor and myself have tried talking to her and we get nothing. Absolutley nothing. We have found out she hasn't been doing any school / homework either, she has about 25 assignments to make up. This week, we have given her space, let her be, she was to work on her missings assignments and nothing else. She understood she did wrong and said she would make up the work, but I just was e-mailed from her teachers an hour ago that nothing has been made up. So I'm seeing that as giving her space isn't working either. We can't just sit back and let her fail school because of the way she's acting or feeling. It's like she feels sorry for herself and wants everybody else to feel sorry for her. Both of her families are involved in her life, and we all get along. We have birthdays, holidays and just events together all the time. She has lived with me and her real father since she was 4 years, so she hasn't been moved back and forth. She has two families who are involved in her life, involved together, and show love to her. So what do you do when you have so many people reach out to her, try to help her and she does nothing back? How can you help somebody when they tell you nothing? Like I mentioned, she acts like she doesn't want help just people to feel sorry for her. I don't feel sorry for somebody, even my child, when they lie straight to my face and have a I don't care about anything (even school) attitude. Especially when SO many people try to help. Again, thank you for reading and your replies. I just needed to let it out
  10. I've been a bit upset with my stepdaughter lately. She has been lying and sneaking behind our backs. She is twelve, almost 13 in a couple of weeks and I just didn't think she would be this way already. Before she started 7th grade we found some pictures on her cell phone where she was taking pics of her behind. Like she was checking out what her butt looked like. Which is OK, shes curious about herself. But then we found a pic of a boy with his shirt off so that made us feel like she is sending out pics of herself. Cell phone taken away for good. She was good all the way to Christmas so we got her an ipod. A few weeks ago we found out she opened a twitter account, which she isn't allowed to have because of grades. She also downloaded some video chat apps and was talking to some boys. Again she wasn't allowed to do this because of grades. ipod was for music only and a few games. Then yesterday I found out she hacked into my husbands itunes account. She does all of this when she's at her mom's house with her older step sister. I know some of this is expected, but I feel like she's trying to be sexy too fast and sneaking around to talk to boys is unacceptable. We never said she couln't talk to boys she just needed to be honest and tell us about them. But she never is. We found out she had a boyfriend (not allowed) and hid it. And she's only 12!! I hate it now because I feel like everything she does is sneaky, or I don't know if she's lying. I wanted to have an open relationship where she could tell us things, but it's not working that way. I know this is childish on my part, but it hurts my feelings, I don't understand why she doesn't talk to me. If she came to me first about the boyfriend and wanting to open up a twitter account we could have talked about it and come up with a solution. Just had to get it out. I'm having a harder time than I thought with this.
  11. They used to send samples out with the orders and one time I got the salicylic 20%. For me personally I didn't notice anything and I didn't even feel anything. The first time I ordered I almost got the salicylic because of the despcription but went for the glycolic 50% from reading reviews on other sites. I noticed more of a difference from the Glycolic than the Salicylic. I used that for a couple of years and it seemed like it stopped working for me. Then I saw the thread for the HQ+ and really like it. But everybodies skin is different so it's hard to say. They have really good customer service. A lady called me one time after I recieved my order to see how I liked it and she was really really helpful. They might be able to help you decide what to use.

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