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  1. Originally Posted by Thais Do you have dry skin? My skin is more on the combination/ acne prone side though. So far I am pleased with the primer, but only a few hours have elapsed. I will have a better report in the end of the day. The Quo primer costed CAN $ 20; compared to US$ 36 for the smashbox primer... I'd say mine is normal, but it did used to be a little on the dry side til I found marcelle. Got any update on the primer yet LOL
  2. i forgot all about ear candling til i read this. I totally recommend it, I've had it done a few times. As a kid I used to have to get the hot water syringes to help hear better - if you opt for that its not really as bad as it sounds, but IMO the candling is way better since it sorts of acts as a vacuum. Its been a long time since I had it done but I can remember that right after candling I just felt great and my hearing was so much better, since you reminded me about it I really should do it again
  3. Becka

    Only in Canada

    those are hilarious!!
  4. Originally Posted by Hinna I'd recommend OPI Nail Envy Original as a must have nail strengthener. It's so wonderful. Works really well! I second this! Nail envy is the best!
  5. cute, but yes - overload! Would look much better if she ditched the hat!
  6. I would be VERY interested to hear how the quo primer works!! the only other primer I could ever find up here was lise watier and I really didn't like it. I tried vichy face creams a while back, got an allergic reaction. I have sensitive skin but the tub did say it was non-allergenic. Have never tried quo products - but I can't praise the MARCELLE line enough! I use the moisture cream ... a little goes a long way. If I run out and go a few days without my skin reverts back to not looking so healthy, so I can really tell that using it is actually doing me favors, i'd recommend picking some up!
  7. i'm really loving MAC's exhibitionist .... sounds like what you're describing, but unfortunately its a l/s not a gloss
  8. I have definitely gotta get me some !!
  9. he needs anger management help, but she probably needs some help too. on tv yesterday someone was saying they thought that kim and her lawyers leaked it to the press to help her out w/ the custody battle
  10. i had a similar experience - i will NEVER wax at home ever again. my wax wasn't too hot, it just wouldn't rip off properly with the cotton. When I went to rip it off it was all just sort of almost permanently glued to the cotton. So I had to get the cotton off from the wax slowly then cut and peel off the wax from my bikini line, talk about painful, i'm shivering now just remembering about it
  11. that would annoy me too ... you've got great taste, i LUV gucci watches! i had one a really long time ago it lasted 10 years and still looked great. I actually even sold it then only coz I was bored of it at the time. probably dating myself here it was one of those gold ones with colored rings that you changed up to match your outfit, man I loved that watch, I wish I could afford one now!
  12. those are gorgeous, i really like the first one too
  13. thanks everyone! the owner wasn't there when I went back and freaked out the second day, so it was just me dealing with the hairdresser, trying to cover her own back saying that is what I'd asked for ... i think the biggest lesson i learned of all is to never go to anyone other than the usual hairdresser! So if my girlfriend doesn't return to coloring hair by the time i'm ready for a touch up I'm going back to natural !! my girlfriend was going to put a few blond streaks on my fiance's hair too before she found out she was preggers, of course, he's not going to anyone for color now, he's foregoing it altogether after my fiasco. smart guy LOL
  14. So I have a scary hair story, but actually with a happy ending, thank goodness ! So last Friday I got a call from my friend who does my hair. Pregnant – drs. orders, immediately stay away from perming / coloring solutions. Egak! Next day she was to dye my hair for the wedding, 3 weeks away. Of course I was panicking as my hair takes 3 weeks for the color to go nice and for the texture to calm down. Well, I managed to get in to see a gal that has actually done my friend’s hair a couple of times. Well, this gal shouldn’t be coloring! My instructions to her were: deep caramel base color, dark taupy highlights, follow what is already there, and no blonde. I’m not sure how difficult that was to understand, but what did she do? She BLEACHED my hair ! I came out orange with huge chunks of peroxide blonde, my whole head was extremely light. She had told me she was putting the 2 colors in, never said anything about bleach. Had I have known that’s what she was putting bleach in rather than color I’d have stopped her – I didn’t find out til the blow-dry, when I saw it. Major arguments and apparently it was MY fault. Anyway she put toner on. When I got home I noticed I had masses of burnt, fried hair at the ends, I’m lucky she didn’t burn at the roots! Anyway next morning I showed up as soon as they opened and flipped out again. They added more toner, refund refused because apparently, it was “my†fault still. Anyway, thanks to spending many waking hours moisturizing/babying it and a fortune spent on Sebastian potion #9, biolage conditioners, raw eggs, olive oil, and purple shampoo it is all fixed up. I’m really surprised actually, but my hair was pretty healthy before I went in, which is probably the only thing that saved me. Anyway, that’s my hair rant, with a happy ending somewhat. It looks ok but lighter than I was wanting … I’m still so cheezed off at someone having put bleach in my hair without telling me. Who the heck does that ?? !!
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