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  1. LVA

    He's here!!

    Can't believe u had your baby already and i missed this thread! Congrats on your beautiful bundle! He's 3 weeks already.. can't wait to see more pics
  2. Originally Posted by AprilRayne That's great that you've been breast feeding for 6 months already! Good for you! My little guy is 3 weeks old! (I need to take off my ticker) His name is Brayden. I put some pictures in another thread. I need to put some updated ones though, because those ones are all the squished face hospitol ones. LOL I'm glad you're doing well! I don't get on a whole lot anymore either. It's hard to type when your arms are full of baby!! omg, u had your baby already. Gotta go look at those pics !
  3. Thanx every1 April - He'll be 6 months end of this month. I'm exclusively BF (nursing). It's been so long since I've been on, I can't remember anything. How r u? How's your pregnancy. When are u due? Originally Posted by AprilRayne Kim!! You're little man is so adorable! How old is he now? I love how chubby he is. I want my little guy to get that chubby too! I have to ask, is he on formula or are you nursing him?
  4. Hi every1, Hope u guys haven't forgotten who I am .. yes, I'm still alive ,lol But a lil busy. I missed MuT and every1 here. It's midnight right now, so every1's prolly still in bed, but the baby's sleeping .. so thought i'd sneek into MuT and say hello to every1 It's been a while since I took a pic, can't remember how to use the camera. Anyways here's a recent pic of me (no flash - can't get the lighting right w/flash). Cut my hair 3 months ago, it's starting to grow back, so i have to go cut it again. Some recent pics of my lil cherub Getting ready for his bath: hehe "Mommy, I have a secret I wanna tell U' "I'm serious" "Hi" "I Found Nemo (kinda)" "Wait, I wasn't Ready Yet"
  5. I agree w/tweezerman. It's my favorite tweezers to date Just clicked on the link for Mark V ... don't think i could ever bring myself to spend that much on tweezers ...
  6. I can't find these @ my Walgreens
  7. It was right for my son... doubt it always gonna be right though .. but still think it's cool. thanx for sharing
  8. I've been lemming UD surreal skin mineral MU ever since I saw Thais' b4/after pics but I don't have access to a Sephora , and i realli wanted to try out the shades b4 i buy. Thais not onli sent me a generous amount of her UD, but she also sent EDM's weekend getaway blush. (which looks so pretty in the jar) I haven't had a chance to try the samples yet, just got the mail this morning, will report back soon Thanx so much sweetie Sorri no pics, Can't find the card reader for my digi cam.
  9. what a sweet guy, they're adorable! how'd he win it?
  10. I love it, looks great on u! Congrats on getting married.
  11. I haven't been on much myself so I didn't know how much stress u were going thru, Big Hugs Nuri Hope everything works out and hope u can come back to MuT more often as I love your posts
  12. Just got back from Costco and I didn't see any brushes there . My Costco never has anything good ...
  13. omg 5 days old ... sooo cute! Adorable angels, thx for sharing your pics
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