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    I like to try different things. Whatever works.
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  1. I'm debating buying it online for the FF sale, but am not sure what shade to get. Their "switch" feature on the site does not have my exact shade in MUFE or MAC which are the 2 I've used on their list and when I picked the closest shade their "match" gave me 2 completely different shades. HELP! The sale ends tonight and I have to make a pick asap! I'm an NW 20 in MAC and a 115 in MUFE. Thanks!
  2. Very cute and nice work! I wish I had the ambition to do that, but I don't! LOL
  3. Just wondering...I was shocked to see there hasn't been a new thread in this subforum in over a month!! This used to be hoppin' in here.
  4. I think this looks awesome! Then again, I LOVE anything True Blood. I'm not crazy about glitter, which I've read is in the Cheek Stain, but I'm going to get it anyway because it's True Blood! By the way, this is also available on HBO's website and this weekend only, everything is 20% off through 7/4 using code SAVE20. Just in case you were on the fence and needed something to tip you over the edge.
  5. Enter Code: FF2010 @ checkout http://www.perriconemd.com I've never tried any of this line due to the price. Any suggestions if I decided to try something?
  6. I'm trying to buy Alterna hair products. I don't see that brand on the excluded list.
  7. http://www.philosophy.com/ Enter code: 10off40 @ checkout
  8. It's in my profile in the "About Me" section. This is the section I'm talking about. There used to be pictures there...somehow it became links, but the link doesn't go to a gallery, it just says "system error".... any suggestions? I waited until I was 40 years old to have my first and only child and it was not an easy task. Physically or mentally. But, she is soooo worth it! We were blessed that she was born healthy. Here's one of her on her daddy's Harley! And another doing her "Yah Hoo Ride 'Em Horsey" routine.
  9. Tony, I tried this and I still get a system error....there weren't any asterisks to begin with, but even so it's not working. Should I put them IN and see if it works?
  10. I just had to post and say I'm glad to see this forum opened again. Not sure when it did and maybe it's been open for awhile and I've been gone awhile (me bad) but, ever since the 2008 election I used to check periodically to see if this had reopened and it hadn't. SOOOOO...I see it's now open and I'm glad. Politics are something I'm pretty passionate about and I think more people (particularly women) should pay attention and get themselves educated about their elected officials! So many people pay no attention and don't even vote and that makes me sad! It may sound like a cliche, but women in other countries (like Iraq) would give their lives to have the right to vote and just a hair over 90 years ago, many women in the good 'ol USA DID give their lives for that right! Anyway...I'll get off my soapbox now and once more give my kudos to mut!

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